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  1. I should probably qualify too... i'll probably stay on the old irc mostly. Because: people come there for laughs not just to see if a member of the show is there random stupid shit happensControls · View New Posts · My Assistant · My Friends · 0 New Messages not too many kids not too many kids zombie hookers irc quotes A channel that produces the above is not something i'll leave :) So yeah irc people big wet naked hugs and a wet fish across the faces:) Let's just hope with this change there will be less bitching about hak.5 :) Don't know about hakhouse, im sure it's great though.
  2. I hope this hasn't been covered before but..... Sys admins should try using puppet, it's great. This is a step by step tutorial on how to install the server component of Puppet (puppetmaster) on one machine, and the Puppet client (puppetd) on another. We then perform a simple test to make sure Puppet is working properly. If you're not familiar with Puppet, it's a configuration automation tool that allows you to centralize management of the various *nix flavors running on your network. Puppet supports central management of the important aspects of your systems, such as: files, packages, users, services, cron, mounts, etc
  3. I think they will relocate to the north and become t'orange. /me gets his coat
  4. Hello, 1. I put this topic here because I think it's more a hak5 community thing rather than a specific irc thing 2. Haven't been around much (well just watching and not logging in) I can understand the reasons for the move. You don't want this to be the environment a first time viewer sees :) : I will say though, as an old school regular I don't like being associated with the above. Most of the people there (in the old hak5 channel) are not like that at all. A lot chat in the channels and post on the forums even during season breaks and are generally nice people, keep that in mind. Just thought i'd mention that..... Feel free to lock if this thread goes mental. p.s Please instead of hak.5 stickers can you send some spare fame and girls Darren. cheers.
  5. I was actually there today. thing is, I have no idea what you guys look like so.... probably should have thought that one through! ahaha It was an interesting event anyway. No ficking wifi, yes... I admit i have no wifi-fu tools on my laptop ... [bows his head in shame] Where are you guys off to next? Im going to get a few hours sleep now... i see dead people. im on msn
  6. fudge me, went on a bender. It's 5am ish and i am out of my head, will i make it to opentech? who knows....
  7. wetelectric

    SNMP Monitor

    Yeah, basically it's a toss up between zenoss and nagios. Zenoss is good because it has all the reports (kpi and such) built in. Nagios is as powerful but you have to create the more hardcore reports yourself.
  8. This is a weird thread. You know, as weird as two forty year old men in a park playing on the swings, I was thinking about posting a cat. Too lazy.
  9. To be fair I thought the guy was on a wind up too. A very good natured and hilarious wind up though :) c'est la vie Good banter though
  10. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.
  11. woo yeaH! hoochies! hoochies! yeah! go! go! go! </end eloquent comment>
  12. Could it have been ? ps. Those posting games in this thread without a video link or even a picture are missing the point :)
  13. I've posted this http://www.ukuug.org/events/opentech2009 in another thread but I thought i'd do it here too. Anyone interested?
  14. Listen, install copSSH and use the command line. You will kick yourself when you find out how easy it is.
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