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  1. Well just maybe he do not want to get associated with hak.5 Darren you know just like I do thats a lot of crap. MMmm in all of the first hak.5 episodes of this season (not on the last one episode) the intro is telling other wise. This will be my last response to this topic for this time (just and only out of respect for Vako). Gerard
  2. Iam running Ubuntu-eee from the first version thats released. It runs like a charm on my EeePc 701. Even my kids and my wife run Ubuntu-eee on there 701, 701, 900, 901 EeePc's with out problems Gerard
  3. Just to inform, all do it have taken some time for a reaction from Fonera they steaded the following in a email. And this is the following statement from Fonera So Fonera made it clear they do not support this segment of hak.5 Let that be note it. Gerard
  4. I admit if ubuntu-eee could really boot up in 5 sec that it will be great... (the point is i to old do to believe in fairytales) Gerard
  5. My EeePc 701 (512mb) with Ubuntu-eee 804-1 boots up in 1 min and 05 seconds. And thats quick a nuf for me. Gerard
  6. Beside my network security job, my wife and i are also foster parents and working in and for and with in the sytem. For both jobs (the network security, and the childwellcare) i need to make use of my social engineering skills. In my network security job to get hold of some info from and over the network setup and so on and as a childwellcare worker to get the parents (or the child) to speak up or trick them to tell the truth. So my hole working live is based on my social engineering skills. Gerard
  7. Oeps so true, so true. Its just the other way around, they shut be privileged that the community is watching them. Gerard
  8. Hell thats 2 easy for my I own over 300 accespoints in my own area (radius of a 60 Km round my house) Gerard
  9. @ Darran, Its noting against you peronaly. And like i mentioned befour its out of my hands in the hands of the law now. I brook my word to VaKo just and only to give you (Darran) a reply. And ones again out of respect for VaKo i will not response any more in this topic. Best of luck Gerard
  10. If i was a US citizen i would vote for Obama 2, but i also have visions of a M.L. King or R.F. Kennedy replay with Obama being add the wrong site of the barrel. Gerard
  11. Iam useing my Asus EeePc 701 4G (thats the one with the small screen) everyday in my job (Network Security Advisor). And really happy with it (all do i made a view changes to serf my needs just i bit better), the little screen is no problem for me because most of the time iam not running any X. Yea i really like those mini notebooks way out better to work with than the big one. Gerard
  12. @ Matt and the Hak.5 crew, We will wait and see. I have done my part so far its now in the hands off the law. And out of respect for VaKo i will stop now responding to this forum. Regard Gerard
  13. Pointed them out to the Wi-Fi Pineapples segment in where Darran clearly steaded he owns the Wifi network of the coffeeshop and the fact of promoting of how to setting up a honeypot crack your self. And beside all of that a full copy of this forum tread. Gerard
  14. And so i have done that, and the advice given is to fill out a Report Internet Crime on the FBi homepage so i just done that. Gerard
  15. just do like i have done call a lawyer.
  16. First of i am all grow up. Second by the new laws (afther the 911) Darran just shrewed him self. Gerard
  17. Darran steaded quite clearly is is sitting in front of its fav: coffeeshop "OWNING" the wireless network of that coffeeshop. And he is showing the the Fon routera a malicious tool. With that Darran is just incrementing him self Gerard
  18. The point is that as far i know now someone from the FON community gave the FON routers to Darran for promotion (give away prices) and not for showing how to turn a fon router in to a Cracker hardware. (its not like Matt steaded that the paid for the Fon routers and the Fonntenna's) And FON nor the FON COMMUNITY is wanting for this kind of cracker publicity. Gerard (I smel a lawsuit coming)
  19. @ Deveant Sorry dude your far off. Gerard
  20. @ SmoothCriminal The point is that FON is a community network and like any community network it stands or falls with the use of its community members. Any one that gets a (cheap) Fon router is suppose to share its internet connection with the other Fon users/owners. Bud when you are just getting a FON router because its cheap and its nice that you can use the internet connection of the Fon users/owners that are sharing there internet connection with out sharing it your self. Thats wrong. And the FON community is not happy with those people because there are the back stepping group that give the FON community a bad name and will get the Community to fall down instead of letting it grow. The point is if your not willing or able to share your internet connection with other FON users/owners you shut not get your self a Fon router. Gerard (by the way i contacted the FON head office and they will get back to me)
  21. Waiting on a conformation of the Fon head office on your story. (and by the way picture's can be changed very easy) Gerard
  22. I will don't you worry. Like i mentioned not according to Fon. Matt like they say down under, Pull my other leg it plays jingel bells Telling that the Fon org: is supporting the Hak5 team to hack or use their device for anything other than it's attended purpose is BS And you telling it so, just makes you full of it. Sorry dude you just lost all the respect i got for you as a member of the hak5 team. Gerard
  23. Well Matt, thats not quite so, because if your not able to support the "Fon Rules" you shoot not get a Fon router..... Well i got good contacts with in the Fonera home office and community, so i will check this with Nicolas and Florian add the Fonera home office. So i really hope that what you are telling is true if not so i will burn you with it add the stake. Gerard
  24. Or you can google for it, Its not that a big of a secret. Personaly i just like to see that people just use the Fon routers for what there mend for and thats charing your internet connection, and if you are not content with the Fon router or rules just give your fon Router to someone thats willing to share its internet connection and will accept the fon rules. Gerard
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