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  1. tanda333

    compaq crap

    how do i get a floppy disk containing the bios and settings shit for my presario CDS 526.?
  2. tanda333

    dell crap

    nope, its all set to auto
  3. ok, you know what, i agree with vako and all the others stating that you should reinstall windows if youve been infected. because thats what i do. if it gets past my security software, i will reinstall windows. but for me this takes next to no time at all. but if he is in here asking this question (which makes me wonder how long he has owned a comp) then this solution isnt a response suited hto him. hes better off simply getting most of the crap out and letting it slowly build up till he cant use windows, then install it. he wasnt asking what we would do, he was asking what HE should do.
  4. tanda333

    dell crap

    um i have set everything to CS and added one drive at a time till i had 4 in there, a 1.2 gig, a 3.8 gig, a 6.4 gig, and a 20 gig, all on Cs and nothing, i tried master/slave arrangement, nothing, i even swapped cables. the bios simply will NOT recoginze any hard drive
  5. im not sure, but im pretty sure that i will return it and wait to get a router compatible with dd-wrt
  6. tanda333


    my comp suddenly startsfreezing under high loads..... could it be caused by the new RAM i put in?
  7. the thing here is that he knows he has malware on his machine because it has symptoms, so he can tell when it is gone
  8. no, sorry, by connecting to the second router by cat5 cable i was referring to getting my computer to edit the settings in it........ i cant seem to get my comp to connect to it. its one of those routers that doesnt like to work without something in the WAN port
  9. yes ther is ONLY one way to be absolutely sure that the malware is gone, but that is and allways should be a last resort, only if you KNOW all others have failed. if you scratched the paint on you care, would you buy a paint scratch repair kit and fix it, or take the whole car apart piece by peice to make sure you fixed all the damage that was done. yes this CAN be true, but isnt allways, you dont have to be paranoid about this as you will ALLWAYS find out if you are still infected. the truth is that you can go right off the wall the first time and wipe everything eveytime, this will work, everytime, so will buying a new car when you get in a fender-bender, but you can also try repairing it. if its still in there after you run spybot, adaware and avg antispyware as well as your antivirus of choice (i use avg, free and it works, but you use what you want, most programs do a decent job, but were not here to argue that) after that if it fails, you can try a sys restore IF that fails then try a windows reinstall over itself if ALL ELSE FAILS wipe and start anew. trust me, i have only once ever had toreach the windows reinstall stage. and ive been using XP for 6 years also MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE, if you dont update STAY THE HELL OFF THE NET!
  10. tanda333

    dell crap

    oh dont worry, i was trying a 6.4 gig.... but that makes sense, thx... any more info i should be warned about, ive never worked with dells before hjardware is my passion, but dells push my limits
  11. thx for the help ill look to see if there is a bridge mode, client mode or access poitn mode....... now do both routers have to be able to do the client, bride mode, or AP mode? or just the one not running DHCP and the one that is NOT connected to the internet. the biggest question is i have been have problems connecting to the second router through a cat5 cable.....ive gotten it to work once, but would appreciate someone tellingme the steps i stumbled upon earlier edit: also, another thing, ive seen on a laptop a function that says ad-hoc network (pc to pc) i presume its saying a comp with internet access can jump through comps without if they all have wireless cards to give a comp without internet access access to the first comps (if it shares internet) ALSO: I CANT USE WIRES TO CONNECT EM if i coulda, i would have
  12. perhaps we will see some HD torrents............ (PLEASE)
  13. tanda333

    cat cam?

    as kids we would go and assemple cardboard armor and attack eachother with broomsticks i was the smartest and knew how to design armo, so i designed flexible plate armor and was invicible.... we never used tinfoil, but a good peice of advice for flexability and resilience is strips of carboard duct-taped together (with a gap between that allows for flexibility) and if you need more you have plates of armor hang over top. study medieval armor.... itll teach ya some stuff.
  14. right now, someone has to remake the all your base song to match....... should be easy, just get a mac and use robot voice to redo voices...... get ashley witt and pronobozo on it! its a good idea right, make a great intro for season 3.......
  15. im only 17, and i started with an old 486 running DOS. (our school syucked ass) thenm we got a Pentium mmx 233 running 95 then a pIII 730mhz running 98 (which i rebuiolt and OC'ed and am now using as my main pc running XP) then a P4 1.7ghz running XP then a p4 3.09 ghz with HT and 1gb ram running XP then a series of comps running XP home, pro, MCE, and even an ibook at times. and now the pIII again. anyways, i started early (at the age of 8) playing computer games DOS gaming FTW
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