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  1. You can't just join a network then exploit things, you need to find something vulnerable first. Put something like Metasploitable on your target network then go after some of the vulnerabilities on that. They are all well published or you can use OpenVas to scan for them.
  2. It isn't a method I've used, but it is an option. More info here: https://www.blackhat.com/presentations/bh-europe-03/bh-europe-03-valleri.pdf https://blog.zimperium.com/doubledirect-zimperium-discovers-full-duplex-icmp-redirect-attacks-in-the-wild/
  3. You can't just steal someone elses theme, that isn't how WordPress works.
  4. Connect to the file transfer system provided by your hosting provider. Download all files. Upload to the new box. Back up database using hosting provider database access software. Upload that to the new box. Or Install a backup plugin on your old site. Backup the site. Install the plugin on the new site. Restore the site.
  5. You might not be able to change things then without being able to mount the filesystem writable which you might not be able to do.
  6. Looks like sh, what does ps Return? Passwords are usually changed with passwd
  7. What do you get when you telnet in? What type of shell do you get?
  8. That's why I said I'd see how it plays out. If the next message was that they were planning to capture the data from users in a restaurant then banning would occur.
  9. Will see how this plays out, any hint of illegality and this will be removed and people potentially banned.
  10. I like the hacker curiosity spirit.
  11. I think we've reached a dead end for remote working out what is going on. It will be something to do with the box supporting FTP but the service not running yet. Something will be holding the port open ready for it.
  12. Are there any iptables rules on the box? Looking at that, my guess would be something is open to allow the FTP connection in, but as the service is not enabled it isn't going anywhere.
  13. netstat is the alternative to ss but it doesn't look like that is installed either. Have a look in the web interface, they may have an option to turn FTP on and off, off may just block access rather than disable it. ps aux may get you a list of running processes, look through that for ftp services.
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