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  1. Bigbiz

    Aireplay-ng deauth not working

    You need to bruteforce the ssid name. As hiding the ssid is another layer of security.
  2. If it was your own for self fullfillment there is a device called magspoof. This emulates the magbars on most cards.
  3. Bigbiz

    Lag switch glitches research

    So weird I remember watching a YouTube vid about makin one. Some Russian guy made one oughtta can't remember but anyway he said with great risked come great responsibilities. Meaning getting a ban.
  4. Bigbiz

    Unable to download github library. Windows 10.

    You can disable defendee then reenable it if ya feel ya need it.
  5. A tv anntenna would be more decent. I use one on my scanner hooked up with a coax adapter. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072MNTWYB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_yhanCb93QJCMH
  6. Bigbiz

    Using Drones to Deliver Hack Tools

    There an idea. Ever play Watchdogs also check out hak5 video
  7. Bigbiz

    German here?

    Im from Canada my ancestors are from Germany. Ola. This problem you speak of @Quasimido is happen to me 2.
  8. Buy a domain set up a phoney website inject code. See how long the site lasts. A tool called wifiphisher is setting up phoney web page to man in the middle ya. Looks like a normal router page? Only real way to alter web page code would be break the law. Copyright or domain trespas. If ya tried it on amazon.com im sure that it would trigger an alarm somewhere. Ever watch hackers
  9. Bigbiz

    Encryption backdoor?

    Would it be a good idea to have a backdoor installed in your encrypted data, for the authorities? I sense some blackhat hacking inbound! https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/08/31/five_eyes_2018_meeting_encryption_terrorist_content/
  10. Bigbiz

    CANT USE WIFITE or AIRGEDDON? *not a wifi card*

    Can u elaborate on your set up im not sure yor meaning https://forums.hak5.org/topic/45048-how-to-enable-monitor-mode-on-vm-kali/
  11. Bigbiz

    How to enable Monitor Mode on VM Kali

    If you have vbox set up in windowa but having troubles thats possible because u set up vbox incomplete here. Vbox needs an aditional package installed to run adapters of anysort, say a mic or a camera or a wifi dongle! If ya like my vid ya know wht to do.
  12. Bigbiz

    I cannot see any adapters in Kali Linux

    Make sure to set up virtualbox to support adapters. Duh
  13. Bigbiz

    Your favorite episodes

    Where'd ya go?
  14. Bigbiz

    Network security advice,please?

    Maybe you have a 5gz isp router/modem but your devices arent picking it up because they dont support 5gz network?
  15. Bigbiz

    USB - C

    Thank you!!
  16. Bigbiz

    How to enable Monitor Mode on VM Kali

    But your on kali vm? Do you mean moniter mode within windows. No go! Windows not support.
  17. Bigbiz

    USB - C

    Cost ya 5 bUcks https://www.ebay.ca/itm/5-Pack-Micro-Usb-To-Usb-Type-c-/143040092546
  18. Bigbiz

    How to enable Monitor Mode on VM Kali

    airmon-ng check kill airmon-ng (to check your lan adapter name) airmon-ng start wlanxxx ( your lan adapter name)
  19. Has hak5 ever considered being a distributer of https://pandwarf.com/ Seems like something that would be on lots of christmas lists. I know i want one. At the bottom of the page WE ARE LOOKING FOR RESELLERS! If you are interested in becoming a reseller (mainly for PandwaRF Rogue Probut other product versions too), please contact us at pandwarf@comthings.com.
  20. Bigbiz

    4GB of RAM Okay for Kali?

    Also make sure your rig can handle the RAM size only certain RAM size works plug n play on different machines. Do ur research.
  21. Bigbiz

    4GB of RAM Okay for Kali?

    Sounds like u understand.
  22. Bigbiz

    4GB of RAM Okay for Kali?

    I have a lenovo thinkpad very nice. Sturdy.
  23. Bigbiz

    Shipping to Canada

    When i bought my bashbunny i had the same charge but around $20. Interesting. I just paid it. I 2 live in Canada.