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  1. I like COD5, Seems to have more 'realism' in it with the weapons being from a past era and all. A lot of people don't like those types of games. It certainly is the dividing line of what kind of FPS type you are.
  2. Yeah I'm not TOO impressed with the movie selection, but I watch A LOT of movies. I tend to throw on a documentary of some sort or another and play it in the background. I also like the selection of indie flicks. It's also cool if you have a flavor for a classic film on occasion. It certainly beats trolling the TV trying to find something good.
  3. As few connectors as possible, as little soldering as possible. limit db line loss. first try a better ant. if that doesn't do it for you, try getting a small amp that will run off 5v you can pull from a USB. I've modded a couple notebooks to have external SMA's for practical purposes. Wasn't too big of a loss, mostly depended on the antenna array in use. and/or the quality of the amp. Amp's are expensive and fragile. so fair warning.
  4. I have a largish white board for my room, It is in constant use. Seems my lists are never ending. It also works as a great place to draw up schematics and diagrams to explain things to friends. It's constantly being taken down and moved to a better place to explain things. The gf likes it too, leaving me sweet notes, and reminders. Very helpful, Get one or two. I have one in my kitchen as well, for all the stuff me and my room mate need to get for food and what not. Nice to know when someone uses the last of, or we are low on, something, like toilet paper.
  5. If you find yourself renting a lot of movies, seriously consider Netflix. the streaming support to the 360 is actually pretty good. Decent HD video streaming, however only 2.0 Audio.
  6. I've been meaning to get pics of my set up. It is still in an early beta state, and I have several more idea's for it. I guess the main attraction is the 100+" Full 1080p projection screen Under that I have two 46" 120htz lcd @ 1080p (yeah I said two, side by side) separated by the center channel of the 5.1 surround sound. I know the side channels are sitting at 100w but I'd have to ask my roommate what the sub is running at, it's truly massive though. like coffee table sized. This all runs into a receiver. These are all sitting out the output side of a 4x4 HDMI matrix. so we can show whatever input on whatever output we want, or multiple at once. On the input side we have, HD cable box, PS3 Xbox360 and another blue-ray, but we usually just use the PS3 and port a desktop into the mix on occasions. I've also got an old desktop rigged up to the two 46" lcd's. Desktop needs some work, but for now it's nice to stream the hakhouse feeds onto the large screens. I usually sit with my laptop on a lapdesk in the "couch". That is a 3 seat theater style piece, with reclining seats and cup holders. I'm still moving in, and I have several more idea's for the living room. I would like to get a HTPC of some sort, and make my old tower a home server to play with. I was also considering making a new Gaming rig. OR maybe just making one KICKASS one to pull double/triple duty. I have to constantly remind myself that I already have a bunch of toys and need to use what I have. In total i count 8 screens of one type or another sitting around the living room. Like I said I'm still moving in, and some of the stuff hasn't hit storage yet, but having it sit out where I can see it helps me try and make plans to use it. Like, we also have idea's of setting up this 17" 720p lcd tv in the kitchen so when we are cooking dinner we can catch our show OR read off a cookbook recipe. Anyway, I'll get some pictures up when I can, some encouragement might make that happen sooner ;) And yes I realize that the set up is ridiculous.
  7. Hey all, If you are wondering what I'm talking about check out hackerspace I'm not sure if anyone is fallowing this, but it has recently come up (again) and seems to have a little more steam behind it. That article hit digg, and a few fallow up articles seam to be on the same idea or trend. I'm not sure if anyone follows the people behind Make:, or Instructables but many of the masterminds behind those have also expressed interest in hakerspace, in various forms. I was wondering if the Hak5 crew was fallowing this or interested in it. It would be really sweet to see if you could get a hak5 hackerspace going. I realize that this is very much location dependent. but it would be sweet to see one be a tangent from the show, even if it is or becomes it's own beast. Edit: I'm going to keep adding some links as I come across them. I am /and have been/ interested in starting something like this in the future. A nice PDF presentation about starting a hackerspace from the view of Chaos Computer Club Cologne also known as C4 A group out of SF, NoiseBridge One of the groups featured in the Article mentioned before, NYC Resistor DC area HACDC Philly: The Hackotory Kansas: cowtown computer congress IDEA for for show, get a couple interviews with these guys, i'm sure you could get a whole segment.
