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  1. Long time, how are you? I've actually spent a fair bit of time working nearish you in Naarden recently.
  2. A very long time ago I was VaKo and I spent many hours here. Nice to see the place is still going.
  3. HI Really enjoying this wonderful forum. Thank You. :)

  4. "satire" Thanks to a great deal that Anne from the Red Cross worked out with my accountants, every time I swear another African orphan gets a years supply of malaria medicine...
  5. They asked Pakistan where Osama Bin Ladin was and got told to "Just fucking google it!"?
  6. That link is not working anymore. I searched the website for c++ and dident get any results. I googled it and found another site with it. http://newdata.box.sk/bx/c/ Thanks! :-)
  7. This thread needs a clean up tbh, if people want to dump as many good links as they can, i'll combine it down into a new thread.
  8. Wouldn't this be a perfect cadidate for the the wiki? I could sticky it, but it might be worth editing it into one article.
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