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  1. trying to create a module

    Your not clueless, sometimes the smallest things are the easiest to overlook. I should have spotted it while chatting on IRC. Are you going to add a *.ovpn selector on the module maybe? or maybe a window following the ovpn log? Next issue seems to be on the openvpn.sh root@NANO:/pineapple/modules/openvpn/scripts# ./openvpn.sh cat: can't open '/tmp/openvpn.run': No such file or directory
  2. trying to create a module

    @vay3t i found it, add execution permissions to your scripts :)
  3. trying to create a module

    my bad, i re-cloned the git and uploaded it again and the module indeed loads.
  4. trying to create a module

    To confirm, I have installed this module manually on my nano (both on internal and SD), and the pineapple detects the module as in it adds it to the module list of the GUI and installed modules list of module manager. However the module itself does not load for me, i just get a box saying "vundefined".
  5. At Chelsea football ground configuring APs

    ahh you put a kill timer just before kickoff eh? lol
  6. At Chelsea football ground configuring APs

    thats a fun one :)
  7. [Official] nmap

    For firmware recovery always use the factory bin from the troubleshooting/faq page, its been updated now though so AFAIK you can only firmware recover to 2.0.2 unless you archived an old one yourself. https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/faq
  8. [Official] nmap

    Did you have a factory flash file for 1.xx? if you flashed one of the upgrade bin files that could be messing with it.
  9. [Official] nmap

    @sud0nick Papers installs to sd, dependency installs, builds cert, applies cert and redirects, can also remove cert. 100% OK. For me at least. So far i have issues with nmap, get(on tetra) ngrep and meterpreter modules ( I haven't tried all modules), Dwall was fixed, I know the get module was never designed for tetra so maybe has a hard code issue somewhere inside it. ngrep had a dependency ipk issue but Seb aware. meterpreter installs but when you try to launch it it "cannot open socket" for me at least/
  10. [Official] nmap

    I just firmware recovered (2.0.2) my nano, formatted the sd, installed nmap module to sd, installed dependencies to sd and it wont run - i get : - -ash: nmap: not found Maybe just me? sym link works in launching nmap but seem to have issue with history. So maybe something wrong/changed with env path method? EDIT - Fixed history by "mkdir /sd/modules/nmap/scan" so something not 100% right question is, just my nano or everyones?
  11. [Official] nmap

    For my own learning, is that in dependencies.sh?
  12. [Official] nmap

    The libpcap issue is sorted in 1.5 - but i think the sym link for nmap was missing at time of writing this. so possibly still needs ln -s /sd/usr/bin/nmap /usr/bin/nmap
  13. IRC connection woes

    Its really not, I would say the trickiest part is getting to know your IRC client - depending on which one you choose (so many)
  14. [Official] Get

    Figured its better here in the official module thread.
  15. How to inject hex frames and why?

    thanks for that, good info. I'm also wondering how much of the krackattack could be achieved with this as isnt the first stages of that based heavily on replaying message 3 of the 4way to get a nonce reset? To add to the list: - This looks interesting against open networks. https://github.com/rpp0/aggr-inject/raw/master/presentation/wisec2015.pdf Maybe this could also be used for EAP/RADIUS? https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/c018/62ea3f9cc0b9ed081ce67831410f14c5d62d.pdf