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  1. hacking wpa wifi through evil twin

    Deauths will kick them off the AP, and so long as you're impersonating the same AP name, some(not all) clients will try connecting to you. Trying to make their AP disappear means they don't see you either, but not sure what you mean by "disappear" in this context. You can deauth to disconnect clients and then get them to reconnect to you, but depends on the clients settings too and your proximity. You need to be relatively close in proximity to make decent use of the deauth attacks, which is why a Pineapple is ideal in close proximity use from say, a backpack at like an internet cafe with the attacks automated to deauth, accept probes and log everything while a few feet from the router while closer to the clients trying to connect. If you're 10 houses down the block, you would be more of an annoyance by keeping the neighbors wifi from working as expected, but don't expect a ton of clients without enough antenna power to wrangle them in/over power their AP signal, and some clients aren't going to just drop from WPA2 to open if it expects WPA2, but that depends on the OS. Many will just connect to anything. I know mobile devices seem to just connect to everything it thinks is the same named AP, WPA2 or not. Many will automatically connect and things like TV's and DVD players will probably connect without thinking twice about it, IoT devices like cameras, thermostats, cameras, etc. I don't think they have any protection mechanisms built in, but for many phones and PC's you can set it to not automatically reconnect, but that is generally not on by default for most things(that I know of). I know for my box, I change the settings to not automatically reconnect/connect, but there is no settings on my DVD player or TV to do this. I have to connect manually to all saved AP's on my computer and phone, but you generally have to set them up like this.
  2. What is hybrid cloud hosting?

    Do you host a lot of files, that cause issues with your network for customer downloads? If not, you probably don't need third party hosting for files, redundancy, or backups, but if your data is critical for customers and need co-location, high speed access, then try a cloud based solution like AWS or some cloud CDN type stuff, Akamai, etc. Most of them aren't very cheap if you don't have a lot of revenue coming in to offset(although Amazon can be a quick cheap storage solution in most cases), so if you're still getting started as a small design company, weigh your options to what is cost effective and relevant to your needs. If your hosting has limits on storage, then obviously it becomes an issue, but check with your host first before just going all CDN delivery on stuff, might be cheaper. Changing hosts might also be something to think about, but that is more about moving everything vs just expanding, which might be easier with your existing hosting company, depending on prices. I personally have multiple domains on DreamHost, which has unlimited(at least in theory/wording) space, depending on the plan you go with, but if you need dedicated, single IP, then it gets a bit more expensive, where I am on shared hosting which is way more affordable. I have multiple domains for one price per year, about $120/yr, and other than that, only other money I have to put out is the DNS renewals which are ~$12/yr, so it's affordable for me in that respect, but I don't have dedicated servers, which is at the mercy of network down time for updates and other issues that effect the shared servers. a CDN with redundancy, would be better, but is also more expensive, and not something I myself need, but that's more business model and budget stuff to work out where your needs are.
  3. Without knowing your setup, it's hard to say what is happening. For this to work, they need to be on the same subnet, so if the the VM is bridged to the physical network, then in theory should work. Note though, wireless to wireless, arp spoofing works great. In switched networks, it can hose things up, even cause systems to become unresponsive, but for most cases, should still work. If any adapters are setup with static settings, arp spoofing can fail fail though, depending on the implementation. Retrace your steps, try different arp poisoning tools, ettercap, bettercap, arpspoof, etc. make sure ip forwarding is enabled as well. Try Iron Geek's excellent notes, see if that helps. https://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=security/arpspoof
  4. Change out USB to USB-C for LAN Turtle

    Was just a joke, not pointing at anyone personally..lol
  5. That sounds like rubbish but ok. I was able to connect using netcat, but I don't have a registered nick on the server. Not sure it requires a "password" in a sense, just a properly registered user from what I can see, which looks like is done from the main website and not the normal msg nickserv.
  6. They could simply password protect a channel to block you or kick anyone who's not registered as well, so if they really want you gone, they can block you for the most part, no matter what you do. Try using a real IRC client and registering a new NICK with the server, then try again.
  7. How to redirect Facebook secure page by Kali

