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  1. digininja

    can anyone solve this?

    ye, I'd agree with that
  2. digininja

    can anyone solve this?

    I've no balls, that is why I stay away from random onion sites.
  3. digininja

    can anyone solve this?

    you were stuck on level 4, then 2, now 5. Keep persevering, you seem to be working your way through it on your own.
  4. Yes you can know them. Access a few Debian boxes and checkout the file contents, you should then be able to make a fairly good prediction of the contents of the file.
  5. If you can fingerprint the distro to one of the Debian varients, check /etc/debian_version or something like that, there are only a small number of possible values for that file. /etc/shells is probably also fairly fixed.
  6. digininja

    Potential exploit

    Go on, send me a PM and I'll have a look.
  7. digininja

    Common internal penetration tests

    Best idea, get someone in who knows what they are doing. If you are having to ask on a forum about how to conduct a pen test, especially one that has anything to do with ebanking, then you really shouldn't be doing it. I know this sounds harsh and everyone has to learn, but this is not the environment to learn in, you mess up here and you could leave the company open to attack despite your report saying they are secure. I'd find someone who knows what they are doing, get them to do the job, and shadow them to learn from them. Do this a few times and then start to take a more active role with the second person watching what you are doing. It will take a while but you'll get to the point where you can do a test that will give the client what they actually need.
  8. digininja

    kali linux practice, how to

    It is one of the reasons I recommend people have a go at dropping Windows and going native with Linux for at least a few months. If you can get used to using it on a daily basis then it makes your life a lot easier in the long run. And before people shout about Windows or OSX being a better desktop experience, I'm not saying switch permanently, just long enough to get comfortable with it and then make your mind up if you want to go back.
  9. digininja

    robber ducky usb

    Please don't hijack other people's threads start your own.
  10. digininja

    How to get started in Cyber Security?

    So what you mean is you have seen problems with running Linux in a virtual machine with Windows as the host?
  11. digininja

    can anyone solve this?

    Sorry, I don't connect to random onion sites.
  12. digininja

    can anyone solve this?

    just enter the link and click the button, it is easy
  13. digininja

    kali linux practice, how to

    Was just a basic CCNA, can't remember if it was anything specific.
  14. digininja

    kali linux practice, how to

    For anyone curious about doing network stuff, I'd recommend doing a basic CCNA class in person. I did it years ago and even though networking isn't my thing, the act of building up networks, loading routing tables and then pulling cables to see what happens was really good fun. I'm sure you could do it all online and use virtual machines but the act of plugging one box into another, configuring it, then yanking the cable out really helps cement things in place, or at least it did for me.
  15. digininja

    How to get started in Cyber Security?

    Can you explain what you mean by this? How is a PC a Windows one or a Linux one? If you build your own, which is it?