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  1. http://it.slashdot.org/story/09/07/11/1430...oups-Threatened So I haven't posted here in a while, but I saw this and thought this was crazy and maybe some of you would share my thoughts. The group is stating that security and white hat hackers, like many of the people here, are a bad thing and hurting the community. That by using full disclosure of exploits they are making everything less secure. Simply put I think this is absurd. Sure script kiddies can get a hold of exploits and take advantage of them, but the whole point of full disclosure is so that the vendor can patch the issue and prevent bad things from happening. Without full disclosure developers would not learn of vulnerabilities in their products and then security would be truly bad. I personally hope these people end up going to jail from the work of white hat hackers at the FBI tracking and arresting them. Thoughts?
  2. Has anyone ever taught you about the edit feature?
  3. If you couldn't pick it up from Vako's post, posting things like "I 0wn3d the sch00lz network" isn't exactly smiled upon. Instead start by posting they software/system architecture, how you discovered the vulnerability, and how you exploited it, in a way to educate not bloat about your 1337ness. Vako wasn't personally attacking you per say he was attacking your post. He is basically saying: try this post again. Edit: Oh and post a potential fix for the security weakness if at all possible.
  4. I haven't posted in a while, but the hilarity of this post forced me too. You actually pointed to your school's website! I find the best way to hak this type of system is by going up to your teachers, and telling them that you need their password so that you can "0wn their box".
  5. I think logmein.com is the easiest way, or you could leave your porn browsing for home.
  6. Here's what you do, modify the USB Missile Launcher so that instead of shooting a foam dart, it shoots your hose. Hopefully you live somewhere where it is cold outside, it will teach hooligans to not mess with you.
  7. I would think about security/motion activated lights. You would be surprised by how far they will go to scare off people. If you decide to go with cameras, remember that probably the largest point of failure for most cameras is lack of lighting. So either put lights out with the cameras, or go with more expensive cameras with night vision or cameras with IR lights.
  8. I agree with Vako, but if you are willing to throw down just a little extra, go with the nvidia GTX 200 series. Oh, and on a random note, what is with the start menu/taskbar on top?
  9. SmoothCriminal


    Whatever boats your float.
  10. If you just keep track of which usb goes to which user, you could have the payload just send out an email identifying itself with a number, which corresponds with your data on who got what usb drive. That way you are not technically getting user information (although you probably could get their IP address from this) from them. Though, I agree check with your instructor.
  11. I have heard of both of them. Both companies were at a recent Computer Round table Job fair that my University hosted. Funny story about Tata. I was browsing the career fair, looking for internships. I saw Tata and decided to check them out after all that I had heard about the company recently in the news and in one of my business-technology classes. So I went over there and the person gave me his spiel about the company, and basically said one of the unique internships they offered to me was to go to India and other countries and teach English. Since this did not relate to my field (the career fair was hosted by my major, Computer and Information Technology) I just smiled and nodded. I then asked about summer internships and he gave me his spiel again. I asked him where they were located in the U.S. and he promptly replied "all 55 states". Anyway just thought that was funny...
  12. I don't think we should come up with your thesis for you. Some of us have been nice enough to throw ideas at you, from there you should develop your ideas into your own research area. How much do you want us to spoon-feed you?
  13. You could research the insecurities that exist with today's wireless network technology (with things like the jasager), or even you could do a more broad subject of wireless technology in general and the security problems it presents.
  14. Step by step instructions to pwn this guys computer and get an A. >Start >Run >iexplore >ok >enter www.fbi.gov >Submit Crime Tip >Enter your information >Enter the person whose computer you wish to pwn as a suspected cyber-terrorist >FBI owns computer for you!
  15. Read this, understand this, learn this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_address http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subnetwork
  16. You really shouldn't just give it any IP address, but this is because you are probably typing in the wrong subnet mask. What IP address are you trying to use?
  17. Control Panel>Network Connections>Right Click Interface>Properties>Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)>Properties>Use the Following IP address>OK The End
  18. I don't quite understand what your question is, but if you are just trying to find out what subnet you are in, just open up your command prompt and type in ipconfig and that will tell you your subnet mask. Based on that you can find the network portion of your IP address, and the host portion. There are loads of tutorials on subnetting, just google it.
  19. Most likely then the router has a switch in it, and that is essentially what you are plugged into. As was said before, you can use software such as Cain to perform the MITM attack.
  20. I have the latest version of shockwave installed, as far as I can tell, that is not the issue.
  21. If it is truly a hub then yes you will see all the packets, but I am assuming that you are not using a hub, but rather a switch. If it is a hub, then yes technically you will only get broadcast packets since everything the hub sees it broadcasts, hence broadcast packets. Oh and let your brother watch porn in peace.
  22. If you used the search feature you would have realized that you aren't the first creeper to visit these forums.
  23. I usually sell am selling my blood, plasma, or my body as a sex tool. Last week I really needed meth money, so I sold my liver.
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