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  1. I think the main thing was size. To keep it small and portable unlike the tetra that is big and clunky
  2. Check his repo on github, it looks like he updated the packages 12 days ago. Just have to go get them and uninstall the old and install the new
  3. USB hub with rj45 This is what I bought and used double stick tape to attach it to the top of my pineapple. My very slim usb and 5ghz dongle and wired ethernet are still very slim, maybe not the other wifi dongle but it works and is no longer than the pineapple itself.
  4. @char61462 what url are you using? @sud0nick any plans on updating to mk7?
  5. @chrizree I would get that when plugging in the Tetra to my pc. Idk if it is something on the pc itself that is causing it or not. Foxtrot told me that he does not get that ever so I'm thinking a pc thing. @newbi3 I'm messing with Targeted portals and I'm a little confused. When making Officeportal.php and coffeeportal.php is the index.php just used to call those files depending on the criteria for the target. Most basic portals ive seen use the index.php for the html also.
  6. Evil twin on the pineap would do that
  7. from what I have seen and heard they are having a hard time with inventory due to shortage all over and that has been the delay for 5ghz and the enterprise MK7
  8. How did you initially set it up? Seems like the best bet is to get either a cable or a dongle to connect it to the PC and try a firmware recovery.
  9. When you go through the initial setup you make your own password. If you can access the webui you can change it under network tab or just do a firmware reset and start over.
  10. Set it up to auto run what you want once booted up and plug it in and go, no need for the webui unless you have to change settings or try to run a different module.
  11. b0N3z

    Switch Lite

    go full size, I started with a lite and 2 months later got the full size. You can dock it and play handheld. also the screen size difference is huge when playing in handheld mode. Go for the full size, you wont regret it.
  12. all these modules including EP are 3rd party modules and going from MK5 to MK6 this module was completely redesigned. This not fluxion because its not for script kiddies to just run and get results, if you want a specific portal, make it. I dont disagree that some of the functionality is off but if you can make it better.... why bitch about, help the developer. These guys take time out there own busy schedules to help make these and are not paid by hak5 nor are any of the modules supported by hak5.
  13. also learning how linux works and the programs being used by BB is very important. If you have no idea how nmap works, how are you going to do a scan to get the info needed. granted this is something that the extensions that hak5 has made help you out
  14. @hoppler almost all of the payloads are developed by 3rd party developers, meaning they dont work for hak5. hak5 does not update these payloads. They provide the tools ( the Bashbunny ) for the pentester to do what they want to do with it. This means for the most part, you need to have a general knowledge of how the payload works. Myself, I have gone through different payloads and read the code and changed things to make it do what I want it to do. Also realize that these are made for a Business style attack, meaning your home machine most likely wont work for these because some ports might not be open or you dont have the required tools setup on the BB. I personally was able to acquire an old machine from where I work ( I bought it for cheap from them ) and a lot of the payloads do work and I have setup the payloads to work with that version of windows running. The BB is not just a plug and play. You need to do your research on the machine your attacking and edit the payload to that. Most people that us the BB are familiar with coding and just make there own payloads for there situation and never upload them to github because maybe they dont want to.
  15. you will need to install it to the sd and them symlink it to the nano. Also kismet on its own will not run right on the nano, it doesnt have enough ram to support it. it is best used as a remote capture device. The same goes with the tetra, it does not have enough ram to run it to the fullest, it is also best if used as a remote capture device.
  16. any progress on updating besides-ng module for pineapple and uploading for official module?


  17. Any modules are 3rd party and PMKID is not on the official Hak5 wifipineapple module list so its up to @n3d.b0y to get this update for the latest FW update which has changed from openwrt 15.05 to 19.07 Ive also asked n3d.b0y if he was going to update his PMKID module earlier today
  18. I have been trying Dwall on every firmware since release and have not been able to get it working for quite some time. This is a module that SEB made,so he will have to fix it. I highly doubt that will happen since he is not with hak5 anymore and moved on to google.
  19. I havent been able to get this module to work since FW 2.2, somewhere around there. Needs major updates, but I doubt it will happen since Seb is not with hak5 anymore
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