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  1. What is the actual usage of the nano board. Like in reallife. Like a sdr dongle is that and a wifi dongle so wtf was a nano?
  2. No problem. Glad to help.
  3. Ok ill tell #1 unlock bootloader #2 root android (open supersu then busybox) #3 download nethunter zip file https://www.offensive-security.com/kali-linux-nethunter-download/ #4 from the custom recovery (i use twrp) go to install, then downloads select zip file. #5 swipe icon to right wait could take 20 minutes to install #6 reboot to bootloader (android) #7 select nethunter app grant permissions with supersu ( then do same with nethunter terminal) Should be good hope it helps
  4. Basic kali tools mostly wifi discovery, wpa2 , wps open networks little bit if password generating.
  5. F-droids a great app/store i have it on my phone
  6. 5x is really bad for bootlooping . Pick up a used nexus 6 for a good price on ebay. I frickin love mine . Nice gorrilla glass and hefty case last long time
  7. Kismet airodump-ng wireshark iwscan . Need i say more
  8. I like Snowden its very interesting. explains alot of cia capabilities guess.
  9. Use wifite if you still dont get it. Its totaly automated
  10. I have one 2. Its pretty rad yup.
  11. Yes ive played it too.
  12. When evr i think of kali i think of Mr.Robot.
  13. Make sure ya have permission by owner sure
  14. Most ppl on the youtube vids i watch ( mostly for entertainment some r pretty funny to watch) use a virtual machine of some sort with any type of os. Then they just use there own ingenuity, n wing it from there.
  15. Im actuallly looking into this type of thing right now so here i go Make sure you document the steps of the "bug" Make sure you can reproduce said "bug" If you can explain what type of vunrablity it is.
  16. If someone had access to yoir router then injected a exploit payload into it. How ever which way thay did it or why there is a possiblity to gain control of network traffic. Then they would have a backdoor into your network. ?
  17. If theres a ever a The Rock 2 . My edc would be there.
  18. Bigbiz

    Armitage problems.

    Click on the ip icon (or right click) doesnt a menu pop up. Been a while since i booted it up.
  19. Check out the second one its just as good. A computer programmer who has a deaf girlfriend who happened to get a hold of a latop that has some fishy files on it. Thats all ill say.
  20. Thank u i was woundering why some files ive been looking up look like gshshjskaggisis gibrish when i try to edit them. You answered the question.
  21. Lookup Article 13. Thats what its "called"
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