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  1. No, for her to be doing what she is doing she must have good resources and cash, you won't be able to track it back. And if you try to monitor her, that is illegal, even if she is going it to you. She will probably catch you first and then you are in trouble. Get a new dumb phone, change your number and email address, and don't let her back into your house and you should be fine.
  2. If she has done it properly then you won't be able to get proof. If you are worried about her continuing to do it, get yourself a non-smartphone and use that for a while. It's the safest way.
  3. Yes it has. Go to the shop and buy yourself a new one then don't allow her access.
  4. It is our product, of course we think it is the best!
  5. I'd also ask what is "mid budget"? Being a full time tester who uses my machine every day, my budget is probably a lot more than that of someone just starting out or still in university.
  6. Please don't dump all the code here, you've got links to the repo, people can use that.
  7. From all that analysis, you know much more about all that than I do. Keep up your research, sounds like you are doing well with it all.
  8. You've dumped a load of content, what are you worried about? What is your question, what is the issue?
  9. Give us your use case for this, what are you attacking?
  10. Don't try to brute force users on any providers you don't have permissions for.
  11. I'm keeping an eye on things. Already had one warning, any more and gone.
  12. Your question is similar to asking what tool you should buy for your first mechanics job. Despite that, my answer would be not to buy anything, almost anything you'll need is open source. Grab Kali and look at all that is included with it. And if by job, you mean you are looking for a paying gig, please don't, you need a lot of skill to do a good job in testing. Build your experience up first, look for a junior job with a testing firm and learn with them. If you go out without enough skill to do a job properly, you can end up giving a client a false sense of security and could cause a lot of problems. Back to the first analogy, you wouldn't act as a mechanic and change someones brakes if you'd never held a screwdriver before.
  13. I know very little about how Tor operates but I'll call you paranoid as requested. If there was a significant problem with the way Tor operated, it would be been picked up a long time ago by people with a lot more knowledge and skill in this area by either of us. There may be a problem with your specific install but not with the project. You mentioned restarting, does that mean rebooting? If not, try that.
  14. If they've got money from the ATM, tell the bank, they'll be able to check cameras and things like that. If you aren't technical then not much you can easily do. There will be loads of apps that will claim things, don't know if I'd trust any of them. For your passwords, pick something long and unique for every account, you don't need to rotate regularly, that just makes you use easy to remember it predict passwords. And if someone can monitor you changing our using them, changing them doesn't make and difference. Sounds like you are just unlucky.
  15. Your SSN has probably been leaked by some company along with various other bits of data about you including password. If you reuse passwords then the password would allow access to any of your services. Your phone light coming on is probably just you hitting a button by accident.
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