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  1. You could easily make it look like a .jpg on your computer, but it won't actually be one. Name the file "whatever.jpg.exe" then just enable hide known file extentions.
  2. Why do you need to get into a word document that is clearly not yours?
  3. I've run two 360s through the same router before.
  4. Freakish

    cisco test

    They randomize the questions and answers.
  5. Well... I found nothing using my handle, my first name, my last name, my first and last name, and my first, middle and last name. However, I found something on my father when I typed in my full name plus my city.
  6. If they don't return them I would imagine that it counts as purchasing your material. In Canada you don't need a lawyer unless you sue for over $10 000, anything under $10 000 I would just recommend legal advice.
  7. Thanks a lot... I had forgoten how G4 slaughtered Tech TV.
  8. You could just put a password on your lan, then when they log in they're given the password.
  9. You could always just not download things illegally.
  10. You could just strip what ever OS you have to bare bones and install a parental control program.
  11. The only thing that I can think of is to pause your download, switch connections and resume your download. I'm sure that there are static connection programs out there.
  12. Freakish

    Go Vista?

    Install it. Everyone bitches about Windows but after a week Vista feels great. The only programs that I haven't been able to run are not compatible with 64x.
  13. Depending on the quality, your bandwidth is going to take a hit.
  14. ummm... No. !vote lock
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