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  1. dont hack it in the first place, play fair and google will have thousands of answers that will all virus your computer!
  2. definatly sucks, thanks for the notice
  3. How has IPTV changed your life, the way you see things. Do you walk down the street and be recognized by others?
  4. 2 things 1) its hak5 not hack5 2) Its called freerunning or tricking Both are derived from parkour
  5. number 5 = get laid This is what you do: 1) get some solders for hire 2) get some explosives 3) storm the building 007 style 4) grab the box 5) sleep with some random pretty lady 6) Profit?
  6. easiest way is to get a reseller account, than when you have a few customers and the income on it to be able to pay for a dedicated connection than go for it
  7. Clan.5 and have it multiple branches of different games
  8. wow welcome back :P i did the same thing, but shorter
  9. i think they know who leaked it :P
  10. Wess failing is always entertaining :P
  11. in the video wess is less confident so im betting darren
  12. Luckly i changed my forum password to "123456" when i recieved the message, incase u were a scammer but im safe now
  13. all the details on front page still good?
  14. not going :( but how did u get a free ticket? :O
  15. i like it, but i wouldn't go as far as being better than pandora :P but i dont need to use a proxy to listen to music :D
  16. i wonder if people notice this isn't spam
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