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  1. Everyone loves a mentor, but 99% of hacking, is trying something, failing, and then trying again. Best hands-on is by doing. Watching someone do it, still requires the muscle memory, and that only comes from repeatedly doing it over and over. Head over to Vulnhub, download a free VM and then follow the guides that come with them, even if they don't make sense at first. Once you have done a few of them, try one without using a guide and only go on your instinct and ability to recon and assess the objective. The link above that Rkiver gave will also help get you pointed to some fundamentals more specific to a category you may have interest in, such as programming in C, other languages, or various other topics related to the field. Can't run before you walk. Having an understanding of networking alone will be a huge help, so basics like Network+, can help understand the "why" behind how something works, not just the "what did he type next when I get here?"
  2. Personally I use Opera, which has the benefits of the same base engine chrome uses, but without the chrome issues above. Also has built in ad-blocker, if you so choose, but I use Ad Block and Script blockers along with some other extensions. I can't see Opera limiting the same as Google is doing, considering their ad-blocker is built into Opera, it's an advantage built in at this point. I did use Brave for a while but somewhere I read that in doing so, you authorize them to use your data for other things, ie: they are the tracker you would otherwise be blocking with all the add ons like ad block and script block extensions, but does nothing to block them from seeing and tracking and sharing your info. edit: see https://www.theblockcrypto.com/2018/12/24/brave-browser-is-collecting-donations-on-your-behalf-did-you-know/
  3. What you would be doing, is renaming utilman.exe, to something like utilman.old.exe, and copy cmd.exe, to utilman.exe, after booting off a live boot disc. Then on reboot, do the shift key to launch utilman, only instead,it will launch the copied cmd.exe in its place, as a system process, and allow you to add users from the command line, etc. For me, if I am going to be in on a live boot, I'd just change the password, or get konboot, to login without a password and then reset while in.
  4. Except when your PC didn't ship with install media(which most don't these days) and you have to reinstall from the rescue partition, which, puts all the crapware back, to full install.
  5. Why wipe the machine? If you created a new user, take ownership of the old account/files, and move their files over to the new profile, then nuke the old user profile. I actually do this for people when I fix their machines and they've broken their profile somehow. No need to reinstall everything unless you believe there is malware on it.
  6. With Windows 8 & 10, are the login resets tied in with windows live now? I don't recall setting up a windows live account with my Windows 8 laptop(in fact I know I didn't), but reading up people saying if you signed up and registered the PC with a Live account, you can reset the PC password from Microsoft directly at https://account.live.com/password/reset which to me, sounds like the owner would have had to setup a live account prior to this to make it work. If that is the case, that is one of the smartest and dumbest things ever, because if anyone managed to dump an MS database that is tied to all windows 8 and later computer logins, that is some stupid shit right there. Who the hell wants their local PC login, tied to an internet account, anywhere?? Really? Anyone ever done this, setup Win 8 or 10 for this?
  7. Windows 10, still uses a SAM file. It also uses a new cached password feature since windows 8 but can't remember how it works, and is more secure(supposedly) on storing of passwords. if you can live boot, you can either dump the hashes from the SAM file and crack offline, or, use tools like chntpw (although haven't tried it on windows 8 and 10, it probably still works). You might need to use a live disc that has UEFI/EFI booting to access the drive properly, but you can always disable in bios to boot legacy thumb drives. Cracking being the long route, changing or blanking it out is probably quicker. Another thing to try, is boot into safe mode as administrator(if no password was set for the admin account) and change the password from there. edit: i see you posted this twice now > You only need post it once, and wait for replies.
  8. Does "alt+f2" bring up a prompt to run/search? If so, type term, terminal or xterm, or whatever the default OS terminal is.
  9. Nothing officially talked about(that I have seen) but check the hak5 YouTube channel, can get a glimpse of the logo in last 2 episodes. https://www.youtube.com/user/Hak5Darren/videos
  10. What is a packet squirrel? It's a device from Hak5. And why dont a own one Cause you no can haz packets! Only for squirrels!
  11. Venting is understandable (to an extent), but without all the info and context(which should be directed to the shop, not the community forums), no one can help you(nor will we take sides here). Forums are not exactly here for shop support, and other than Seb once in a while fielding some to try and help(He's in Australia too, and not support for the shop) there isn't much we can do other than recommend you take a breather and wait for their response. Best we can tell you is send "one" email, wait, respond, and deal with it rationally. More emails you send, longer your wait in the queue. There are like 2 people that handle all the shop stuff. If you need to return it, then do so, they are generally good with returns, but we don't know what your problem is, and I gather neither does the shop at this point or things would be worked out. If it's help you need in getting the pineapple to work, or re-flashing, fixing something that is not working, etc, try the Pineapple section for help, but understand, the forums are NOT customer service.
  12. Battlefield Bad Company 2, BF4, BF3, BF1, in that order.
  13. You can turn off everything, and still reach he router on port 80 from INSIDE the lan. You need to disable remote administration, so port 80 will be closed to people on the internet and outside your lan. Also, if the device has the options, disable admin interface over wireless, and also make it use https only, and not http for the admin panel login. This way, if someone is on your local lan, they can't intercept your login credentials sent in the clear over port 80, and will force it to only allow HTTPS for encrypting all logins to the router. Not 100% guaranteed, but way better than using default port 80, since that sends everything in plain text and can be sidejacked or MITM'd.
  14. Redriect all your traffic to flow through them and run off their DNS, and MITM proxy all your traffic, including SSl traffic and you'd be none the wiser. Not to mention, possible to port forward to known hosts on the network, attack individual machines on the LAN if they are vulnerable, if he/she can see traffic, they can see your OS, Browser user agent, software in use, such as flash, adobe reader, java, etc, then serve or inject payloads into pages and compromise your hosts, then log directly onto your workstations, pivot off one vulnerable machine to the rest of your network and scan your inside lan, etc, etc, etc....
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