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  1. digininja

    Metasploit automation with ruby

    You are missing a quote at the end of the lhost line breaking the rest of the script.
  2. digininja

    Car Theft Sacnners - understanding

    Can you restate your question as it still isn't clear. What do drones have to do with car thefts, exactly what was it you were asked to find out about.
  3. digininja

    Using Drones to Deliver Hack Tools

    There is nothing special about the Nano in its power or internet requirements so think of it as the same as any other computing device. There is no way to give something constant power unless it is plugged in. Depending on the area you could try solar to keep batteries charged but a few bad weather days and that's out. For the internet connection, just give it its own 4G dongle, just remember that will increase battery usage. Unless your client is located in a fenced off or hard to access area, is there any reason for flying it in? Why not just walk past and drop it somewhere? You can then replace it whenever you know the battery level is low. Whatever you do, be really careful not to cause a bomb scare.
  4. digininja

    Car Theft Sacnners - understanding

    Not really sure what you are after, what has car theft, drones, APs and an SDR got in common? Is this school homework? The HackRF is just a device that can receive and transmit RF signals at a wide range of frequencies. Read the product description on the Amazon page for more information or google HackRF to get a whole load of info.
  5. digininja

    Wireless Assessment

    One thing I've had success with in a very crowded environment is running the WiFi card without an antenna so it can only see things really close by. I've been told that is a bad thing and it will burn out the card and potentially end the world (some people got really upset at me doing it) but I've never had any problems.
  6. digininja

    Wireless Assessment

    I think something has been lost in translation, can you describe what you mean in a different way or give more detail.
  7. digininja

    Best practices for using a password manager?

    It's all about risk assessment and working out your threats. If my machine gets popped while running, the database will be unlocked so password or key file won't make a difference. If the machine is off, then full disk encryption will be a good first layer of protection and someone grabbing it is likely to be a theif who wants it wiped and resold as quick as possible so done care about my passwords. Suspended, they would have to get past my login creds but would then have access to the unlocked database. If they steal the file from where it is shared, then a key file would be best but a strong password should be good enough to protect it.
  8. digininja

    Best practices for using a password manager?

    I share the file between a couple of machines and a phone so the file isn't really an option. And the database file just sits on my normal filesystem but I do have drive encryption as a layer of protection.
  9. digininja

    Best practices for using a password manager?

    I like KeePass as I get to keep the password file locally so can access it whenever I want and don't have to worry about anyone else securing their systems. Password or keyfile depends on where you are accessing it, if you are going at it from lots of places then you'll need to use a password or distribute the file widely around.
  10. digininja

    Will a VPN protect me on public Wifi?

    I'd agree for most people but it all depends on what he is worth to them. If he is a nuclear scientist at a conference on innovative research then they probably will care. Selling kids market stall plastic jewelry, they won't. Every discussion on topics like this need to start by working out threat models and risk profiles, till you have those, you can't make any sensible decisions.
  11. digininja

    I cannot see any adapters in Kali Linux

    The Pineapple doesn't pass it's WiFi adaptors through to the Kali machine, it is right that you can't see anything on the virtual machine.
  12. digininja

    Network security advice,please?

    He said he had turned WiFi off on the ISP device. Anything on his device should be getting an IP from the client side which wouldn't be on that subnet.
  13. digininja

    Network security advice,please?

    To hit that IP address, have you tried plugging in on the modem to nighthawk connection?
  14. digininja

    Network security advice,please?

    Don't worry about the external stuff, any box on the internet is getting hit like that all the time. For the internal, I assume the ISP modem is plugged directly into your firewall box with a cable and that there is nothing else connected between them, all the rest of the boxes are on the other side of your internal box. Are you using a different subnet for the internal network? i.e. not Where are you seeing the alerts? Is it on your router or on another box? What is the router? Is it something you can trust to give good information or a cheap box that may just have bugs and be mis-representing the information?
  15. digininja

    Network security advice,please?

    Give us more information. What do you mean by a device that shouldn't be there? Where is it and how do you know it is scanning you? When you say web facing, do you mean internet facing?