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  1. Ok im far from new here, but hey im bored so i thought i would fill it out. Favorite game: ermm Wolfstein Enermy terrioty atm Favorite OS: It will be XP (flame all u want) but im experimenting with linux Favorite console: console.... PS2 but i don't often use it Nationality: British Accent: dont no if i have one really Sex: Male Age: 17 Race: Err White british :S Status: In a longish relationship (2 years) Build: Average Favorite band: Red Hot Chili Peppers Favorite book: havnt read a book in a while Favorite author: dont have one Favorite movie: Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan Favorite TV Show: Simpson, Futurarma Favorite actor: ...No clue. Favorite Pinup: My girlfriend. Favorite Comedian: Theres lots of good ones Other hobbies: Obviously computers in general, Tech, science, mounting biking Car: Nope, ive only started learning last week lol Occupation: Student.
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