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  1. the drive shows as WD 4000BEV External USB Device under Disk Drives in Device Manager
  2. Hi guys. I have a question regarding External/desktop hard drives. I have a 500gb Western Digital passport HDD and have been using it for some time. now all of a sudden when I connect it to my laptop (running vista) it recognizes the device as being connected but I am unable to access it [it dose not show when I enter 'My Computer' or load up on autorun]. dose anyone have any ideas as to how to access the HDD? any help or suggestions would be great. many thanks
  3. hi guys. sorry to say but I'm a nooby, so sorry if this question sounds bumb or is in the wrong section/topic. dose anyone know of a good open source key logger? i'm looking to make my laptop more secure whilst I step away for a miinute or two.
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