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  1. Keltha right, capacitors are normally used for filters and timings, a small change will effect the sound however the different filters that ive built a small change like that is virtually undetectable. Plus in the real world (as opposed to in theory) components are never the value they say. Im unsure on the type of capacitor, above all just make sure its not polarised, otherwise your likily to find a sticky puddle of dielectric which is a right pain to clean off. When it explodes/leaks
  2. It would be a small site, for a family friend advertising there business. A small amount of traffic.
  3. Review sites are so unreliable with domain hosting (seeing as 90% of the time the company pays them to say there number 1). I would imagin lots of you run some sort of website/blog, so which companies do you recommend?
  4. Being at student with no money, ill jump at the chance to earn anything i can, so at the weekends i work at a carboot sale directing traffic then after its finished pick up the rubbish that people leave behind. One of the perks (other than getting free burgers from the burger vans) is that some people leave behind some real good crap. i call it crap because no one other than me seems to think its worth takeing. Anyway from the last few months ive brought home 10's of transformers, and plenty of electrical things many of which i have no idea what they are but things that i can strip parts out of. This week i thought i did really well, i found some nifty looking sercuity thingy (i have no idea what it does its a cool looking case with a keyed switch an led, ill use it for something one day) and a BT vision box. Its basicaly a freeview box (kinda like cable for all the americans) USB and HDMI. I new that it had a subscription based downloadable content service which i wasnt going to pay for by hey ill take it home have a look at it. After a little bit of googling it wont start unless it has a subscription card and so far there hasnt been any hacks to get passed if for the model i have. Its a fantastic bit of kit as i said its got a HDMI output, usb, a lan port imagin what it could do if it was open. Sure they have the subscription model (£15 a month) but they also sell just the box with a card for pay as you go for £90. Why then dont they just let you do what you want to do without letting you use the subscription service. As far as i can see they wouldnt loose anything those who want the subscription will pay each month those who dont, wont. Like there business model already. If anything its costing them more seeing as there is a deicated chip for authenticating everything, even just watching TV! Even if you could somehow hack it to stream stuff from the web, its probably wouldnt be the easyest thing to do and therefore 99% of the people would never do it and pay for the subscription. As for the box i have, i didnt pay for it so im not to bothered but its a £90 piece of kit thats now going to be chucked even though its in perfect working order but wont start without a card. EDIT: having said that ive just opened it up to take the HDD out and it has a nice PSU So my question is why do companies constantly try and lock stuff down so much?
  5. Back in college for a piece of electronics coursework, i did something simlarish but all hardware based. I basically took my old nokia 3310 and soldered a small circuit (if i remeber correctly based on a 555 timer) to the connections of the motor that causes the phone to vibrate, the connected the output of the circuit to the pc's switch. That way i could text/call the phone it would cause the motor connetions to go high which in turn pulsed the on/off switch.
  6. I believe its just for DVD movies
  7. In my opinion the best DVD ripping software out there is DVDshrink
  8. For pritty much any HDD probelm i always recommend Spinwrite *link* Its a bit expensive but it solved many problems ive encounted over the years.
  9. Im currently doing somthing very simlar, instead of controling a RC car im controling my whole room, lights, tv radio ect. Im using the first Fon, the 2100, it has an inbuilt serial port . By connecting the TX and GND to the ardinos RX and GND, using DD-WRT data can be sent using: echo "data" > /dev/tts/0 There seemed to be a problem with the DD-WRT running scripts from a browser so ive moveing on to Openwrt, ill let you no if i find anything else.
  10. Starting at step 11 should do the trick http://wiki.hak5.org/wiki/Fon_Jasager_Install
  11. In the backpack: EEE 701 running BT4 The Fon running jasager USB memory sticks Ipod Touch (for music and easy NMAP) In the computer related tool box: USB memory sticks Ubuntu boot disk Spinwrite Boot disk Screw drivers Screws IDE/Sata/Molex Cables Portal HDD Glue/Epoxy Plyers Earthing ristban Cable ties VGA to DVI converter
  12. The plan for "the house of beasts and a hobbit" (Uni house, i didnt come up with the name) Its a house of 6 guys and as the resident geek im in charge of all things tech related, the whole house has ethernet running through it so it wont be much work. In all honesty i cant wait to start, in total the house has: 4 xboxs 2 PS3s 6 Laptops 2 pcs 1 wii 1 server Im also planing to run audio cable through the ethernet cavitys in the walls to each room so that the music can be played all though the house. As well as the "beer wall" which will be an automated beer can despenser using a finger print reader to authenticate/charge who ever wants one, which ive wrote the software for just got to build it (ill post the finished project later) and if ive got enough part lying around a firewall in the cupboard as well. Ive got another 2 months off before uni starts again, ive got to do somthing with my time :)
  13. I dont think ive ever charged anyone for any software related problems, most of the time there family or friends in which case i would prefer a couple of beers, or to be able to be able to call on a favour rather than a few quid when the chances are i can fix the problem in a matter of minutes. 90% of the time they pay me anyway in the range of £5 to £50. Although saying that i do charge for hardware problems, normally i put a mark up of about 20%-30% on what ever i have to buy, manly because if they went anywere else they would be charged almost twice the value of the componet.
  14. Its not so much the fumes from the solder thats the problem, not after a little exposer. Its accidently touching the plastic surrounding a component thats the killer. I was once soldering a small switch i slipped and hit the plastic with in seconds i had the biggest head ache ive ever experianced, i honsetly thought that i was screwed, went outside to try breath in as much clean air as i could, with in an hour i was thankfully fealing better. Definatly recommend a fan
  15. My orginal plan was to use PHP but ddwrt doesnt support it, the cgi scripts not executing seem to be a bug in the newest versons of the firmware. It seems there are a lot of them. Im gonna try openwrt instead, its a bit harder to configure it to be a bridge but nevermind. Thanks guys
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