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  1. I found the tetra hardware really good over the years. Especially when adequately powered. Plugins or modules as they are known are community made so are not by hak5 directly. What I found with them was each major firmware revision there were sometimes enough changes that occasionally one or two of the modules broke. Sometimes it was simple fixes or tweaks others required the developer (if still around) to fix. Usually going to the forums and reading the (sometimes whole) relevant modules thread led to the answers. Now I have the MK7 and im finding it pretty solid, fast and refined
  2. Hi, I appreciate the feedback. I was helping the person by letting them know they needed to investigate the modules further, especially as they had gotten themselves so close to the answer. What they were asking for was already in there possession. So just a little more reading and they would understand there question was mute. Give a man a phish and he hacks for a day, teach him how to phish and he hacks forever EDIT - also, nothing much good (or legal) comes from a continuous deauth.
  3. Android and iOS started randomizing MAC for devices. You can google the versions of each where it started. In my android i can go into to the wifi settings (of the connected network) and turn it on/off. Its theoretically to resist basic tracking/privacy issues. Which you can see in action on your pineapple. Some good reading http://papers.mathyvanhoef.com/asiaccs2016.pdf Although I believe things have moved on further since that was written its got a lot of great info.
  4. My thinking was that in some cases clients were still able to use https or VPN while associated with the pineapple using Evilportal. I guess in an indirect way it is to try and apply some gentle pressure to complete the (more optional these days) network/portal registration.
  5. Youtube started cracking down on instructional hacking videos, removing videos often demonetizing them and banning accounts. I think this has put people off producing them, at least for a while. Started to see a few more these days though so maybe changing or people are doing it anyway. Same as you could always do, keyboard injection of payload, powershell or browser stuff seems most common these days. IF you are developing your own attacks and finding/producing them yourself then you probably will do well. If you are expecting to download ready made attack payloads that still work on
  6. Would it be possible to have some form of timer, to watch associated pineapple clients not on the Allowed client list and kick them automatically after xx time without registration? Or maybe throttle limit clients and lift restrictions on joining Allowed client list?
  7. Just because it does not say deauth, does not mean it does not deauth.
  8. Did you already try https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010554753-How-do-I-reset-the-device-or-recover-its-firmware- then https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360034848353-Manual-Upgrade as Darren say in the post above yours.
  9. maybe take a look at the available modules for the MKVII?
  10. You can use it with kismet, airodump-ng and horst for example. Is there a specific thing you are trying to do or need?
  11. Airmon-ng isn't used to specify channel, iwconfig or the application you use the monitor interface on (like airodump-ng) will usually specify the channel/band as an option. No, you already asked and i said Maybe in the future it comes to GUI. For now use ssh/terminal.
  12. Did you check out all the modules? there is something for everyone there.
  13. Did you also try to collect a handshake using the built in recon page of the pineapple?
  14. Currently yes. CLI is only way to use a wlan3 radio, but probably/possibly not forever. Use airmon-ng tool as usual to start/stop monitor mode of a capable device.
  15. Factory reset will most likely be your only path back. Did you maybe flash the wrong firmware? maybe an upgrade file instead of the recovery file? You need to try and get to firmware recovery page as shown in the factory reset instructions https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471134-Factory-Reset If you still cannot get into a shell/uboot recovery because of bootlooping then your going to struggle to recover that device.
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