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  1. Hi Sir,

    i would like you help about one message status on hashcat.

    when i try to run a bruteforce attack, the status is always 'Exhausted", i don't know why.

    * my handshake is good

    * all the others functions of crack works fine (wordlist, hybrid, combination)

    I also do some research, but the explanation is not very clear about that.




    1. Just_a_User


      Exhausted means all password combinations you provided have been tried

      what is the command you type?

    2. aka


      OK, but, it's little weird,  i used bruteforce attack (?l?u?d with mask in increment mode with length 10 max  ?1 or ?d or ?u)

      or  ?a, also combine with mask length 10 max.

      i try bruteforce attack, because i would like to make a point with my theories. Meaning i have few information on WiFi, only the handshake then try a bruteforce attack with combination (alphanumeric+ character).

      So if you have a good configuration using bruteforce attack, please let me know.

      cmd ex.PNG

  2. Morning Everyone, I always succeed on some labs (spoof mac, wep crack, deauthentification, open wifi, ) the basic stuffs. For wpa2 crack with you help on my previous post, I'm working on it and try to purchase a better graphic card to use hash-cat. Now, I would like yours help, about certain modules with WiFi pineapple nano. * captive portal * pine AP * twin evil if someone have a good tutorial (not cut or other) very good with some good details, web, pdf, blog, video. Please share it.
  3. Hi, you said something interesting , about ' rogue AP', do you have video or tuto, on how to implement it : 1- pine AP , i follow the video from hak5, but little confuse when you got a client and know what website he runs but after that nothing. 2- captive-portal to gain access or to social engineering some. i means, i want to hack my wifi by using captive portal. 3. Rogue AP thanks
  4. hello, wifi pineapple resume all man of middle attack used by another wifi adapter, and it's much easy and understand what you are doing with wifi pineapple, beside he has 2 wlans combine which means more possibility like 2 in 1 device. check that link. https://wiki.wifipineapple.com/#!index.md for more explanation.
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