    You can try full SSLstrip V2 with DNS poisoning, and even then HSTS in browsers, may not load the site at all. Certain TLD's have hard coded HSTS in the browsers now and very difficult to bypass, even if supplying your own fake certificate, which will still prompt then end user. These sites will not load as HTTP any longer for a lot of them due to restrictions placed in the browser itself. Something like IE6 would work though..lol
  8. Change out USB to USB-C for LAN Turtle

    Damn Apple hipsters always ruining things with their avocado toast...
  9. Found Exploit What To Do Now?

    inxi is used to gather info on a linux OS. I gather there is an issue when used on a phone, which I assume is running some manner of NetHunter? One post you said you tried "start x" on the phone(which not sure how/why you'd do that over SSH) and now inxi, which sounds like it's crashing somewhere. I'd say more bug than exploit. If you somehow took control of the crash, to stop the crash but insert code to get root or such, then I'd say is more or less an exploit, but right now, just sounds like a crappy, crashing phone..lol Don't sneeze too hard on that LG. it might reboot.
  10. How to proceed a nmap from a router

    Thoughts on work around for this, if you have a machine you have control of on both the inside and outside the network, and you had a reverse shell to the inner machine, you could potentially use proxychains and a tunnel over the reverse shell to scan the inside of the network, from outside the network, which could let you use nmap or any other tools on your outside machine, to scan the inner network. However that is a bit of a different scenario than using the router itself, other than what is built into the router itself. Essentially, if you bridged yourself to the inner network from outside you could use pretty much any discovery, scanning and attack tools.
  11. Found Exploit What To Do Now?

    I wouldn't call SSH being an exploit. If you're SSH'ed in, and as root, you can do whatever is available for the phone. Not all commands will run if not as root, such as shutdown commands like "poweroff" but depends on the phone and security of the user context you have control of.
  12. wifiphisher in kali linux

    Have a look at FruityWifi if you can't get wifiphisher or whatever working. It's in the kali repo from what I remember but worked for me. I had to use aircrack suite to get the fake AP working on my end, but Fruity gives you the option to pick which for the fake AP with hostapd not working for me with my card. It will do nearly everything for you. It takes care of the DNS side too. All I did was start apache and use my own custom web page and PHP for the fake portal page vs the default one, which you can configure to redirect to any page or site, including one on the web if you really wanted to.
  13. wifiphisher in kali linux

    You need to spoof the DNS to redirect them to the local portal, and don't point it to, point to the local machine running the web server's IP address. Helps to have a DHCP server respond to all queries when they connect to the network and you can set yourself as the DNS server. When I've used Fruity Wifi, it handles all the scripting of the other tools like dns poisoning and redirects, but if you want to try doing it yourself you need to setup dnsmasq or some other DNS setup along with answering the DHCP call and then providing the clients with the intended info. When they make the request, they get the info directly from the attacker machine and they would then connect to the captive portal. Trying to remember if I've tried wifiphisher directly, but I think it's also used in FruityWifi which automates a lot of it, such as the IP forwarding, fake AP, etc.
  14. Windows 10 password crack

    With Windows 8 & 10, are the login resets tied in with windows live now? I don't recall setting up a windows live account with my Windows 8 laptop(in fact I know I didn't), but reading up people saying if you signed up and registered the PC with a Live account, you can reset the PC password from Microsoft directly at https://account.live.com/password/reset which to me, sounds like the owner would have had to setup a live account prior to this to make it work. If that is the case, that is one of the smartest and dumbest things ever, because if anyone managed to dump an MS database that is tied to all windows 8 and later computer logins, that is some stupid shit right there. Who the hell wants their local PC login, tied to an internet account, anywhere?? Really? Anyone ever done this, setup Win 8 or 10 for this?