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  1. thanks for your effort i have a question you use the two tetra port to power the device? I have another question can I use this adapter to upgrade my tetra antenna?
  2. hi , i want to install dependency of cursed screech but the button for download not working

  3. hi @jato yes already uninstall all modules and reinstall the problem remains with cursed screesh, hackrf, d'wall ..................
  4. dwall cursed screesh urlsnarf hackrf no working
  5. i see the same thing always dependencies does not want to install?
  6. i see the same thing always dependencies does not want to install?
  7. hi , yes i talk about the modules can I now download the modules and work?
  8. Is the new 2.6.x firmware working properly now?
  9. i have problem with the pineapple the dependencies for the modules not working when i want installing modules I hope the group can solve this problem
  10. any information about how to downgrade wifi pineapple firmware than 2.6.x to 2.5.x
  11. does the problem of wifi pineapple not yet fixed ?
  12. hi I have not yet seen if the problem is already solved, a week has passed and there is nothing special always the same problems hoping for good news on Monday
  13. i think you have to wait a bit the group hak5 go fix the problem in the coming days
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