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  1. https://github.com/kbeflo/evilportals Is your basics portal.s
  2. I thought that the Nano did support a select few 5ghz dongles. Can anyone verify?
  3. What is interesting is I am also having this issue with GET on tetra but have it with NMAP on nano.
  4. Did you add the php part can you speak in pseudocode please?
  5. Welcome, to this little world. As for fun things, this depends on you. For modules, you will not find mystical magic. If you ever needed a wireless swiss army knife, this is it. Like a swiss army knife, it is really really good at a few important things but has features that might come in handy like a toothpick or less-than-adequate tweezers. You will want to know the general functions of this tool and the rest is basically your skill. The modules help to put some pieces together. Your skill as an operator depends on you and what you do.
  6. Positioning is important. Deauth needs a solid connection. Signal consistency in my experience dealing with atheros type wireless is weird. I have one of these cards in my pc, the signal with these cards seems more prone to 'glance' off of solid objects in certain situations. I'm standing in one such spot in my home. Signal glances off my devices in one corner of my apartment. I cannot connect but my pineapple will detect my device as connected when I am in this corner. Stand 200 yards away in the field and I have better signal than 35 feet away with no connection issues on my nighthawk. Simil
  7. You are not passing the helper file in through php. PHP is the part that actually adds anything to any list. Then you need to set cache expiration expectations. Stuff like that.
  8. You are missing some information. I'd run through the basics checklist. 1. Pineap on? 2. Positioning 3. Am I deauthing myself?
  9. 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz are never going away. This is like a Delorean. The pineapple will never go out of style.
  10. I've gone about the task of adapting wordpress to the tetra environment. You might say, why? Well, I'm comfortable developing on it, so it is easy and I am interested in having a really cool portal page. That screams giffy flames. So, I like the potential for really great stuff that a cms has to offer. Not a fan of the clunkiness of wordpress, feels like putting an oversized engine in a small car but I'm willing to test it out and see what happens from there. However, it isn't taking to mysqld. Anyone know any work around to run MySQL on chaos calmer? This seems to be the biggest barrier
  11. Teaching the ethics behind cybersecurity is important. If students are going to abuse the device, especially against other students then it would make sense to restrict access to anyone caught abusing the device. While also encouraging the general student body to utilize services such as vpn, perhaps the university can provide a free vpn option for students and faculty. With that said, there are a myriad of legal and cool things that a pineapple can do that are not disruptive. That of course should be the academic focus. Some encouragement through things like hack-a-thons could even
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