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  1. lol@Swathe, My data recovery tool was my Digi-Cam however after seeing the photo's the morning after I don't need any incriminating evidence or a reminder. There is a good reason for alcoholic memory lapse's
  2. LOL A Aussie hat trick, let the invasion begin XD Correction the internet is relaxing due to it having a Block User option, real life needs this feature as well as a CTRL Z for them drunken nights out.
  3. Favourite game: Final fantasy 7/10, Persona 3/4, Suikoden and Vandal Hearts Favourite OS: Xp Pro/Ubuntu Favourite console: ps2 Nationality: Australia (I am big down under... sorry I so had to say it) XD Accent: Bogan Aussie talk. Sex: Male Age:27 Race: Aussie (well half Irish and Scottish back ground) Height: 5'10" Status: In a relationship with chinse/jap girl (yellow FEVER) WTF is hak 5 the new myspace? Build: skinny Favourite band: Blood hound gang, Ale storm, Motley Crew, Guns n rose's, Disturbed and a bit of japanese shit. Favourite book: I the book is any good it will come out on dvd. Favourite author: n/a Favourite movie: Matrix, Hackers, War Games, Take down, A sense of freedom, Terminator and a whole bunch of anime. Favourite director: I don't pay to much attention to who directs a movie. Favourite TV Show: Robot Chicken, Heroes, Terminator Sarah connor, IT crowd and Fat pizza. Favourite actor: Don't have one, I don't believe in watching movies just because some actor is in it. plot and content all the way Favourite actress: see above Favourite Pinup: see above Favourite Comedian: Russel Peters, Kevin bloody wilson and eric banner when he was playing chooper reed. Other hobbies: Movies, Drawing, Cricket, games, drinking shagging (the standard bloke stuff). Car: I don't have one as yet, no need. Occupation: I was managing a Video (dvd) store but quit as of last year to study full time.
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