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  1. Are there any demos for the new enterprise feature.. seems like the security drop down in recon results is always blocked for me, and i can't seem to figure out how to clone an enterprise ap and harvest the rewards..
  2. How can I install git and responder and such via the terminal/ssh. I tried apt-get only to realize I don't have that.. :/ the responder that comes in module doesn't seem up to date..
  3. I have not tried that.. wonder if responder works better that way as well, and maybe I can install bettercap that way.. :)
  4. I just got a brand new tetra a few days ago and am noticing a slight electric clicking sound coming from it.. almost sounds like Morse code (dot dot dot dot dot dash, dot dot dot dot dash) is this normal? everything seems to be working fine, accept i did notice that if i want to use the eth1 usb port i have to initially unplug tha c adapter to get my machine to see it.. hoping i don't have a short/defective tetra,
  5. I don't see any documentation on the db of the antennas that ship with the Tetra. I am guessing they are around 5 db? Wondering if people have upgraded the antennas on the Tetra and if so what antennas are you using. I have two 7db antenna lying around that i bought for my nano, but not 4, so if i were to try to boost my signal, i wouldn't know which of the 4 antennas to replace, since i only have 2 9bd antennas. I ssh-ed into the pineapple and noticed that only three wireless adapters are actually up: root@Pineapple:~# iwconfig lo no wireless extensions. eth1 no wireless extensions. wlan0-1 IEEE 802.11abgn Mode:Master Tx-Power=30 dBm RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Power Management:off wlan0 IEEE 802.11abgn Mode:Master Tx-Power=30 dBm RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Power Management:off eth0 no wireless extensions. wlan1mon IEEE 802.11abgn Mode:Monitor Frequency:2.462 GHz Tx-Power=30 dBm RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Power Management:off br-lan no wireless extensions. Its great to see they are already at 30dBm but that was confusing to me since there are 4 antennas, and how do i know which antennas on the physical device are which..
  6. Yeah.. never had much luck with ettercap so went with something better ;) it's great.. yeah I tried connecting to the secured AP as well even tried running the scan from different interfaces... Can only detect the gateway and any computer directly connected to the pine AP. Oh well
  7. I have not played with my pineapple in a while but fired her up this morning and got two clients almost immediately. I have it running connected to my linux box, and with bettercap running on the linux box pointing to the interface, eth1 with a gateway of . Bettercap can see the two clients, but when i run zenmap it only sees the and it will not see any of the clients. I have then connected a machine to the the locked(authenticated) pineapple AP it's self and i can that pc, but not any of the victem clients. Does the pineapple prevent this type of scan? i have tried downloading the nmap module but it won't install its dependencies for some reason..
  8. Im going to play around with this tomorrow afternoon.. thank you so much.. we can investigate later about decreasing boot time. Im just trying to understand the bones.. can you speak a bit to what the thought process of picking ip range..
  9. It's the same as adafruits tutorial.. mind you my pizero is a pi zero W (built in wifi) don't know if that is interfering, but it's shouldn't.. could you share the changes to DHCPD.conf and isc- DHCP-server
  10. Looking at Mubix's and sammyk's work with quick creds and posion tap, and of course playing with the bunny got my wheels turning and i decided i wanted to play around building my own pi zero into a custom ethernet gadget. I recently bought a few pi zero W's (with wifi) and am trying to get passed stage 1 of my project, i.e. getting the pi to be recognized as an ethernet adapter when plugged in to a pc or mac. i followed adafruits tutorial: https://learn.adafruit.com/turning-your-raspberry-pi-zero-into-a-usb-gadget/ethernet-gadget but it doesn't seem to work. Has anyone else tried this? can you point me to some tutorial gold! I know i am reinventing the wheel here, but for me i just want to learn buy trying to build my own from scratch.. FYI loving the bunny
  11. danka.. this should be a best practice..
  12. One thing that i noticed that may or may not be relevent here is that sometime editing a payload in something like wordpad will change normal quotations to the slanted ones.. (forgetting what thats called) . I had to manually paste in the "
  13. Onus

    2Gb Ethernet

    I had the same problem.. that script would be awesome.. would also be awesome if it could detect OS and switch automatically from MAC/ linux to RDNIS . and if Mac change the VID/PID to apple
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