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  1. They are often people trying to lure hackers in with sob stories who then try to get them to do criminal stuff for them. Or people who have read a few too many blog posts and become over paranoid.
  2. Just install the latest version of Kismet on it, that has full WIDS built in.
  3. The whole point of the Pineapple is for legitimate security testing and research. I've not heard of any countries where it would be illegal to use for either personal research or where you have a legitimate business reason.
  4. Hmm, now you come up mention it....😀
  5. If you aren't in a team and the rest of the company don't know anything about jail breaking phones then I think there is something wrong with the company's business model.
  6. If you are looking at jail breaks, I wouldn't look at Apple, there have been much more done with Android. Ask you team members, they'll get you started quicker than a forum will.
  7. You know Apple are also looking for jail breaks and similar things, just heard they put their bug bounty up to one million dollars. You got big pockets to beat that?
  8. Yes, it can break things. Sounds like you don't know what the tool does otherwise this would be fairly obvious. Do your research, read what it does and how it works and you should be able to answer your own question.
  9. What is it you are wanting to learn?
  10. Pick up a Raspberry Pi and decent wifi card and use that. Would be a lot cheaper and much more versatile. Bit bulkier but depends on what you are using it for.
  11. Once you go out of support for security patches you don't get any more unless something hits that is so bad that the manufacturer deems it worth putting out a special patch. Remember, despite the 5x being the most recent, it came out in October 2015 so had 3 years of support. Rooting a device generally makes it more vulnerable than less as the apps installed on it can do more damage. I'd stick with what is there and hope nothing is found rather than deliberately introducing more risk with a root.
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