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  1. My name is Ed a.k.a wetelectric Favourite game: STREET FIGHTER TWO SNES EDITION Favourite OS: suse (but really most rpm based dists) Favourite console: snes... might be over tekn by the wii...but we will see Nationality: english Accent: English (london, it's different) Sex: Male Age: old enough to watch porn with the sound on full blast. Ethnicity: West african Height: 6ft4 Status: kinda unfit. Build: Muscular Favourite band: i don't do 'bands', but i do like the prodigy and the basement jaxx Favourite book: too difficult to answer Favourite author: as above. Favourite film: Hard Boiled Favourite director: John Woo Favourite TV Show: Nathan Barley Favourite actor: Chow yun fat Favourite actress: meh Favourite Pinup: so many, its a straight naked-mud wrestling cat fight between nia long, kim bassinger and lucy lui..mmm thinking about that gives me a chubby Favourite Comedian: Richard Pryor Other hobbies: films (Japanese, Korean mainly), mma (every Thursday) Car: Bus Number 29 Occupation: software dev /arch etc
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