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  1. yes, I've installed the driver I bought this product http://www.prolink2u.com/new/products/index.php?cid=305 this is result from www.ipchiken.com ( https://app.box.com/s/vt5d4t8z7ie93z1l9xjh ) and this is result from my adapter status details ( https://app.box.com/s/94ne2y43uc4er4rb7iao )
  2. I have a problem in public ip obtained from gsm modem can not be accessed by the public. I am using windows 8 Regards
  3. So there is nothing solution for make UEFI have dual boot?
  4. Yes, but in this case i have install Fedora 19 in UEFI enable so when UEFI enable or disable boot still use GRUB. Now, i have a little progress so when i enable UEFI boot still use GRUB but i can't boot to windows 8, but when i disable UEFI boot still use GRUB but now i can boot to windows 8. Now, there is new problem when i can boot to windows 8, it is not show login interface but boot repair wizard for windows 8. Have any solution?
  5. Sony Vaio E Series bundled Windows 8 SL, now i have installed Fedora 19. Problem after it i just can boot to Fedora but can't boot to windows (windows not remove, that shows when i have disable/enable UEFI, i can boot windows but can't boot fedora) Any have solution?
  6. What alternative of ownCloud? special for ClearOS. Thanks
  7. Hahaha, same like in my country they doesn't care about the system it works as long as it works and specs isn't bad
  8. Yep the error tell me an another machine is use same IP like me, but the error come after 3-5 second after I confirm the IP set up. I'm didn't set to DHCP but to STATIC because if I'm set the wireless to DHCP the IP that I'm set can be 'dead' without any reason from the 'Network Admins' at my workspace. So I'm set the wireless to STATIC so any machine will set up their machine. *NB: Wireless access is protected by password and not more than 10 machine is connected to wireless. And also any machine which connected to wireless is able to use an IP at range to Yes, but if it is have conflict, machine which set an IP address will get error immediately after apply the setting. Not like in my case an error message will come after I apply the setting in 3-5 second. Some people say my network damage by virus, it's true??
  9. It seems my network at my workplace got some error, anyway I don't really understand about network but I want learn more. This happen like this: 1. My network at my workplace it's set up to bridge(manually to setting IP address). 2. But recently we got some errors, which we not able to browse or ping to internet. 3. Like I know, if we set up an IP address same like another computer IP address when we confirm the settings, it's show an alert which it's say my IP address already used. But in this case, when I set up an IP address and I confirm that settings there nothing alert, but in 2-5 second the settings have confirm, windows show an alert where like another computer set up same IP address like me. What happen in my network at my workplace? How it's happen?
  10. I just try this into my hosted and I will not use same password for another services.
  11. Yes, that's right. Anything can be broken, and with 1 problem it's become many resource learned maybe can use to fix another problem.
  12. When I try follow instruction on tuts, ollydbg has been terminate after success on load 'User32.dll'. I found nothing.
  13. Yep, that's true. When I try follow instruction on tuts, ollydbg has been terminate after success on load 'User32.dll'. Are computer specification have effect to debugging process? After all, thanks for that support. I will try to learn and trying harder. Regards,
  14. I have a program that has been encrypted using yoda's Protector 1.03.3, I've tried to figure out how to decrypt it on google, which I found so far is how to decrypt it manually, but I always fail. The program that I want to decrypt the sales program that is being used by one of the stores had my friend, my friend said that the program that he says he can not be unpacked/decryption for use yoda's Protector 1.03.3. I feel challenged to decrypt the program.
  15. How to unpack yoda's Protector 1.03.3? Some tutorial maybe can help me. Regards,
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