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  1. Someone on twitter referenced this very nice beginners' guide to creating shellcode: http://paraschetal.in/writing-your-own-shellcode/
  2. There's a metric shit-ton worth of videos out there. Made at cons, made by people at home... It's too much to list. Maybe you should rephrase your question to be slightly more specific?
  3. Today someone mentioned to me this free malware analysis course up on github. You'll likely need to get a book to really come to grips with it all, but on the whole this looks pretty awesome.
  4. Once you go pterodactyl pron, you never look back.
  5. Cute... But nah, not gonna happen.
  6. Point both antennas up and hide them under your shirt. Might not be too comfy, but it's possible. Next problem is the yagi, but you know what they say everything can be when you're brave enough.
  7. Damn it, I can do this... \V/ /XXX\ \XXX/
  8. I'm thinking if it's anything like my phone it will strain to pick up a network and thus really heat up the radio. Like I said before yhe thing stayed mostly cool when I booted it and just left it there. Guess I should've made it actually do some stuff.
  9. If you wrap python, an interpreted language, into php, also an interpreted language, the processor will likely spend more time interpreting than actually doing something useful.
  10. OAuth uses a bearer token. If you have the token you can do the thing until it gets revoked. I recorded a talk by Jim Manico on the subject of OAuth. It's a cool concept.
  11. The new one is equally capable but optimized to be a tad more efficient. It doesn't run as hot, isn't as bulky, can connect to your controlling system over USB rather than ethernet (so less cable clutter, and it can power itself over USB when you use it like that so another cable gone). They've been putting work into the UI which I didn't get into yet so donno. From a technical capability standpoint they're interchangeable. Sure, the nano uses different parts, but those parts do exactly what the original parts were meant to do. If you have the one I'd say you have little incentive to get the new one. If you don't you can't get the old one new and unless you get an exceptional deal you really should go for the new one because of the support - the nano will be where the bulk of the dev time will be poured into.
  12. What I can say about my thus far brief encounters with the Nano (it's christmas and I'm going mental trying to get everything ready so I can go and record BSidesHH) is that, relative to the Mark V, it runs considerably less hot. Whatever they did to achieve this, it's very much paying off. Didn't find an easy way to open up the device, though...
  13. It's worth pointing out that those ASIX chips really deliver. If you want usb ethernet that Just Works , get an adapter with one of those in it.
  14. The thing to remain aware of is that the Nano is in essence the exact same device - same hardware, same software - as the Mark V and as such they would have to deliberately alter the software to make it NOT run on the Mark V. That might boost sales a puny bit, but the backlash from the current installed base, which is quite sizable, is likely to be severe plus the people currently using the Mark V will likely see the benefit of owning a Nano and possibly get one of those as well. What's cool about the Nano for Hak5 is that it, being smaller, is probably a bit cheaper to produce, meaning they might be able to offer it for a lower price than the existing Pineapple. Maybe not at first... new device, higher demand and a slew of development costs to recover, but eventually... Bottom line I'm hoping to get one. It would really nice under the christmas tree.
  15. Welcome! What's the deal with that 'Like This' link though? The thing you end up liking is this post which is probably not obvious to anybody who might decide to click it, and I'm wondering how worried you should be about disclosing that 'secure_key' parameter in your link since it's unique to you though seemingly unrelated to your forum session. I'll ask a moderator to scrub that bit from your post just in case.
  16. Impressive. Had to look up Nematology. Welcome!
  17. Antigua no less. Didn't expect much in the way of internet all the way out there, but I read up on it and stand corrected. Looks mighty pricy though. Totally LOVE this section on your country's wikipedia page that basically says US corporate interests tried to shaft you, got 'sued', lost, and you're now shafting them. Welcome!
  18. Hehehe. And the prize for most clever definition of occupation goes to...
  19. http://edutech-hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/lan-turtle?variant=3957238661 Stocks expected sometime this month. Hit up user RKiver on this forum for more precise info since he's the one running the shop.
  20. What do you do with them as a hobby?
  21. See the bottom of the main Wiki page. It's 10/100 Ethernet which is good because it's a USB2.0 device meaning 480MB/s throughput on that end so if it was gigabit ethernet you'd be bottlenecked there.
  22. Your PC asks for an IP from the Turtle, your Turtle asks for an IP from the network. You can keep your machine on the network and insert the Turtle to play with it, but then you end up with effectively 2 network adapters in your PC that are both connected and with an IP. Only one can be the default route for outgoing traffic which is something you'll have to keep an eye on and adjust if needed, and there's the small chance of your network assigning IPs via DHCP that are within the same block as the Turtle which would further complicate the routing on your machine. Basically, it can be done it it's just a heck of a lot easier to pull the cable from your network adapter, plug it into the Turtle and then plug your Turtle into your machine.
  23. Come on, you can do better than that...
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