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  1. Meant to remove that from the list. Thank you.
  2. The plunderbug is the final hack for pc (and eventually console) gaming. In this post I am going to break down to the best of my understanding how to use a plunderbug to get the best pc hacks that you will ever see. What you will need. A plunderbug, an ethernet port or adapter, a router, 2 computers (or a cellphone I don't think this will work but maybe?) a game that your authorized to hack. How to preform: Disconnect ethernet port from the main gaming pc (c1), plug in the plunderbug and reconnect to c1, take the plunder bug and connect it to the cheating station (c2), and begin traffic monitoring. Now as c1 begins to game the data is sent to c2 and to the server. So now we take the data moving down the line and start monitoring it with cheat engine. This will let us run hacks that are purely visual aka things like: FULL ESP: This lets you always see the enemy so you can get ready and kill them before they see you coming. 3D BOXES: Boxes are drawn around player bodies for easier location behind walls and items. 2D RADAR: Allows you to locate every enemy on a spiffy radar screen. CROSSHAIR: Draws a permanent cross-hair in the middle of screen at all times. FULL REMOVALS: Removes recoil, spread, fog, smoke and flash from the game. PLAYER WARNINGS: Tells you when a player is close by or aiming at you. Now user input and control goes in through c1. While through use of a visual aid the hacks happen on c2. This prevents the system from identifying any local cheating hardware/software. While at the same time providing an undetectable set of visual hacks and maybe even more. Pros: There will be no server lag, cheats, near perfect, completely localized, no third party. Cons: You can't use a vpn, visual lag will be there if your using visual output from c2, not completely perfect. So I would love to test this but can't currently afford to do so (also a setup issue).
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