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  1. I had a student do this as a university dissertation two years ago. He used a pineapple to broadcast multiple ESSIDs and then watched the location on his phone move around based on what values he broadcast. It was partially successful and he could get it to move, but as soon as you put it in a real world environment it wasn't great as his fake values were competing with real ones from the environment.
  2. Buy an old school none smart phone, use that for a couple of months instead of your iPhone. Stay off the internet as well during that time. The evil step mother will soon get bored and move on. Also, if she has that level of skill, point her at one of the big big bounty platforms as they millions for people who are able to do what you claim she is doing.
  3. Depends who they are, what backing they have, and how skilled they are. But probably not
  4. Try it and find out and if you get caught, then they do.
  5. digininja

    bug bounty

    Go play with DVWA for a while and watch Security Tube videos, that should get you started.
  6. It is highly unlikely your friends are going to be able to sit upstream of your router and sniff traffic, if they could do that, then your ISP would be in a lot of trouble. As long as you are browsing your shopping sites over HTTPS, then even if they could sniff the traffic, all they would see is encrypted data which they wouldn't be able to decrypt Not sure what the comment about sys admin vs developers traffic has to do with anything, and if you are worried about your router, what does browsing in a public place have to do with it?
  7. Explain the trick and why not see if we can quantify it for you. And rather than asking me to explain p0f, why don't you do some research and find out for yourself what it can do.
  8. Traditional DNS isn't but the newer DoH is. What do you mean by identifiers? What is your ultimate question? You seem to be aiming towards something.
  9. digininja

    i have a proplem

    Don't understand the question, try again
  10. If you can see all the network traffic coming out of the router, then you might be able to fingerprint distinct devices based on profiling the network traffic, see p0f for examples of how that works. You could then tie that to the protocols in use, for example you could identify a Linux and a Windows box and see the Linux box doing sporadic HTTP/HTTPS traffic while the Windows box is talking VOIP. From that you could say roughly what was going on. But you can't see through a router, you can only see what is coming out of it.
  11. In what way see through it?
  12. It isn't a ransomware attack, it is the theft of files. Without knowing what files were taken, or by who, it is hard to say why they took them.
  13. If you hit a site by IP and the certificate isn't for the IP then you'll get a warning. View the certificate and get the common name or SAN from it then you can browse to that.
  14. So you are looking at ways to bypass a captive portal to gain internet access, is that right?
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