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  1. Reporting Issue

    I never really needed to use the reporting module, until today. I am also having the same/similar issue as above. I searched the forums for reporting module issues and found some things to try but so far nothing has got me working.... yet :) I found the gmail smtp data here https://support.google.com/a/answer/176600?hl=en It says that gmail uses Port 465 (when using SSL) and Port 587 (when using TLS). I have tried using both checking TLS box for port 587 and STARTTLS for port 465. but either way im getting "failed to send email to" messages in the /tmp/reporting.log has anyone got reporting module to work with gmail? if so would you post your successful settings in the module and /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf. Thank you.
  2. Each scan creates a recon file in the /tmp/ directory. You could try to move them to /root/ or sd (for nano) and put them back after reboot. I haven't done/tested this but think it should work. #to move to storage location mv /tmp/recon* /root/ #to return to /tmp/ so shows up on recon page mv /root/recon* /tmp/
  3. [Official] DNSMasq Spoof

    Very useful, thank you. I wanted to follow your example but got stuck at the download I am getting: - HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden 2017-09-19 22:17:30 ERROR 403: Forbidden. Just me?
  4. Crashing within five minutes

    if you connect using the uart serial you might get some dmesg clues as to why this is occuring. The symptom does sound like power tho, I have experienced similar in my early days when starting out with the tetra. One thing you may wish to try would be a firmware recovery (different to a factory reset) and see if that solves your issue - make sure you use the 12V 2A supply for that as you don't want to bork the flash and end up with a brick. I would even be inclined to enter boot loader flash mode and wait for a while (10mins or so) without flashing to make sure its stable enough to flash a factory firmware. https://wifipineapple.github.io/wifipineapple-wiki//#!troubleshooting.md
  5. MAKStripe USB

    maybe try this github repo it looks like they had to reverse engineer software to get things to work - and that was 8 years ago apparently... so good luck. I hope someone else finds something more useful - but this would be better than nothing starting point I guess. https://github.com/ioerror/libmsr/commit/14382ab3d52b9003b467dc914c5a68aa17ff72ce https://github.com/ioerror/libmsr
  6. Shipping to Great Britain

    I believe so however you will be charged import duty. Alternatively you could order from https://shop.edutechireland.com/
  7. Download a file WITHOUT powershell

    On personal home PC's yes, well most of the time. But on managed networks they can push policies that restrict use of cmd and powershell along with many other things.
  8. Tetra/Nano 3G/4G Modem

    YW, i have also seen a few 3g/4g modems that have a Ethernet socket built in. While not so useful for the nano, when used with the tetra would keep the USB port free for something else. If using serial USB modems there is a Module made by Foxtrot for managing them.
  9. Tetra/Nano 3G/4G Modem

    I would recommend watching this as a good starting point - it was filmed around the time of the MK5 pineapple. but a lot if not all of it is still applicable.
  10. Wep that accepts all entered passwords?

    "not for WEP, WPA, or WPA2. The password is never actually sent to the router. A handshake is made instead :) 802.11X is different - it will actually send usernames and hashes to the server which you could crack" - quote from Sebkinne on IRC recently.
  11. BashBunny connected to Pineapple

    Full MSF works reasonably well on bashbunny when combined with tetra allowing MSF to access tetra clients. @Mohamed A. Baset gave me final piece of the postgresql puzzle from his post. I updated my previous post where I listed the extra steps.
  12. Metasploit Framework with db_autopwn module on BashBunny

    That totally solved my issue! I had given up on a full MSF install but this will allow me to continue. Big thanks!
  13. Metasploit Framework with db_autopwn module on BashBunny

    I didn't install postgresql as it was already present on the BB, maybe that was the issue, or one of them. I was getting an error when trying to do anything with the postgresql database like it wouldn't connect. I documented my efforts here along with other stuff. I will look into the postgres user thing like you suggest. Woo sounds cool. If you would write it I would deffo try it.
  14. Metasploit Framework with db_autopwn module on BashBunny

    I had no problems with ruby, but installing metasploit and setting it up with postgresql has been a PITA. I tried watching the movie but even with my laptop on fullscreen the text is pretty small so cant fully see everything. Do you just run the module in the movie? or are you showing the installation process also? I would be interested in the installation step - especially the postgresql setup. would you show this part in more detail please? Thank you for your contribution!
  15. Lost Tetra Antenna!!

    something like this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-6dbi-Wireless-2-4GHz-5GHz-Dual-Band-WiFi-Antenna-Standard-SMA-MALE-Connector-/131983753957?epid=2021237279&hash=item1ebad842e5:g:6LkAAOSwA3dYER-Y