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  1. Have at it hoss, just installed mine. Be sure to read the release notes on the post Darren has done for any issues you might experience during upgrade.
  2. I don't live in the US, I live in the UK, I have to pay almost double for all of my Hak5 products thanks to shipping and import duty. And yes, you're entitled to give feedback and encouraged to do so, the devs depend on feedback. But constructive feedback, I don't know if it's a language thing or not but the way you write your posts doesn't seem constructive it seems like a complaint and oozes entitlement. They sound very negative. Also the reason the Mk7 comes before C2 is because any issues with the Mk7 firmware need to be ironed out BEFORE C2 compatibility can be fixed and tested
  3. Wait you've got a C2 license that isn't the free community edition? The mk7 works exactly as it said it would minus a few launch bugs which are being addressed with the beta releases that are coming hard and fast from the pineapple dev. C2 was clearly mentioned as having support AT A LATER DATE (no specific date promised or guaranteed) and I don't know about you but I'd rather have a working C2 than a rushed and broken C2.. but maybe that's just me. Either way expressing your distain for a product and it's creators won't get you anything quicker, simmer down Karen and wait
  4. Dude, C2 is an addon / companion to the Hak5 line up, it's not a critical component to utilizing any of them. Be patient with the guys, seriously users are so entitled these days. You do realise that Hak5 isn't some giant software house with a million devs on staff right?
  5. I'll try and get my board pics up tomorrow, they're too big for the forum so I'll slap em on imgur or something. My board looks very different to the SD/3G versions but we can certainly compare findings!
  6. That'd be awesome, I've taken my apart and the PCB appears very different If you can possibly identify which chip the SD is connected to and what it says on top I can confirm if I have the same in mine.
  7. To check the space go to Advanced and it'll show /sd/ in the storage info section (just to the left of where you formatted the sd card) and to get to sd via ssh simply type cd /sd/ Glad you got it sorted!
  8. So what are we saying here? Is Windows Defender blocking the hardware ID's of your duckys? Windows isn't privy to what your ducky is running, all it knows is that it's a keyboard and that keyboard is pressing keys. The only way it could be actively blocking it is if it's blocked by hardware IDs I believe. So you guys wanna do a bit of digging and you'll find that it's quite easy to swap this to prevent AV's from identifying this shiny new HID product as a ducky and think it's just a generic keyboard: Honestly guys, before going off on a tangent about how much you're entitled t
  9. The only problem with devices like the ones Hak5 sell is that you're expected to know what you're doing with them. They're aimed at professionals, yes some of the payloads and modules don't work but these aren't Hak5's remit, the Pineapple for example you bought the hardware and the firmware i.e. Pine AP & Recon Mode they work perfectly out of the box. Anything else is community developed and it's up to the developers to keep those up to date or it's up to you as a professional who knows what they're doing to get it working. What these products are NOT is plug and play hacking device
  10. So using duckyscript just have it press ctrl alt del a few times, then type the password and press enter.
  11. That means that it might have formatted your SD card but it hasn't managed to get it mounted. If it doesn't mount on a reboot after formatting check your logs and you'll likely see some bad block messages. Please check and let me know. You'll see your sd card as a mount point with free space showing via the Web GUI in advanced. Logs will look something like this: [ 17.148897] print_req_error: I/O error, dev sda, sector 15522896[ 17.154956] scsi 0:0:0:0: [sda] UNKNOWN(0x2003) Result: hostbyte=0x01 driverbyte=0x00[ 17.162647] scsi 0:0:0:0: [sda] CDB: opcode=0x28 28
  12. Now you see this is the really weird issue I had, on 2.6.2 you don't see two sd cards, I also thought /sd/ was something internal but on 2.6.2 it's not. To be fair C2 cloud and 2.7.0 are causing really weird behaviour for me so I'm going back to 2.6.2 - I would probably advise you do the same and try again, i'm 100% sure you'll have more success, if you don't I'd say try another SD (but don't forget to fully format it in SD Formatter again) Edit: If you need help downgrading let me know.
  13. When you start recon on C2 is pineap actually starting on the pineapple? Does recon work ok on the pineapple itself etc? The only time I've had the issue you're describing here is when the SD hasn't mounted on boot (as my recon path is my sd card)
  14. I haven't been able to find the source anywhere, I'm planning on using procmon on windows to dig deeper but I can't find anything published. replying mainly to sub to your topic.
  15. Try what I did, FULLY wipe the SD card, in windows I used SD Formatter Tool. once it's done a full format then format it in the pineapple and leave it once you've hit format, I think 2.6.2 will say formatting and then let you know when it's done, I don't believe 2.7.0 did this for me.
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