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  1. i'm new at this and i never seem to be able to ask any questions in the right place. I hope to improve in that in the near future. i had hoped to only redirect when the request was "www.football.com". i don't want it to redirect if the request would be "www.football.gov" or foot in the name and etc. I want the request to be a true request for that site. And redirect it to an ip address on the LAN/subnet……..i just want to be listening/searching for that DNS request(www.football.com); when it is detected, the attack will redirect to the an ip address on the local network. I can redirect all tr
  2. The title states it all. I'm using Kali Linux (i do have a Pineapple if it would make it easier) and i would like for when someone types in www.Football.com (for example) on my LAN, that they be redirected to an ip address that i have set up in my local network. I can redirect all traffic on the local network. I'm just not sure how to redirect only traffic that has key words in their DNS, google search, or etc I'm still learning, but i have come a long way over the last year; and i think i'm ready for the next level. i just need help being pointed in the right direction, or perhaps i need
  3. tks i'll try that. i have been trying to re direct through backtrack but i keep getting an error. Tks again
  4. Just a quick question. How would you redirect all the traffic coming though the pineapple to a selected website. Like random roll does, when you are forced to a coffee shops landing page, or etc. I want all traffic to be redirected to a website i pick or to a IP address i select when a device is connected to my pineapple's wifi. Im using VMware with backtracks 5 r3 that has the pineapple running in the browser. This all is set up on a Mac OS X 10.7.5. And running perfect so far. With my limited knowledge, the backtrack and pineapple are just two peas in a pod. For I know that I have just
  5. thanks for helping me understand the infusion a little better.... If that is the case, then why can't i view the logs as the ssl is running and how can i view the information capture on the usb. i'm using a mac, and i cant seem to get the pineapple to capture any traffic. my pineapple is sharing great, it is working as a bridge, i set the dsn spoof configuration to*, i have downloaded wireshark and x11(which i don't understand how to use them correctly as yet!!LOL) i would be thankful for help in this matter. I just want to use this in a demo at work if i can.
  6. Why wouldn't my SSL strip infusion allow me to store my logs on my configured usb storage stick. i can store infusions on the usb, but it isn't accessible with in the ssl infusion. i am working off a mac!!! This is what my pineapple looks like: sslstrip sslstrip installed sslstrip disabled | Start Verbose Autostart disabled | Enable Output History Custom Configuration [Refresh] Filter Piped commands :o :o This is what i want it to look like: :o :o used to filter output (e.g. grep, awk)
  7. I would like to add an animated gif to the index.html file on random roll with a Mac. Any ideas??? I know i could do it with windows (at least i think i could!!), but can it be done with a mac?? i would love to be able to do this before 7/5/13 if possible!! LOL!! I wanted to have a little fun at work!! LOL Tks for any thoughts on the matter!!! :D
  8. I have read and watched a number of tutorial, and I'm very good at following directions. But i can't seem to get the ssl strip infusion to work on my Mac. it doesn't seem to capture any of the traffic. I know that the pineapple is working as a bridge and not as a router. I have every infusion available and stored to my USB 32 gb data storage stick. I got it to work a few months ago, but it must have been on my windows laptop. Can someone help me to get to work on my MAC. What i have done so far I up graded to firmware 2.8.1 and downloaded SSL Strip to my USB. Then i pinned it to the navbar
  9. Thank u for taking the time to put that together!! I am planning to try it out this weekend. Thanks again!!!
  10. i can run sslstrip, but i'm not getting anything on the output page. i'm connecting to the pineapple wifi signal with an iPhone and an android; i get internet connection fine, but can't seem to get it to capture any information sent over the wifi connection. I'm missing the usb log or the log usb app./infusion that seems to be apart of the setup for this APP on the bog instructions i have been using..... so which infusions do i need to run this sslstrip, or what step am I missing... Note I'm using a Mac. This is the setup instructions i'm using: http://hakinthebox.blogspot.com/2012/06/you-ju
  11. I did get the serial flashing to work using a PC. It became a little easier once i realized where my problem was!! Plus, i bought a back up pineapple as well. LOL thanks for everyone's help.
  12. And i did try the reset button for 7 seconds, and that didn't work as well.
  13. I'm trying to do a clean flashing through a serial connection with a serial TTL cable i bought from hak5. My pineapple IV will not respond. On the pineapple itself, only the power light comes on. WHAT HAPPEN- I was trying to upgrade the firmware on my pineapple when my connection to the internet went out causing my pineapple to crash. Now i just want to re-flash the pineapple. With my thinking being that this would at least get me back to square one. I would like to flash the pineapple with my Mac if possible. I can use window 7 or vista, and i tried using videos off of youtube to lear
  14. is there away to flash the pineapple with a MAC?? Please help!!
  15. I'm looking for someone to give me a hour class on how to run the infusions on my pineapple IV though a video chat, and i'm willing to pay by the hour. you give me your rate. i need help getting my phishing files to work, and i need help getting the keylogger to capture data. i can do paypal, wu, or etc. please contact me a wrussprince@yahoo.com if you can help me out. fyi- i'm running a macbook pro os x version 10.7.5, i do have a pc which i can use as well-windows 7.
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