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  1. its been a while since i have messed around, but the time has come that i document what im doing... wash reaver wps pin attacks deauth and capture handshakes hashcat gpu cracking wpa word list's 'couch potato 123' comcast word generator type of password attacks that are router specific. wifi antennas 2.4 ghz and 5.8ghz it looks like nonsense but ill do some automation in my favorite language (ruby) ill do some multi threaded task like clock work to automate almost the hole process. ill start with small simple snippets. if people wan
  2. Hi guys, I have a problem: I want to hack my Wifi but all the attacks which I found only worked for WPS 1.0 but not on my WPS 2.0. Of course I am open minded for other ways to hack my wifi but none of the attacks which I found worked.šŸ™„šŸ˜ž
  3. More and more routers are becoming resistant to the Reaver magic. That's a good thing, because we all want easy and secure working hardware in our (grand-)parents' homes. But are they really secure? Today I had an encounter with a stubborn fellow that tried to stop me from brutally forcing myself into his backdoor. Good job boy, you kept me out, you're safe! Yeah right... So I fired up another command: mdk3 mon0 a -a [MAC] -m Let that rip for a minute, tried reaver again, bingo! It accepted my brute force methods again. But after a few minutes it locked up again. Time for some more of tha
  4. Reaver 1.6 As you may or may not know Reaver have gone approx. two years without updates. It recently got a big update v1.6 I haven't heard or seen anything about the newest version being compiled for our devices, so i took matters into my own hands and managed to compile it properly. I thought it'd be smart to make a thread about it, where people can post any bugs/issues that they're experiencing, and i'll see if i can get it fixed. But also to let people know that there exist a new and improved version now. My GitHub repo. contains the Makefile needed to compile it with
  5. Helle all, I would like to install the latest version of reaver (1.6.1) this version can send an empty pin "NULL_PIN". I have a first error message to compile and I do not know how to install gcc, can you help me ? Git: https://github.com/t6x/reaver-wps-fork-t6x 0day with reaver 1.6.1: http://www.crack-wifi.com/forum/topic-12166-0day-crack-box-sfr-nb6v-en-deux-secondes-par-pin-null.html root@Pineapple:~/reaver-wps-fork-t6x-master/src# ./configure -ash: ./configure: Permission denied root@Pineapple:~/reaver-wps-fork-t6x-master/src# chmod +x configure root@Pineapple:~/reaver
  6. Yes before anyone says it I am aware of the command called "wash" that shows if the router is WPS protected it slipped my mind in the video but I really just made this cause I had some time so it isn't the greatest thing ever but I talk about my 3 favorite programs I use to crack WPS pins. Any way hope someone learns something new and I hope you all enjoy the video.
  7. Hello, how do I feed reaver with a particular pin to attempt to find the wpa psk.
  8. Change log: [v1.1] *Added .pixie files that are saved with the latest reaver's -H option as an acceptable input file with -i (ex. -i /path/to/bssid.pixie) They are treated differently than text files containing pixie data to be parsed, as they are simply set to be executable and then executed since the command is already built at the end of files in the .pixie format and in executable form. *Added -pd / --pixie-dir option which allows you to scan through a directory and all subdirectories within it for .pixie files to execute and/or text files containing pixie data to parse. This expands on
  9. SSL stripping no longer works. I've been researching but gotten little results as to tutorials for other types of infusions. I want to get an infusion that can either get me wifi passwords or passwords to someone's accounts as they log into them. If possible, I would like some er infusions to start with downloading. I tried the wps infusion and it didn't work well with my router (which is why I want to use RubyReaver or Auto-Reaver). So, what other infusions could be used to monitor my other computer's web activities and the passwords that I get when I log in with my other computer (that I'm u
  10. Ok so I'm kind of sad right now. I figured the Nano would have been like the original, with the ability to get modules and everything. I had no idea they would have to be rewritten. Anyways, I guess my question is: are modules that were available for MKIV going to be available eventually for the Nano? I've seen Evil Portal so far, but (no offense to the dev) I'm not really looking for that. I would love to see reaver and aircrack-type modules. I was so excited to be able to use reaver. I'm a big fan of pen testing (but i am still new to the area). I love working in Linux (i just started using
  11. I think this is a completely different subject from the previous thread, so forgive me is this is double posting. I found this program called auto-reaver for backtrack: https://code.google.com/p/auto-reaver/ I edited it, changing the mon0 to wlan0mon in one of the scripts, titled "wash". I'm trying to edit it to work with kali 2.0. I did what one of the guys in this thread did: https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?19641-Reaver-WPS-Locked-Situation-and-Useful-Link/page4 And I quote: I know how to do the first part of that and I did. I did both commands. But I'm lost as to how to chan
  12. Name WPS Features - Reaver options selection - Bully options selection - History - Select AP to attack from UI Screenshots
  13. Hello, I have the password for a wifi. Now usually i could go into the router and search in it for the WPS pin. But this router is a cheap Nexxt model and i cant find the pin, but i know they're always at the back of the router which i cant get to. I need the WPS pin in case the person tries to change his password. Then it be easy for me to get the new pasword by using the WPS Pin. My question is can i retrieve the wps pin using the wifi password. Thannks so much,
  14. I've been trying to get the Wifi Pineapple to be able to perform the pixie dust attack for quite a while, and I can't seem to be able to. I'm thinking the problem is with the modified Reaver you have to install, but I can't be sure. I've followed this guide: http://matthewhknight.com/autopixiewps/ (In case the link above is remove or something, just google AutoPixieWPS) On my PC and Laptop it works flawlessly, but whenever I try this on the pineapple, I'm no longer able to pick up WPS. If anyone has gotten this to work, or has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks.
