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  1. Whatever you are asking for it's probably illegal and not something we would help with on these forums.
  2. Not an appropriate question for this forum.
  3. They are supposed to be unique so you don't get replacements, you just get new tags, disable the old ones and enable the new ones.
  4. Depends if you are looking at high or low frequency. The high frequency are the MIFARE style with encryption and stuff like that, the low frequency are the basic ones such as the ones used in stock control that only hand over a number. It isn't a good idea to use the low frequency in badge systems but they often are because they are a lot cheaper.
  5. Again, from memory, the number printed on the card is the number it sends over. The assumption is security through obscurity, an attacker would have to see a number and then create a card. The other attack I've seen here is where a company buys a large amount of cards, much more than they need. They enter the full range into the badge system but then try to recoup some cash by selling some of the remaining cards. If you can get one of those, your number is already in the system.
  6. It has been ages since I worked on RFID but from memory, low frequency cards often just contain short serial numbers and what is printed on the card is what it sends to the reader. High frequency are smarter, for example MIFARE cards.
  7. digininja


    That probably makes you a criminal. Hand the card over to a bank, get a refund for the purchase and hope they don't decide to come after you.
  8. You don't install Tor, it is a service you talk to add a proxy, any application that understands HTTP proxies can use it. If you've got deep packet inspection then I'd keep monitoring it and note what you are doing when it is detected, see if you can spot what apps are running. I'd also run malware detection as malware often uses Tor to hide its C&C channel endpoint.
  9. A couple of comments on this... Don't disable things you aren't using, remove them. If they are disabled the files are still on disk and vulnerabilities still potentially exposed. Rather than setting temp directories at 777, make them owned by the web server user and keep them at 755. This prevents them from being written to by other users, for example the mysql user.
  10. You said your MD had set you this project, now it is because of a family member, all very odd. All the things you mention use some type of RF, they may use Wifi, they may use bespoke. Give us exact examples of what you are looking at and what you want help with.
  11. Move out and get a different flat with better room mates.
  12. digininja

    Word list

    I've got a tool for that https://github.com/digininja/RSMangler
  13. You are missing a quote at the end of the lhost line breaking the rest of the script.
  14. Can you restate your question as it still isn't clear. What do drones have to do with car thefts, exactly what was it you were asked to find out about.
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