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  1. What is your favorite virtual machine software? VMware or Virtual Box? Or have another software that you use?
  2. M4sh1lo

    Mr robot game

    Well i din't seen any Elliot Alderson or a Darky Army on that game...
  3. M4sh1lo

    Mr robot game

    I would like to see a game based on Mr Robot, and you?
  4. Mine is Taiko no Tatsujin
  5. I think Kali isn't best as Parrot and Parrot isn't best as Kali, twice have good functionalities and the most important thing, theirs works!
  6. Cortana know a lot about you. Do you think Cortana is a industrial spyware to know about Windows users life to sell this data to somewhere? (Love Linux)
  7. The sims and Need For Speed
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