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  1. how much memory does it have and what linux distro do you think would work with it?
  2. SInce the bash bunny can emulate a network. Can it be scripted to load a ISO from the network, but instead tell the system it can access the required files from the bash bunny storage?
  3. Thank you , I am in contact with Microsoft working on it now .
  4. Thank you. But since I have never done it before and new to pen-testing. I was wondering if anyone had advice beyond what is generic on Microsoft's website. I have read of alot of people that presented it and didnt get the response that they wanted for something that is a serious flaw.
  5. We found a bug in all windows 10 systems that will allow system access. How should we go about monetizing our find as a whitehat?
  6. I have been trying to find a method to bypass the block on loading cmd and powershell on a windows 10 Enterprise 1809 OS Build 17763.168 retail mode and I think I found something. When I change the name on powershell.exe to iexplorer.exe, its still blocked by admin. But when I change the powershell shortcut to iexplorer.exe it bypasses the gpo. Does anyone know why it does this and how to block it from allowing this method?
  7. I am working on a project that I need helpful advice on . I have decided to name it LAUNCHPAD MCQUACK. It a portable software that can be uploaded by the twin duck firmware, it will then run ducky scripts that have been converted to exe's based on variables. It is just a proof of concept and I am a novice pen-tester. The overall goal for the software is, when the ducky is plugged in, it copies and runs the LPM on the victim PC (at this point the ducky can be removed.), if LPM encounters any security , it will recognize and run the bypass scripts by using logic IF-THEN conditional statements. It uses the webcam to periodically check for movement every 30 seconds, executes commands on a virtual desktop it created for 10 seconds then switches back to original desktop. What I need advice on is the following, I tested it on a windows 10 enterprise machine that is logged in as guest that has everything disabled. No run, cmd, etc. What I have done to bypass this, create a virtual desktop, run a portable virtual machine and auto- hack it from there. Is there a easier way to universally bypass in windows 10 all admin limits instead of using a virtual machine? Additionally, I am working on the process to mimic the windows login screen and remap the hotkey so when the victim logs out it will begin running LPM and let the user think he really logged out. When it detects keyboard input it will official log out and wait for the user to log out again to continue running.
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