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  1. Long time, how are you? I've actually spent a fair bit of time working nearish you in Naarden recently.
  2. A very long time ago I was VaKo and I spent many hours here. Nice to see the place is still going.
  3. HI Really enjoying this wonderful forum. Thank You. :)

  4. VaKo

    I'm Back

    At the moment, putting the ban function back to an easy place is the priority.
  5. VaKo

    I'm Back

    And the place is full of spam... the mod team will be working on a solution for this. Apology's for this.
  6. VaKo

    Ipad Or Tab?

    iOS = designed for tablets, but no flash. Android = flash, but current models are big phones.
  7. Most of those things I don't seen an issue in discussing on an academic level, they're all quite fun. However it's the motivation that matters, so while I have no problem with learning about the weaknesses inherent in website designs defacing a site is just childish.Mainly because if you have access you shouldn't,. you need to keep quiet about it so it remains useful.
  8. I'd make it clear somewhere visible that your site is not the official site, and link to the official site. If you do run adverts etc, keep detailed accounts of the money earned and the expenses of running the site. But otherwise you need to consult a lawyer for your jurisdiction.
  9. True. OpenCL is the way forward for this type of device.
  10. However there is still a problem with single thread performance, all the cores in the world won't help with the 3GHz-ish limit we've been stuck at for some town now. Which is why SGI are making overclocked servers that are only designed to last months at a time. Until we switch out silicon for graphene in transistor designs then we're going to be stuck at the processor performance levels we have now. Designs like this are going to be useless for desktops or laptops, only server tasks which rely on massively parallel processing will benefit from this.
  11. I'll have a stab tomorrow, if not the weekend. Other issues in back office preventing movement on this issue.
  12. I quite like SMF myself, it was easy to manage and operate. But I was waiting for the 2.0 release to go RTM 2 years ago, and they are still on RC's.
  13. We started out with PHPBB, then moved to SMF, then moved to IPB, then to IPS Board. Since phpBB is shit, we ain't going back.
  14. Some mediawiki knowledge, but mainly the ability to learn on the job, and the ability not to disappear after a week or so. I'll look into getting access setup, along with a special forum area to discuss it all tonight.
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