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  1. Simple. The script opens the Run dialog to run PowerShell as an administrator. Then it opens a Command Prompt window and types 'y' into it before entering the netsh command. It's very messy.
  2. Also, I know I'm nitpicking, but USB 3 is a cable standard, and USB-C is a type of connector.
  3. First off, when you say that you have a Pineapple running on a RasPi, that threw me for a loop. Second, you don't say that you connected the Pineapple to the Internet. You didn't think that plugging in a USB cable to a computer with Kali would route the network to the Pineapple, did you? Third, I just noticed that you clearly ignored the pinned thread saying NOT to post WiFi Pineapple-related questions. This thread should have been posted in the Pineapple forum. Here's the link to download Cloud C2. Easy to find. Details should have been emailed. https://downloads.hak5.org/cloudc2
  4. That keyboard is not on the supported list. Also, the pinned post states that Hak5 on Discord is the official support channel.
  5. Won't even answer a product question, huh? Well, it's not most videos that have a separate keyboard. If it was, some video would have your answer. Anyway, it's not the pinned post that you need to look at but simply the link in the product description. It explains what a hardware keylogger is. https://github.com/O-MG/O.MG-Firmware/wiki/Keylogger The only realistic method to do what you want on a laptop is with a software keylogger. That kind of malware may be too blackhat to find here, except for Meterpreter or PowerSploit. I also did a quick payload search and found DucKey Logger.
  6. LANSweeper can't scan for IMEIs. But if you know that much, then surely you've reported all this to the police?
  7. Can you provide the exact error?
  8. Check out the Hak5 YouTube videos and that should cover pretty much everything if you struggle with the documentation. There isn't a lot to know.
  9. What program will allow you to enter up to a million PINs? That's a bug report there.
  10. All of the Wi-Fi? Just to make sure, you do have the 5ghz adapter, right?
  11. It's slow sure, but I don't get timeouts. Have you made sure that range isn't an issue?
  12. That's WiFi 6, isn't it? I have one with the mt7612u chipset, but the adapter isn't officially supported, and it isn't recognized.
  13. Are you sending the HTML file with the file:/// link as an attachment?
  14. Okay, so it's basically Samsung's version of the iPod Touch. And it runs Android Gingerbread. I'm surprised that something so old has a PIN lockout. The Rubber Ducky relies on being able to try thousands of PINs to unlock a phone. It's not a Magnet GRAYKEY. You will not be able to connect over ADB if ADB hasn't been enabled on the device. However, given how old this thing is, you should be able to connect it to a computer and transfer files without unlocking the device.
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