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  1. Just wanting to know where everyone else shops for their electronic compents. I somtimes go to Radioshack and just recently I been going to Parallax.com
  2. My whole point is to connect the two routers via wireless network. I do not want to run cable to each of them. I am sure I am set on a way to do this and still working on it. The point is to have Router A with the modem in one room and have Router B that will connect wirelessly to Router A in another room.
  3. I have unwilling have to make this setup work. I think my drawing is self explaining on what I want to do. I want to link together two routers to be one network. I have a upstairs office with no internet and I have another setup down stairs in my kitchen setup on the internet. I am not 100% on how to do it but have a theory or two.
  4. I go back to my high school days when I would get ready for finals. Plenty of rest and eat good breakfest.
  5. thedude


    Has anyone heard of and/or took part in Netwars? I am looking to get into it and would like to talk to somone who has experiance even its very little.
  6. Record your tech supports! That could be a new segment...funny stuff
  7. There are these silver strips on my rc circuit board (cheap rc) that uses a toggle to move the car. I did a continuity check and not sure if i am reading it correctly. Hope the little diagram goes well with what I say. There is no battery in the controller. Aa + Ab = Open Ba + Bb = Shrt Ca + Cb = Open This goes same for the other half of the control. Edit: Forgot to put the question in. Do I need to have Aa + Ab = shrt to make the car move?
  8. Didnt they put up a Google Map of where the Hak5 House was? Common sense says find that and search nearest hospital. Pose as a relative when calling the hospital and ask for the room and bing bang boom we got him =)
  9. @bingowings85 I duno what the video or last four links you posted was suppose to help me with...but interesting.
  10. Yeah we gotta do somthing to cheer him up. I bet if he is runing that pinapple we hear some interesting things from what he found.
  11. Im not even going to respone to that, your just being stupid.
  12. thedude

    Hack Wars

    I played that HackWars game for a week now and it sucks! All I been doing was going after ScriptKiddies. There are so many flaws in the game. Uplink and SlaveHack are way better hacking sim games. Dont even waste you time with HackWars. Trust me, it sucks the big one!
  13. Well its been roughly 1 1/2 weeks since I applied for that job and I just got a email saying they found somone better. Back to square one again. How are you to get experiance in somthing if you cant get a job in that field (General question in all fields)? Somone could have the know how from College but a job area will turn you away because they want somone with experiance.
  14. I want in on this mailing list. whats up?
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