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  1. What is your favorite virtual machine software? VMware or Virtual Box? Or have another software that you use?
  2. Don't install linux on your macbook HD! I recommend you to install Kali on a Virtual Machine
  3. Your best tool for security is yourself...
  4. https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04559742
  5. M4sh1lo

    Mr robot game

    Well i din't seen any Elliot Alderson or a Darky Army on that game...
  6. https://forums.hak5.org/forum/94-packet-squirrel/
  7. M4sh1lo

    Mr robot game

    I would like to see a game based on Mr Robot, and you?
  8. Mine is Taiko no Tatsujin
  9. The diference is: A DoS (Denial of Service) is a single machine attack, and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a multi machine attack that can use botnets. An DoS attack can have multiple purposes, so for a good tutorial google it
  10. I'm looking for a good list of easy to explore CVE's to begin learning about exploit creation.
  11. https://www.offensive-security.com/metasploit-unleashed/meterpreter-service/
  12. Did you try to following the instructions for Debian?
  13. Try to run bundle install --path vendor/bundle
  14. I think Kali isn't best as Parrot and Parrot isn't best as Kali, twice have good functionalities and the most important thing, theirs works!
  15. What is the best way to protect me against MITM attacks under a public network?
  16. As far as i know in Japan is not prohibited to you buy these tools btw using it can be privacy invasion or anything else... Is best to you search about Japanese cybernetic laws
  17. You use payload in Metasploit not create a payload. You can use some encoder like shikata_ga_nai or some badchars to bypass some anti virus.
  18. Cortana know a lot about you. Do you think Cortana is a industrial spyware to know about Windows users life to sell this data to somewhere? (Love Linux)
  19. The sims and Need For Speed
  20. Port scan any server is illegal?
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