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  1. wow that is to amusing to me right now. i need sleep.
  2. almost the entire first page of kateweb is me just not #1 or another one in the middle my first(witch my parents misspelled) and last name together give me a particularly nasty cancer . my fist name alone is a law firm.
  3. I love those cables, they make my life a hell of a lot simpler when I am "fixing" oher peoples PC's ( ie; backup >format> reinstall) I just pop in the cable and copy the data to a disk . I also use them because the 3.5 HDD's are cheaper the the lappy drives , and I have a ton of crap to put on them.
  4. Kateweb

    cat cam?

    onee problem with that , the secound the pointer hits an object kirby or buffy would be in attack mode.
  5. I use a dlink usb adapter with kismac but I still can't reinject packets it yet.
  6. Kateweb


    I know that the crew are geniuses , but I don't think they could do a weekly with out killing themselves .
  7. if it's a newer mac it may not work unless you get yourself a usb adapter, but kismac still can not reinject with the raltik driver. check the kismac irc.
  8. I would agree, but the messeging service would have to be enabled as most installs have it disabled by default. but that can be don in a batch file.
  9. I remember that, I never remembered to set my laptop to single screen when I was lat for class, and got stuck trying to guss ware the settings window ended up.
  10. my mac is 1440x900 , and for the most part this is my main computer now but i have to huge ( not viewing size) CRT's on my desk at home and those are 1280x1024.
  11. I would hazzerd that if he did reedit it it would be ither ban worthy or some nasty resrtictions, I do know I would not want to be on the bad side of the mods or admins here, idareyou you don't want to be in that place.
  12. and now that I have seen what really happened..... well I'm not going to get myself a 2 week ban , all I can say is that you have to watch and see what happend.
  13. Kateweb


    we were all actualy watching this on youtube , I know that the IRC has taken to calling ustram crak5 at times.
  14. It's not reputation it's quality post count.
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