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  1. Issue resolved, just did a reboot and ran the install and it worked so all good, thanks for the tips and advice
  2. Hi Both thanks for your response, i am currently at work so i will look into this when im home, to answer the questions in the above replys, yes the wifi adapter works in another machine tested on a kali laptop and a windows desktop, to answer what wifi adapter it is, its the USB wifi adapter that comes with the raspberry pi and hak5 claims it works with it out of the box, (RT5370 mini USB WiFi adapter) i hope this helps clear up the situation a little bit has anyone else had any problems with regards to the wifi adapter that comes with the pineapple.
  3. Hi All, Just a quick question regarding the WiFi pineapple NANO, I was going to test client mode on the pineapple but when inserting the usb WiFi adapter that comes with the pineapple it turns out it doesn’t work, it’s not to much of an issue I used another WiFi adapter whiched worked, are there drivers I need to install to get the WiFi adapter that Hak5 supplied working with the pineapple.
  4. Thanks for the tips I’ll see what I can find
  5. Hi All, I got my WiFi pineapple nano a few days ago and I'm playing around with it and learning how to use it, I have inserted an 8gb sd card to install modules on, i have installed the deauth module from the pineapple modules page for the nano, it was successfully installed but when installing the dependencies the red bar goes to Orange "Installing dependencies" then goes back to red like its not installed, before i ssh into it to see whats going on with the install i thought i might ask as it may be something you guys have seen before. What trouble shooting techniques are there for this issue?
  6. i dont think so i have never seen it been done before as ios security is alot better than android
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