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  1. 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the server, The newbies were being owned with great fervor; The intelligence was hung by the portal with great care, In hopes that St. Wess would soon be there; The TKAF were nestled all snug in their base, While visions of 2Fort danced in their heads; When Darren in the damp had just settled down for a camp, When out on the bridge there arose such a clatter, He focused his scope to see what was the matter; Away to the battlement he flew in a dash, He kept his focus and watched for a flash; When what to his wondering eyes should appear, But a red engineer and 8 speedy scouts; With a shiny wrench, so lively and such a mess, He knew in a moment that it was St. Wess! And he typed and he skyped and called them by name: "Now Vako! Now Cooper! Now moonlit and metatron! On Mubix! On Sparda! On Alli and Paul!" So so far they flew, And slew hordes of blue; As Darren drew his machete and turned around, Down the way came St. Wess with a bound; He was covered in grease, from his boot to his helmet, And his face carried a look that simply said move it; He was deathless and drunk, a hearty young man, And Darren laughed when he saw him, in spite of himself; A flash of the intelligence and a twist of his head, Soon gave Darren to know he had everything to dread; He spoke not a word and went right to his work, And swiped the intel and turned with a jerk; And upon laying his fingers on a keypad, Darren's base now held an enemy turret; St. Darren sprang through his portal, having given his team a shout, And in no time at all they simply were out; But then Darren's phone vibrated with a message from St. Wess out of sight: "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"
  2. Hello everyone. Starting on August 26th I plan to resume the validation of the NTLM hashes and the free (sans-shipping) mail-in service for hard drives with the 120GB rainbow table of LM hashes. I will be in #rainbowtables as often as I can and my email address is mikedpink@gmail.com I want this transfer to go as smoothly as possible so that this program can recover. At this time, I am considering tacking on a small service fee along with the shipping fee for the mail-in program for the 300GB NTLM rainbow tables. Any opinions on this proposition would be appreciated. I just want to thank Steve for everything he's done for the project. I know what it's like when you have to leave a project you started.
  3. Very cool. I listened to Hak.5 Radio a lot last summer, but lost it during the winter, its good to have it back. May even give my try at DJing, ha.
  4. Double Post... Universal HD just made a new trailer for Firefly which I think is really awesome, check it out: http://www.universalhd.com/Firefly/Firefly_sm.mov I know I'm being a UniversalHD whore, but they really being very cool by doing this. If you can't watch the .mov, you can see the Flash version of the movie here: http://www.universalhd.com/Firefly/
  5. It not on Youtube anymore, but you search for 'mad tv irack sketch' and click on the little plus sign, a cached (?) version of the youtube video will play on the page, its very funny.
  6. I started donating CPU cycles a while back. My contributions just look so bleak compared to the elite task force of PS3s dominating the field.
  7. I have one of those solar powered lamps, they're sort of weak on power. As for the LEDs, you'll need 5 LEDs a battery, and a photosensitive resistor. The resistance of the resistor depends on the voltage of the battery.
  8. It isn't Facebook's responsibility to make sure we're keeping our data private enough, they're not our nanny. Still, it should be made crystal clear how to keep yourself private.
  9. I'm indifferent towards this legislation. While it would make doing something that's somewhat illegal, it does help to know that you are actually talking to the person that your caller id says it is. I can't see how this would infringe on any freedoms. I'm interested to see how this'll be enforced though.
  10. Well that was Fox that axed the show half-way through. It's Universal that's keeping it going. :-)
  11. For those of you who don't know what Firefly is, you are missing out on the greatest sci-fi/space/western show ever. Please take this time to familiarize yourself with the show. Starting July 28th, UniversalHD is going to rebroadcast the entire series in High Definition. The channel should be standard in any US HDTV package (not sure about foreign service too much). Anyway, if you can, please try to watch it and show support for Firefly. Universal has always been so generous to we Browncoats so let them know we appreciate what they are doing. (Link should open in a new tab/window)
  12. I made a rail gun that was described in Make's first issue. I haven't picked up too many since then though.
  13. I'm sticking with Apache just because if bugs are found, I know they will get patched much faster.
  14. A friend of mine recently posted an article on his blog to influence politicians to halt there path towards making selling video games to citizens who are not in their ESRB rating age-group a felony. He makes a very convincing argument I think. Here's a link to the post: http://www.younewb.com/2007/06/10/open-let...ll-politicians/ Here's a link to the article on Digg; digg it if you agree his message should be spread: http://digg.com/gaming_news/Open_Letter_To...zing_Game_Sales
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