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  1. When evr i think of kali i think of Mr.Robot.
  2. Make sure ya have permission by owner sure
  3. Most ppl on the youtube vids i watch ( mostly for entertainment some r pretty funny to watch) use a virtual machine of some sort with any type of os. Then they just use there own ingenuity, n wing it from there.
  4. Im actuallly looking into this type of thing right now so here i go Make sure you document the steps of the "bug" Make sure you can reproduce said "bug" If you can explain what type of vunrablity it is.
  5. If someone had access to yoir router then injected a exploit payload into it. How ever which way thay did it or why there is a possiblity to gain control of network traffic. Then they would have a backdoor into your network. ?
  6. If theres a ever a The Rock 2 . My edc would be there.
  7. Bigbiz

    Armitage problems.

    Click on the ip icon (or right click) doesnt a menu pop up. Been a while since i booted it up.
  8. Check out the second one its just as good. A computer programmer who has a deaf girlfriend who happened to get a hold of a latop that has some fishy files on it. Thats all ill say.
  9. Thank u i was woundering why some files ive been looking up look like gshshjskaggisis gibrish when i try to edit them. You answered the question.
  10. Lookup Article 13. Thats what its "called"
  11. Harsh import control to these middleeastern countries iv noticed. Its not everywhere but mainly just there.?????? I guess we were having big fight there 10 yrs ago.!!!!! Only guess. Or maybe very religiuos or strict laws from the leaders of the countries. Who knows kindle store is the same way.
  12. First thing i ever hack was a video game. If using a androidb though id recommend using lucky patcher app good but becareful using google play will block device for hacking apps.
  13. Install virtualbox correctly it should work Make sure to install usb extension pack or an adapter will not work.
  14. Technically but, it is still there in a hash or rainbow table form. In what is called a 4 way hand shake. 1. The router is sendng out association requests to any1 devices 2. The device/devices try to connect to router get prompt for a password, you enter password 3. Router verifiess password is the one that is set in its memory 4. You see on your devices the little wifi device symbol on the top corner, or you get further asked to login into the netwerk. Somehow the passwords or psk (preshared key) is sent over the wifi freq. hash or rainbow table. The new encrption wpa2 is far more techniclly advanvced than the older newer (newer by newer technology) encryption. Wep which was used in the early 2000s was prown to being cracked easily with @aircrack-ng that is why it is still program of chose of hackers today. Even though wpa2 is still nearly impossible to crack. little schooling for ya
  15. I released my second book on the Amazon Kindle store. Internet and Ip discovery/ online login cracking is the name of the game. Kali Linux Handyman: The Low Down of Kali Linux Volume 2 For some reason it only purchasable on the Amazon.ca site, in my country. Each country has its own sites.
  16. Good luck with that. Try to jailbreak it.
  17. Maybe each one is unique but also when cross refenced linked to a certain card reader. Like a keyway a schlage key will fit a schlage lock but also many other noname brands will to.
  18. Cant do it from router page?
  19. My guess would be model # of card to get a replacement of card as there are many variations of cards. High freq. Or low freq. Different brands ect
  20. Once you have your wpa2 password if your traffic is "encrypted". You may proced to decrypt packets.
  21. My default password on my router consised of 15 numbers id liked to think piping crunch into aircrack would be good way ti crack if u can get around aircracks cpu high usage. I though a 32 Gb ram would speed up the crack, turns out if it only runs at a certain freq. then its like limited to a certain speed. O well back to the drawn board as they say.
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