  8. I've been trying to find some discussion points on the ideas that where put into the dev5... I haven't found any searching the forum, wiki, and IRC wasn't much help. If anyone has any information can the fwd that onto me. I want to make sure I'm not missing any idea's or concerns, while I'm getting proposal idea(s) written out , well more like drawn, flow diagrams, and mind mapping.. lol Something a little more finalized for the community to look at and discuss before I move forward with (paying) getting the code/design done up.
  9. Thanks for the support! I will be hitting you up. Sorry for falling off the grid for a bit, but hold tight it's about to happen again. Almost home, and then I'll have 100% time and energy to work this thing out. like.. yeah 100% lol IT'S GOING TO BE GREAT!!! I'll probably see a professional to get some coding and design done, and truthfully, I'll probably personalize it all a whole lot. But I love you guys, so I plan on making you a huge part...
  10. Do yourself a favor and spend a few extra dollars on a pair of Reef sandals, while your at it get the Calendar.. DAMN. Crap, sidetracked again,... Where was I? Oh, Reef Sandals, I bought a decent pair. They have lasted me a couple years now, and to say I have abused them is an understatement. Being in a drunken stupor is the best test on sandals. [X] Pass: with out fail, every time. They also managed pretty well the few times I went whitewater rafting. I made little leashes for them, tied to my ankles, so I wouldn't lose them when tossed overboard. I have also hiked in them. I had to hike about 5 miles, from a failed inter tubing experience. Not recommended, they pick up all sorts of stuff, but they lasted. I did manage to get a little blister too. :( I suppose now that I have glorified them, they will break soon :( Here's hoping for another few years!
  11. I certainly believe that it would be a peer society, and naturally that a hierarchy will present itself, as peoples talents are played to the best of their abilities.
  12. My mind works a little different then most. It's a little more spacial. I constantly draw/doodle. I love schematics! I can, and often do, put complex ideas and theories into diagram form... So guess what, I have been doing this as I have been brain storming and researching this project. I should try to make a more finalized diagram/drawing to put together and see if all these ideas come together better then what my words are capable of relaying. (note: how cool would an online "blackboard" be for this task alone..) Then perhaps I can get some feedback on what's missing/(un)needed And then! maybe someone can help me build what I have envisioned.
  13. I think that Moonlit is tracking on several ideas that I also share with him on one level or another. The ultimate vision that I have is to create a tighter knit community. To add the social aspect. If I dare say Social Networking site, I know this has the same dreaded H-word mentality when uttered. There is a lot of talk about using specific tools for collaboration, on many different styles of projects. Looking at the Hak5 community we collectively use the forum, IRC, Wiki... and Dev5 (I'm not too familiar with what Dev5 is/does) Other tools are brought up as well, like the hak5radio, ustream, that can be used to accomplish a lot of the fundamental ideas... I keep hitting this idea head on in my thoughts as well as in discussion with others. The tools. They are already sitting here at my, and the communities, disposal. The issues are these, 1) The tools that are currently used do not have a common thread and are vaguely tied together. 2) Frame of time. This issue comes up ALL the time in one form of another, the obvious being the time zones in which people work/play/sleep. The frame of time I would like to address as an issue, is as it relates to information presented and disseminate through the different tools. Nevermind the TYPE of information. I want to talk about the LIFETIME of a conversation/discussion, like talking on IRC, vs say on the forum, vs information presented in a wiki, vs live broadcast radio/video, vs whatever communication type. The issues come up when new ideas are presented. (I'm learning more and more about this as I undertake THIS idea.) And when questions come up about completed projects. Yes, bad ideas are quickly filtered to the way side, but good/great ideas also have trouble to find a foothold. 3) Collaborating PEOPLE, the real knowledge base, the work force to accomplish a project. I want to make a platform that minimizes or kills these issues dead. Where as a user, a member, of the community all the tools are presented to you upfront, and are tied together. Where you can track projects you are interested in. Where questions, discussions, commentary, can be easily tracked and monitored. Where the progress and direction of projects can be seen. Where completed projects can be searched. Where you can SHARE your projects, and tie them to the how-to, giving tips, and differences in design. A place to where you can plan to interact with people IRL, meatspace. Organization.
  14. I was looking into what my current host already has available for install, and it got my researching down the path of Drupal. In my haste It looks like it has the capability to do the digg/reddit clone type deal I was talking about. Drigg It also looks like it has the ability to be used as a classroom tool. Drupal ED From what I have gathered Drupal has a STEEP learning curve. If this project takes this turn, I'm going to need some REAL F'n Help.
  15. Demand the imposable. If she can't deliver, then well, it's not going to work out...
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