  15. So I'm not sure where to ask this, the mods at the Kali forums called this "general IT help" and deleted my question ha. Anyway, I've been playing around with Reaver again with my new router, and like the title says, can't seem to get any faster than 42-ish seconds per pin. The commands I used to even get it that 'fast' are as follows: Change my interface to same channel as router: iwconfig mon0 channel 1 Manually associate to my router: aireplay-ng -1 0 -a <router bssid> -h <my mac address, of mon0> -e <router essid> mon0 --ignore-negative-one
  16. Guest

    Reaver 1.5

    Hi guys, anyone noticed that Reaver has been updated to 1.5? I think it's still in beta. It's changed a bit I think What do you guys think? how to install: make sure you have the libpcap and libsqlite3-dev libraries if you are on Kali. svn checkout http://reaver-wps-fork.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ reaver-wps-fork-read-onlycd reaver-wps-fork-read-only/src./configuremake distclean && ./configuresudo makesudo make install
  17. Still Failed to associate with reaver same problem with Web UI. Firmware 2.8.1 I bought it for reaver........and it's useless. No one could give the answer,tried different order of commands..... Where're you my Hero !?!??!
  18. I'm trying to parse the output of wash for automation. Here is what I have been playing aroung with *This is only part of the script I have it in a shell script that has been set as a boot mode. No matter how long wash runs as a daemon, I only get the start of wash in the log. If I manually execute wash as a daemon, It often does not work, sames results using wlan1 Side Note: I make sure the interface is up and in monitor mode before trying wash. Any help/ideas for achieving the parsing of wash would be great. I'm open to using anything other than bash aswell.
  19. Hey hackers ! I'm working on the reaver module. I think I'm near a beta release. EDIT : v0.4 Released Features : System check (install reaver if not already installed) Choose where to install reaver (internal or USB) Select the interface to scan (based on networkmanager module) Select AP to attack (based on networkmanager module) Launch/Stop the attack Auto-Refresh output 3 switches (-c, -a, -S) enable/disable interface reworked layout Wiki page added in the pineapple wiki NEW : Fix bug : check if reaver is installed NEW : Propose install on usb only in case of detection of a
  20. Hey guys! I present you, Automator!, A module that automates attacks such as Deauthing and Karma, and more on the way! It asks you for a few options on each attacks then commences the attack. Features : -Automated attacks -Install packages that are needed -Add and Edit profiles for attacks -Blackout Attacks - Disable all LEDs, enable stealth mode and select an attack! Coming soon : -Edit back-end scripts to suit your needs -Add community attacks/automations to the module -Auto-detect wifi cards -Reaver Automation Sneak peak :
  21. I have been using reaver to brute-force attack a WPA/WPA2 connection , But i seem to have a problem , The WPS pin cannot be found , It stops searching for a PIN at a specific place. Why is this happening ? And by the way i am using reaver from BEINI OS , Using Minidwep-gtk. I have searched for the WPA/WPA2 handshake and i've got it but i cannot crack it since i don't have a proper dictionary to and i don't have the means to download one. I look forward to a reply to this thread. Thank you ^_^
  22. I have been using reaver to brute-force attack on my WPA/WPA2 connection , But i seem to have a problem , The WPS pin cannot be found , It stops searching for a PIN at a specific place. Why is this happening ? And by the way i am using reaver from BEINI OS , Using Minidwep-gtk. I have searched for the WPA/WPA2 handshake and i've got it but i'm not sure if it really has a PSK or not because i tried cracking it using Cloudcracker and so far unsuccessful. I've tried with the 1.2 billion dictionary word list and i was unsuccessful. The router i am using for the WiFi is a Belkin 3bb9 router which i
  23. The heat is here; no more complaining of cold. Car stereos with huge bass with rap that blares with rappers of new and old. I have moved from my old digs; out to anew. Transferring my internet, is yet to be done. Out comes the Alfa, sniffing wpa2. Ifconfig wlan1 down... like a rerun. IW REG SET BO ... for extended range for more fun. Ifconfig wlan1 up... it is time for a game. The rules are simple, and plain. FInding who set their router with safe WPA. Kind of lame... but hell... I am at home with boxes surrounding me with no internet... how did he write this, though.... Have fun a
  24. CAn someone say what is my trouble with reaver and my MK4? i have latest firmware 2.8.0,only reaver installed and it's on usb. Other tools like sslstrip,DNSspoofing,MITM are working perfectly,but i need reaver leaved in dark corner. Tried to do brute forcing from command line via ssh and from web-UI on 3 different APs(and on mine too).Nothing works, reaver just waiting for beacon for sometime and then gives warning "Failed to associate". Tried to disable wlan0 - no effect. Tried airodump-ng :it's hopping channels and catching beacons as well. Tried wash: it finds all wps-enabled APs. I
  25. Well, I haven't browsed enough to know if there is an introduction forum, but I'll go ahead and say hello here in my first post. My name is John, but I go by d1sc1ple01, obviously. I am a pretty big CS fan, and I'm getting into a decent amount of programming. I had a course on python, then c++, and now I'm teaching myself php and html5 on the side. However, like most people, hacking has always been super intriguing to me. My buddy showed me how to crack some windows passwords with bt5r3 and then we both learned how to crack wep and wpa2 wifi together. Since then, i've wanted to do more but h
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