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  1. Hey everybody iv been a fan of the show since 2nd season but iv never really reached out on the forums or anything just kind of used to creep around here and i figured it was about time i actually introduced myself and computers have always fascinated me every since i was about 3 or 4 so my family always said it was easy tho i guess my ma teaches at the local college around me she teaches mostly on multimedia like the adobe suite and what not but the one thing thats always intrigued me was networking growing up it was like something inside me just needed to know how it all worked and flowed together and i feel i have a fairly decent understanding on if it all but my problem is i have a very front end view of it all so to say lately iv been very intrested in whats going on behind it all i want to know what makes it all tick so iv decided to start learn a language and im having a hard time deciding where to start does anybody have any input to point me into the right direction? im very eager to learn any help would be very much appreciated i know none of you know me but iv been around here long enough to know what a wonderful community hak5 has built id just like to thank them for everything theyv done for all of us thanks guys = )
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