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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have just discovered this amazing community. I am wondering if you guys could help provide me with beneficial programming tips or suggestions. I love to code and I am wondering if there are important skills I should obtain or learn about. It would be amazing to see if you guys have any programming tutorials/books/etc... that can be helpful to learn from. I am fairly decent at coding. My older project I worked on was an app on the IOS App Store (took me about 8 months to create), but I now want to learn about creating good-quality code and being able to understand other's code clearly. I currently aspire to become a software engineer one day.
  2. I would be grateful if anyone explain to me about DDoS and DoS . The difference , tutorial(if possible) and how to defend against it. :D Tq
  3. Hi im new programmer and I'm only training step now. But i do every day tutorial videos in youtube! Android, Kali Linux , and Windows program installing, how use programs and what u can do the programs what i use. I need audience comments how i can make better videos and to become better at programming!! This is my youtube channel link. If you need help videos or something help i do them for you and upload videos in youtube. And sorry my bad english im from Finland and i learning english now so so hard!!
  4. Tutorials and Documentation From answering a question about the Bash Bunny to providing documentation for PowerShell! GITHUB REPOSITORY The Idea: So there have been a lot of recurring questions, topics and problems regarding everything from general topics to Hak5 products (e.g. Bash Bunny), and with each of these questions and problems is many, many forum posts of answers that people cannot be bothered to lookup. Because of this I have come up with a Github repo that will (eventually) contain the answers to most (if not all) of people's questions or problems that are being asked over and over again. My hope is that this repo will grow to the point of being a single source of general information, tutorials and documentation for projects and other tutorials that people may be interested in. How you (as part of the community) can help: I (obviously) cannot do this alone. I've created the base, and now I need a community (the Hak5 community) to give me a hand with watering this potentially fruitful seed. "What can you add to this repo?" you may ask. Well, what did you learn over the past week? Or month? Or even year? Submitting documentation, tutorials or even just an answer to a popular question that needs a home will help this community find something easily and quickly when they need it. Looking through the forums is a good way of finding something that others need, as many have asked questions that others have answered many times. Okay, is there a format that you would like me to use? Well, I would say yes, but I know how frustrating it can be trying to get everything just right in someone else's eyes, so I'll say this: Just make it understandable (keep it to English), easy to read (set out in a way that a user can find something quickly and skim through something to find the answer) and to the point. The tutorials/documentation I've uploaded to this day have been in Markdown text files (.md), just so people can easily read what's there with good formatting, but it doesn't have to be like that if you don't know how. I'm fine with people uploading text files or Word documents if it's easier for them. Rules: Be respectful and appropriate to one another; don't be rude. If you found something intentionally and immediately malicious in documentation or a tutorial (someone putting immediately-malicious code that is malicious to your computer while you're following the tutorial/documentation, e.g. uploading creds to an online server in a snippet of code in the tutorial) then please report it on this thread or in the 'Issues' section of the repo! When you're uploading your own documentation/tutorial/answer via the 'Pull Request' feature in Github, please give a description and title to the request! It helps the managers of the repo know what they are committing to the main project! Remember, the aim of this whole project is to be a community-based project, so if the community can benefit from it, go for it. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the Github repo (or you just want to comment about how silly this idea is), then please do so below or in the Github repo "Issues" area found here! I would love some feedback, so go for it! While I've started this Github repo, I don't want it to be seen as "my repo for tutorials and documentations", I want it to be seen as a community gold mine for tutorials, documentation and answers in general!
  5. JackkTutorials youtube account has been removed . youtube is a big thing when it comes to Tutorials. His worked very hard on setting up and getting alot of views on his youtube channel. He now cant pay his bills as his youtube account was part of his income. so come on guys/girls show your support and sign this petition. https://www.change.org/p/youtube-youtube-re-active-the-jackktutorials-youtube-channel
  6. Hi, New owner of the Pineapple, and I have a couple questions, and was hoping someone could help me out: I noticed that http://wifipineapple.com/wp4.sh is missing. Earlier posts indicated that it was gone due to a DNS update, but I'm still unable to find it. Is this a similar issue, or has it moved. It took me a couple searches to determine the address listed in the book had been switched to 1471, so I'm unsure if it has moved recently. Also, I noticed a couple tutorials for the core products but I was wondering if there were some for the pineapple bar modules - my searches so far have come up nil. Also, I don't know if this is the place for this particular question, but as I'm looking to use this device in a professional capacity, is there any issues with the interception of packets from a legal standpoint. I know google got into some hot water a couple years ago for that during the google street view and mapping launch, but I was wondering if anyones ever addressed the legal implications of packet capturing during a penetration test or other security service. Thanks much! -A-
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