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  1. I think they have built it in or are building it into wifite2 also, so worth a look if you prefer an automated tool. https://github.com/derv82/wifite2
  2. Tool = https://github.com/ZerBea/hcxdumptool https://online-it.nu/how-to-attack-wpa-wpa2-pmkid-kali-linux-2018-4/ I'm sure there are others if you google, this was first result.
  3. PMKID attack can get you a hash to crack with zero clients.
  4. I seem to recall reading somewhere here that the larger the card the longer the mount/boot time. So maybe try to keep the cards small for fastest performance.
  5. You don't have the module manager installed by default?
  6. That would be way to slow, what's wrong with capturing the handshake and cracking that offline?
  7. I think (but have not confirmed personally) that there is an issue with the APN SIM PIN on the turtle. If you are able to put sim into a phone and disable the sim pin and then try that in the turtle without a pin in the APN settings it might work for you as is. if it does not I will try to find other possible APN issues after I have eaten - about 20mins ish.
  8. The default gateway of the lanturtle is set to the 3g connection. If the 3g configuration is not correct or looses signal there will be no connection. It sounds like this is where you are at the moment. You can either fix whatever APN issue is hanging it up or enable LAN fallover should 3g fail - its in the 3g settings somewhere - I forget the exact wording but its pretty clear. That would then enable you to get the lanturtle online for update/modules. In regard to the APN/3g connection I would need to know your carrier and country plus your current settings to be able to look further.
  9. Worth a check 🙂 Are you running without SIM cards? if so did you enable LAN fallover if no 3g?
  10. I have a feeling the VPN addition is possibly for the Hak5 C2 communication. Either that or pre-empting the openvpn module maybe.
  11. Before I start comparing the configs, when you flashed the factory reset firmwares... did you upload upgrade files or the special factory version? Maybe you had an old V3 factory version of the FW?
  12. You are in a nice position with 2x units to compare configs etc.in the two units. I would be interested in seeing the /etc/config/network and /etc/config/firewall from each unit. Also have you factory reset each one? using the 192.168.... adddress? https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471134-Factory-Reset
  13. Sure I do to, but it can be handy to know how from the GUI if out and about or on a mobile without a terminal app installed. I tend to write my responses not only for the OP but also for others reading at later dates.
  14. Not sure, it never has. Maybe to be faster for next scan or other tools, such as the handshake grabber built into recon. You can drop it out of monitor mode using the GUI by clicking the Update Access Points button on networking page, but will also reset management network so if you are connected using that it will drop out briefly.
  15. Meh, im kinda guessing - The LAN Turtle itself shouldn't need drivers, but if your hardware uses an internal USB3 hub that does need drivers then what ever you plug into that won’t work until those drivers are installed and working. There is a slim chance that's what's up. Has it ever worked? Maybe you also have a USB2 port on the same machine? or another PC/laptop with different hardware? Do other devices work on those USB ports? At least to try to rule it out. If I had the same issue on different hardware as well as OS then I would be more convinced it was a LANTurtle issue, especially after a factory reset. Then I would contact Hak5 support https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/requests/new
  16. I just did a few searches based on the contents of your dmesg output, it would seem that it could well be something ubuntu related - possibly a USB 3 hub issue? I don't think this is a LAN turtle thing, or at least it doesn't seem that way. I'm also using Ubuntu 18 and have no issues. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2353776 https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/493607/usb-device-not-responding-to-set-address https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=152087 Strange it also didn't work on windows though. Nothing showing up in device manager at all? Even unidentified?
  17. To be clear the cable doesn't produce the power, the issue will be under spec USB ports unable to provide enough juice. Its rare but can happen under full load such as flashing/upgrading. You will probably be fine for most other light tasks. Glad you got it sorted.
  18. Are you 100% sure its getting enough power? Just to rule it out could you power from 12V wall adapter?
  19. Yes its normal, the red flashing LED is indicating wlan1 is in monitor mode. So will stop flashing when you take wlan1mon out of monitor mode.
  20. Just finished an 8 hour recon scan to a /sd/ db and was flawless. Seems rock solid so far. EDIT - actually seems like PineAP dropped out and recon thought it was still running. I Need to try a few more times. EDIT EDIT - it got worse, more frequent and impossible to use. Factory reset didnt clear it, Firmware recovery did. All good again, have no idea of the cause.
  21. Could it be you flashed an upgrade file and not the factory firmware to the recovery page? Also, is this happening while powered from 12v wall adapter?
  22. Did you get any output from dmesg when you plugged it in? It may be worth trying a Factory reset https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471134-Factory-Reset
  23. Did you already try airodump-ng or Horst from terminal?
  24. I had that but after a reboot it seems fine.
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