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  1. Your always one step ahead! thanks as always :)
  2. This is a very cool tool. I used both the original 2.4 only which was super fast but missed 5ghz only networks when using on a tetra. And I also the 2.4 & 5ghz version which is much slower but gets all the things :) The only thing i would like to see now is a switch to enable/disable 5ghz scanning for nano. As when run on my nano it still tried scanning the 5ghz networks which takes time and will never find anything. Thank you @Zylla for the port to pineapple!
  3. Clients won't Associate with Rogue AP

    This wont normally work, you are asking a device to change its encryption type for a known network - i.e. deauth from wpa2 network and expecting it to join an open network with same name - not usually gunna happen. Unless you already know the password of the WPA2 network. then you can try an EvilTwin style attack hoping you have stronger signal to client than the client has to original router.
  4. Tetra PineAP attack issues

    Thats what I was hinting at to the original poster. Its true for the devices I have tested but I have heard of a small number of devices that will still connect but im yet to see this with my own eyes. Yep, another would be WPS attack but its mainly older routers that are vulnerable. Its actually surprising what WPS attacks sometimes works on still, like printers & IP cameras etc. This would be an EvilTwin attack and can be done with a module/modification called Networking plus
  5. Tetra PineAP attack issues

    Are you trying to attack an open or wpa2/wpa/wep encrytped network?
  6. Clients won't Associate with Rogue AP

    As you say you have "same issues", I'm referencing the old post (2016) issues and possible solutions. Could it be that your trying this attack against a WPA2 encrypted network? in the video it demonstrates an open network. Worth a check as this makes a huge difference to the results. It sounds like it could be a power related issue, make sure it has enough power. Try using "Y" lead and connecting data to laptop/pc and power to a wall charger or battery power bank. Wouldn't hurt to update to newer version - as you can see here there are some changes and bug fixes since 1.0.6 https://www.wifipineapple.com/downloads I have found that a lot of modern devices still work with this attack however they now do things like "avoid poor connections" etc so if the pineapple provides no Internet or poor internet then it can be that the devices disconnect quickly after joining. This can be OS and device specific I think.
  7. Reaver v1.6

    did you install Zylla's updated libpcap-1.8.1 from this post?
  8. Reaver v1.6

    I had that message but its not a downgrade its and upgrade really not sure why the warning is there - but i ran the --force-downgrde option and it installed OK.
  9. Wifi on monitoring

    dont recall the video. But I use Kismet, lock it to the same channel as the hidden wifi then wait for kismet to sniff enough packets to come up with the probable SSID in network details view.
  10. Reaver v1.6

    Been testing it this afternoon. I have worked through some devices and so far I don't have one vulnerable to the null pin (-p "") attack. either way no errors so far with various options tried. Thank you again.
  11. Thank you very much! looking into the null pin now https://github.com/t6x/reaver-wps-fork-t6x/wiki/Introducing-a-new-way-to-crack-WPS:-Option--p-with-an-Arbitrary-String
  12. Done, thanks @Zylla you da man! :) EDIT - did you see comment on github? "huh ? why would you want that ? you can just use the latest release and it'll work on openwrt with big and little endian." i guess thats not right? or... EDIT EDIT - I see your on it :D
  13. How to access internet from bash bunny?

    Have a look at the wiki, its all in there. https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!index.md
  14. I would ask @Zylla nicely if he would compile it as he already did this with version 1.5.2 in this post
  15. PiSavar (Pineapple Detect and Deauth Attack)

    indeed interesting tool. Nice find. I just ran it on my tetra and it picked up pineap well and deauthed my clients. It does what it says. Edit - just be aware of wlan0mon being hard coded for the deauth if running it on a tetra/pineapple! I changed mine. I was looking at https://github.com/moha99sa/EvilAP_Defender/wiki or https://github.com/SYWorks/wireless-ids previously but this looks like it will do a similar job (although reduced functionality) more efficiently and can run on the pineapple itself. Thanks for sharing :)