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  1. Just_a_User

    What are your views on TETRA

    There will be an updated firmware "soon" I am sure. I smell something cooking Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm
  2. OK then try editing the nm-connection-editor again as before then when ready try a reboot or unplug/replug and see if ubuntu remembers it this time without the script.
  3. Did you reuse the wp6.sh script? Im also using Ubuntu 17 and dont use the script anymore. I find Ubuntu 17 does a great job of remembering interface settings based on its mac address.
  4. Just_a_User

    Can't update

    Try a manual upgrade mentioned here https://www.hak5.org/gear/lan-turtle/docs Also make sure the lanturtle date/time is correct as that can mess with ssl certs.
  5. @Carrot Try using terminal and entering "nm-connection-editor" select your pineapple network then navigate to ipv4 tab then select "shared to other computers" from the method drop down menu.
  6. Just_a_User

    Wifi Pineapple Nano - Kali Linux won't connect

    Are you running this in a VM? have you tried from the hostOS directly? just to rule out VM/USB sharing issues.
  7. Just_a_User

    Nmap won' work once installed

    Have a read of the official Nmap module thread, pretty sure the answer is in there.
  8. Just_a_User

    Open SSID "Authentication error"

    ha! my trap worked :) he lives!!! hope all is well with you guys, I see you 3 dropped off of IRC for a while, keeping busy?
  9. Just_a_User

    Open SSID "Authentication error"

    go to filters, set client filter to deny mode. Restart.
  10. Just_a_User

    P/S Wiki

    As far as I know the wiki never came online. There is a reasonable amount of documentation here though https://www.hak5.org/gear/packet-squirrel/docs
  11. Just_a_User

    [Official] SSLsplit

    This was already discussed in this thread - here
  12. Just_a_User

    LAN Turtle 3G

    So far I have been using a normal phone sim, (in my region the data only ones had less data allowance and were more expensive..) so far its working well and I should also be able to send/receive SMS stuff..
  13. Just_a_User

    Where can I find the OUI list on the Nano?

    Also try to get a little more power if available - the wiki is asking for around 1.3A -1.8A depending on what else you plug into the Pineapple. https://wifipineapple.github.io/wifipineapple-wiki//#!hardware.md
  14. Just_a_User

    Where can I find the OUI list on the Nano?

    But did you do a firmware recovery?
  15. Just_a_User

    Where can I find the OUI list on the Nano?

    If I were you I would do factory reset, if that does not work then a firmware recovery https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/faq Also, just saying just in case - make sure your using an SD card in the nano and double make sure you have adequate power - both these things can sometimes cause the nano to misbehave.