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  1. just to be clear i am really sure i instaled in the correct way but this just keeps on happening and i am out of ideas pls help
  2. not plug it in 24/7 it will heat up to mutch if inthernet not working fine, restart your pc with the nano out of it and when restarted plug it in again I use ethernet so i cant comment on the internet one use a sd cart with nothing on it hopefully this helps a bit ❤️
  3. My pc only has ethernet no internet can that be a problem
  4. does this mean that is will come up on this page because i need this module for a school project ❤️ in regards thomas
  5. hi there i tried it but maby i did something wrong so i captured how i did it https://drive.google.com/file/d/12-CsWDDXXUiTXBRh3eCocwaonwOUQSLD/view?usp=sharing and yes i maded some typos dont juge me ❤️
  6. i have one last quastion what is the best way to learn this. are there tutorials anywhere???
  7. i am trying to connect my pineappel to kali in the virtualbox but it keep trying to connect am i doing something wrong : i am using ./wp6.sh guided setup 2 times yes and then a ……... pls help i am new ❤️
  8. oke i will wait, Do you have any idea when this update comes to modules???
  9. i am getting in the word of the pineapple and i do not quite understand what ssh to pineapple.cd means
  10. i am trying to install SSLsplit on my pineapple nana (everything is up to date) i can install the module but not the Dependencies is there a fix for this
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