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  1. If netcat can't connect then you've got something messed up in either NAT or routing. Metasploit won't bind to your public IP if that isn't an IP on your local machine as it doesn't know which interface to bind to, you bind it to the IP that the NAT rule comes in to. Forget Metasploit for now, get it working with netcat, then move back to Metasploit
  2. If you have problems, use netcat to set up a listener on your end and see if the other computer can connect to it with netcat. If they can't then routing is messed up.
  3. That sounds right. It assumes your ISP isn't blocking things and gives you a public facing IP.
  4. It depends what their firewall is doing. If it allows all outbound connections then they don't need to disable anything, if it blocks things then they might need to.
  5. In a reverse connection, the target is connecting back to you so the have to be able to reach your listener. That means you need to set up whatever routing and NAT is required to make this happen.
  6. Something like this will give you the IDs of the phones they are using. https://youtu.be/UjwgNd_as30 But if the police aren't investigating even after a shooting, I doubt they'll do much extra if you go Sherlock Holmes and take a bunch of computer data to them.
  7. digininja

    CSGO & faceit

    As others have said, we won't help you cheat on specific games. If you are interested in general discussion on how cheating and anti-cheat systems work, then there may be someone who has knowledge about it. If c0ncept is known to cheat, try asking them for specifics, not us.
  8. That's OK, we believe you. I strongly recommend destroying the phone and terminating all accounts you have with Apple. You are fully compromised and all your data is now infected, you cannot get it back. I would also recommend disinfecting your PC, use a number of different products, just in case one is not enough. Move to Android and also move house, they know where you live now so you'll never be safe.
  9. Glad you got to the bottom of it.
  10. Nmap's OS fingerprinting is not always accurate, especially when it says it is only 87% sure, so I'd not put much weight on that. The easiest thing to do is to change the wireless password and then see what happens. Only change the password on devices one or two at a time and see if it comes back. If it does, check on the last few you updated. If it is someone who managed to get your key, as long as you pick a good strong one this time you should be able to keep them off. At least for a while. Did you do any check of things like HTTP headers from the web server? Banner grabbing or in
  11. As Confucius says: If all you can do is move backwards, then turn around, now you are moving backwards, but in the right direction.
  12. There is a deliberate part of the interface that wipes your knowledge of being in the program, if the knowledge is leaking through then something is going wrong with it. Try very hard to think about the last six months, you might be able to reveal some answers.
  13. It definitely says you've been hacked. This type of hack is irreversible, the only way to recover is to buy a new phone. Do not reuse the SIM or you'll reinfect your new phone. I would go Android over iPhone so it can't leap over from your backups.
  14. What type of vulnerabilities do you want? Your best option may be to install OpenWRT on a raspberry pi and then create a few vulnerabilities yourself. That will be cheaper and more consistent than trying to bulk buy specific devices.
  15. I don't know what the current state is but that paper is from 2016 and I remember when MAC randomisation started some vendors messed it up and didn't really randomise it. It should be a lot better by now. There were also tales of Apple being able to decode iPhone random MACs if you paid them cash. Don't know if it was true, but if they did it, someone else would have worked out how to decode them as well.
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