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  1. Funny question maybe, but anyways; I have a hosting provider (Zamanto) that allows just about everything, except child porn and terrorism (thanks God) and I was just wondering, what to host to maximize profits. I don't want to go with banking trojans, ransomware and similar nasty things, but miners bring too little profit. So, what would u host in terms of profit and absolute freedom? Take care!
  2. Or, you could just save yourself from the trouble and go with a paid BP hoster that won't ban you on spot. First, always read AUP. Most times, you'll see a looong list of what's not allowed there, incl. botnet, phishing, spam, etc. BUT, my great personal experience with my own hush-hush stuff was Zamanto, one of the very few real hosting providers that does not cares about what u host. Read their Tos, you will laugh like I did.
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