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  1. you need to allow less secure apps to login to your gmail for this to work
  2. b0N3z

    backpack with usb charging port

    I use a 5.11 rush 12 for edc and it works great for both
  3. Awesome will test as soon as I have some time. Also noticed that kismet stops after a certain amount of time. Dont know if that is normal or not.
  4. b0N3z

    Removing Module over SSH

    @Foxtrot is there a way to install/uninstall modules via shell?
  5. Im not even in the IT field. But pentesting is very interesting to me and I like to learn anything I can. I got a Nano, Tetra, Bunny, Squirrel, and Ducky for learning reasons and like @trashbo4t I don't do anything unethical, but it is really fun to learn how to use these items and what you can do with them vs just installing Kali and trying to figure out where to start. I have to say that over the last couple years my knowledge of wifi alone is 10x more than it was before. And yes showing my friends and family has helped them learn more and be more aware of what is really out in the world and what to be careful of.
  6. @Zylla the latest update for kismet gives error kismet: can't load library 'libmicrohttpd.so.12' any ideas, the last install did not have this error
  7. normally within a couple hrs of getting the notification from what I have seen on my pineapple and it seems to be only on firefox
  8. b0N3z

    Why pineapple nano

    Here is the problem, its not just 2 networking cards. Its a rogue AP for MiTM attacks. It runs on Openwrt, so anything you can do on Openwrt is fine. The PineAP software is proprietary to Hak5. I guess you could use it as 2 networking cards and just ICS with linux and wireshark but would need to do some research on how that works. At the end of the day you should have done your research and bought 2 networking cards and messed around with linux more, maybe Kali linux, to figure out what your end goal would be. As for porting modules, there is plenty of documentation on how the modules work. https://wiki.wifipineapple.com/#!index.md <-- this is where you want to start. Just knowing python alone really isnt enough to just port modules.
  9. b0N3z

    Tetra battery recommendation

    its a good battery but the y-cable is definitly a loose in the port. I also make sure my Tetra is quite secure in whatever I need to carry it in, that way the cables aren't moving around and causing reboots
  10. b0N3z

    Tetra battery recommendation

    i use 2x anker 10000mah batteries. Im pretty sure the tactical kit comes with anker 13000mah battery. you need a total of 5v4.8a to power the tetra which is 2x 5v2.4a ports. Ive had a lot of luck with anker. the ravpower 20000mah battery I got is the same way as you have described. Also use 2 separate cords. Ive found that using a y-cable is shotty with the tetra. So plug one into eth1 and the other into the uart micro usb port. I have also made my own y-cable from really nice cables that way fitment for the port is tight. Y-cable <-- I grabbed 2 of these Micro usb cables and one of these.
  11. b0N3z

    Why pineapple nano

    definitly does not make it a useless device and if you do run into the problem, there are work arounds. You also have the support of the forums to help with anything that might cause an issue
  12. b0N3z

    Where to start?

    The best thing to do is watch videos and read articles on wifi auditing itself and how karma patch works. watch some of the videos posted in the Pineapple University section of the forums and a lot of the MK5 videos will teach you how the device itself works. The MK5 and the nano are different but act the same. Modules itself are 3rd party and are not supported by hak5 but by the developers of those modules. So questions regarding modules themselves should be posted in the Module section of the forum and not the pineapple nano section itself. The first thing you should do if get ICS working on whatever OS your using and navigate the WebUI and read the help module for basic info on each module. Best thing to do is google anything you don't understand and then search the forum for any other info your looking for. I hope this has helped and gets you going on your new pineapple. Biggest thing is knowning how the PineAp works and takes advantage of Open wifi networks.
  13. b0N3z

    Why pineapple nano

    the sd problem can be fixed with a usb stick mounted as /sd and editing the fstab. Not to hard, I have it written down if you need it. shoot me a pm if you want. I know the sd card is a problem but I have never really noticed an issue with the 2 nanos that I have and what I do.
  14. b0N3z

    Tetra & Nano Cable/Battery Questions

    I had that problem at first also. I use 2 anker 10000mah batteries with a y-cable to each battery and one plugged into eth1 and the other plugged into serial port. This will help fix that problem. I have also secured the tetra in my bag so that it wont move around and the batteries also. I have gone 4+ hrs without a reboot. the y-cable that I got with the tetra was very loose in the eth1 port which is why I switched to y-cables with a really nice micro usb cable which has a tighter fit in the port.
  15. If your having problems with the modules themselves please check the module section of forums and those threads for the individual modules themselves. Most problems have been addressed if not solved in those threads for the newer firmwares
  16. b0N3z

    Problem with long strings

    what are the specs of the laptop vs the desktop? It might be something where you have to break it down a bit more for an older system to be able to keep up with the speed of the hid attack.
  17. b0N3z

    Wpa2 crack

    I run a GTX 1050 and it worked great. It is a budget card I got for around $100-125 ish.
  18. b0N3z

    Wpa2 crack

    you went further than I. I normally just run a wordlist and call it a day. If I get it cool, if not I move on.
  19. b0N3z

    PINEAP Not Capturing SSIDS

    i If you setup the Enterprise SSID and made the cert, it will reset wlan1 and take it out of monitor mode. Even thought it shows enabled on the PineAP module, it wot do anything until it is either re enabled or a reboot. I dont know if this helps but it kinda stumped me for a little bit. It even says after making the cert that it will reset the radios.
  20. b0N3z

    changing mac address wlan1

    That's awesome. I'm definitely going to use that one for the nano lol
  21. Ive tried to change the mac address of wlan1 but after it gets put in monitor mode it reverts back to the default 00-13-37-xx-xx-xx. Is there a way to change this or should I just move on?
  22. @Sebkinne I added a mac address to the client filter in the filter tab and for some reason I keep getting a notification saying that the device keeps make an assoication with pineap? Client Filter set to DENY. EDIT: After a reboot It seems to have fixed itself
  23. @Sebkinne Ive notice even from the last firmware (2.1.2) to this firmware (2.2.0) that the Timezone set in the initial setup does not stay persistant. After setting it again after the firmware setup it will stay persistant
  24. No, with a firmware upgrade you lose everything and have to resetup everything. kinda sucks but the benefits of the firmware upgrade out weigh the lose of data. New features vs files you should have on your pc to resetup are great. I just upgraded and within 15 mins have everything that I had setup on 2.1.2 also autossh is a module which is 3rd party for the pineapple and the firmware is Hak5 where as the modules are from individuals contributing to the pineapple
  25. those settings wont stay. you will need to plug in the pineapple to the pc and setup the initial setup which will allow you to set webui and ssh via eth0