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  1. I have been searching for a while to get a up converter that was not extremely expensive. While there is a cheap mod to get HF on the device, it involves bypassing all of the protection circuits on the device, and the HF performance is very poor so I would like to avoid it. So has anyone found any proper up converters that are low cost, and not the oil company and nation state bankrupting priced?
  2. hard to recommend anything. The only yagi that i ever purchased was from ebay and turned out to be crap and I cant possibly recommend it causing someone else to go through the same trouble of wasting money. For the one I got, the driven element was not insulated. The housing of the driven element was conductive with the driven element it's self, it was also conductive with the boom and all other elements. In the tutorials that I have seen, they generally stressed the importance of exact measurements along with the proper shape of the driven element in order to maximize performance.
  3. Not sure which model he was using, so I was basing it purely off of looks The one I got from ebay looks very close The only issue is that it lacked the directionality that he seems to be getting. When i took mine apart, the connections looked fine in terms of there being no breaks in the wire, but I also noticed that all of the elements including the reflector and mounting bracket were all electrically conductive with each other (which from what I have seen with many tutorials and insanely overpriced ones is that they all followed a model where everything was not electrically conductive with each other) The end result was an antenna that did better than a 2dbi but worst than a 5dbi.
  4. On a recent episode of hak5 (10x11), Darren was using a yagi antenna but I noticed one issue. it looked very close to those found on ebay, and I have actually purchased one a long time ago which looks the same. But there was an issue, It performed significantly worst than the coat hanger + cardboard yagi that I made Then I also noticed why, the driven element, as well as the boom and reflector and parasitic elements were all more or less linked and conductive with each other, essentially turning the entire frame into a large antenna. Which poses another issue of the irregular shape no longer being tuned to 2.4 GHz This caused a very low gain and the antenna performed better pointed straight up functioning as a omnidirectional antenna rather than a yagi (directional) It also, regardless of how well I aimed it and regardless of direction, not get anything better than -90 -85 signal for the open access point for the near by coffee shop, but with a 5dbi omnidirectional antenna , I can connect with a signal in the -70 range. PS, I was able to get a refund on the antenna. Has Darren done any testing with his antenna to see what kind of gain it actually gives? I am interested in seeing what kind of gains he is actually getting in order to see if I should probably try getting another
  5. No one likes to take part in a ddos. One of my friends got his road runner account suspended for taking part in a DDOS attack a long time ago (used a utility created by some people on 4chan, it turns out that not only did it flood it's target, it also did a number of other things to other random ip's on the internet and additional weird stuff to his PC) Not sure if it applies to many other ISP's but road runner is a real life reenactment of the book 1984 but instead of following it exactly, they instead make it their goal to monitor everything everyone does.
  6. From my experience, a server CPU is generally not faster than a consumer level CPU, you can generally get more performance for your money by going with a consumer CPU, as you will be able to get a much faster CPU for about the same price, unless you want to do more than 1 CPU then a server setup will be good (just keep in mind that many game server apps will not make use of setups like this so you will need to host more than 1 game at the same time to benefit from the extra cores. but even then there is a risk with a shared server. A common trick that i noticed on both battlefield 2 and starwars jedi academy is if a game is hosted on a shared server and one of the virtual servers gets hit with a DOS attack then generally all of the other servers being hosted will lag. Eg with jedi academy, the company stopped updating it, leaving one major vector for DOS Other groups stepped in and created a mod which patched the DOS problem but not all of the servers had this patch, and since many servers were shared, a angry gamer could just do a port scan and find the other servers hosted, then a using the server browser in game, look up the info on the games, then after that, they can find a unpatched server then using a query with a parameter of excessive length. it would cause the server to go crazy and everyone it will get disconnected, then server will then sit there, eating up a lot of memory and CPU cycles, then every other server hosted on the same machine would lag to a point where the games were unplayable. The same tricks were done with battlefield 2 So all in all, getting a fast machine to host many servers can be good just keep in mind that the server will be less reliable because of it.
  7. They are generally good but you get a shorter warranty on them. if you get a good board then you saved money, but if you get a board that breaks after 90 days then you are screwed. PS also these items are just generally tested to see if they have a bios post, they are not tested for stability, so you may end up with a system that will randomly reboot every few minutes for no reason. (generally you will see this the first day of use though, it is just a expensive hassle as the money you save with open box may be spent on shipping for a RMA and also you being with out a computer longer). So it is a risk in which if you can save money but if you are unlucky enough, you may end up spending more on the open box unit then the new unit. I have worked on systems in which a user bought a openbox motherboard and had a problem in which every few minutes to a few hours, the system will suddenly reboot as if the reset button was pushed, it turned out to be the motherboard and the user has to RMA it (paying for shipping)
  8. My setup at home uses 2 WRT54GL's one uses my internet connection and the other is setup as a client (both are running tomato firmware) While wireless may not be as fast or reliable, I get my full internet speed since the wireless can easily handle it. I have not changed any settings for over a year and I never had a connection problem. I use the wireless router in order to provide internet to1 computer and a xbox 360 (don't have any games for the console but I have orb 2.0 which makes the xbox 360 great for streaming content from my PC), the computer in the basement is mainly used as a server) Compared to dd-wrt, I find tomato to be much easier to use. It is also more stable than dd-wrt. The last time I restarted my router was when I updated to tomato 1.27, other than that, I never restarted and my connection uptime is about the same as my system uptime. If you have a compatible router, I recommend you try dd-wrt and tomato to see which is best for you. For additional info, here are simulations of both the dd-wrt UI and the tomato UI dd-wrt http://www.informatione.gmxhome.de/DDWRT/S...aVPN/index.html tomato http://lampiweb.com/virtual/Tomato_RAF/status-index.html
  9. if a moderator sees this, will it be possible to add this onto the end of the thread title "(Outdated)" that way users will know that this version is not the latest before clicking on it to find out
  10. tomato FTW when it comes to QOS and network performance, tomato does a much better job, it uses less memory so theres more available for handling tons of connections it also has a much better QOS
  11. is he trying to make a banner ad or just a banner for his site to go on top of the page?
  12. do you know which image size in pixels you need, eg 768x90 or 300x90 with the last part being something simple and can be repeated for the width of the page using some css remember when you make a banner, you don't want to make the common mistake of having a banner that takes a ton of vertical screen space and if possible, you can use slices and make some parts of the banner jpg and other parts gif to get a good look while using the least amount of server space and bandwidth the banner also needs to express what your design style is, unless you want to go with a abstract design (works for a basic banner buy it wont have the same meaning as a banner that expresses your visual style ) :) :) example of a banner
  13. I see this happen a couple times a year while on the bus, someone is busy on their iphone, or sidekick or ipod and they are holding it out in the open and when the bus stops, someone runs past and grabs their overpriced device then runs away, it is funny to see but if it happens to you, you will really hate it.
  14. for the price of a kindle, buy a netbook for a little less money then download audio books and listen to them while browsing 4chan while sitting next to the person with a kindle with a black and while e ink screen. or get a $20 2-4GB mp3 player and load it with audio books and listen to them a kindle is good but the only place you can use one is at home or in a airport or a police station or other similar higher security areas because if you take a kindle out in public, it wont be your kindle for long. someone will steal it from you while you are using it, then the person who stole it from you will also get ribbed for it and this will go on until the device breaks, especially if you are in any city like new york. you want something that can be turned on and function with out you having to take it out in a way in which people can see the device
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