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  1. so i got it to work with armatage ip i used was idk how i got the connection but it worked. im pretty sure my payload was bad since i edited it myslef
  2. hello so i tried to do it but when it runs i dont get a connection. when i use metasploit and do run is say handler failed to bind to (public ip):6969 and when i use my private ip there are no errors but it doesnt make a connection
  3. well ill try it then thank you for your help
  4. okay so to set this up i would open a port on my router 8888 then make sure everything going to that port needs to be directed to my private ip. then LHOST is my public ip and LPORT would be 8888 then? right? or am i missing something
  5. so it the same as a local minecraft server i need to open my ports so they connect to me? but do they need to disable the firewall then?
  6. hello, ive done reverse_tcps on my local network alot but is there a way to do it from a diffrent pc? lets say my friend what do i need to get a connection? and how does it work with private ip and public do i use public and tell it to route to my pc?
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