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  1. Since you're currently completely in the dark either find *any* SBC to see how close you get to where you want. Once you know the performance you need you can assess which board would be (more) sufficient for this task. For ease of development I would start with a Pi. (Arduino would be better-suited for ease of low-level development, but if you're worried about performance the Pi is a more potent device).
  2. Im new so hi

    Sorry about skylu being a bit of a dick. Most people here tend to be a bit more willing to help. The problem with your question is that "getting into hacking" is a very broad thing. It's like saying "I want to become a surgeon", but that can be anything from a vet to a brain surgeon. So maybe you could elaborate a bit on what, specifically you want to do? Something that might be able to get you started is this very lengthy thread in our security section. It's mostly about how hacking programs, coming to grips with the underlying technology and working out why things act the way they do, but there's a couple of outliers there. Just browse through that, see if there's anything that tickles your fancy and go from there. One thing I will say is that questions, while very welcome, tend to get a better response when you show that you've already done some of the basic work in researching the subject (google, wikipedia...) yourself and your questions is about something somewhat specific.
  3. Hacker EDC? defcon EDC? every day carry?

    I'm going to slightly hijack this thread, sorry. What's the maximum acceptable weight (by which I mean the bag and its contents combined) for an EDC? As you see here, people generally say bag X can carry everything I put in, but once you cross, say, 10 pounds your EDC becomes a millstone to drag around as opposed to the nimble toolbox people often claim it to be. Also, with a given weight you need a certain quality bag for it to last a while. This is why any good quality bag tends to have a significant price tag. My regular laptop is too huge (and, at 6 pounds, *WAY* too heavy) to get involved in any EDC discussion. My Chromebook interestingly enough tends to be too small for most bags. These days I rely on a mostly cheap shoulder bag I got for being a HitB crew member. It's great because by the time the thing would become too heavy to hang over your shoulder, it's just full. I can fit my Chromebook, an A4-sized writing pad, some pens, MP3 player and 2 books. The things I do are such that all my kit goes into a trolley case (Pelican 1510 - it's *great*!). If my Chromebook won't cut it, I'll bring my beast of a laptop in its backpack which means I try as much as I can to limit everything else since it weighs me down so much.
  4. Best Password Manager?

    Unless your 'devices' include a phone, I'd say have a look at qtpass. It's a Qt front-end over the 'pass' program, which uses gpg for encryption and git for syncing (optional - you can just put the files on a usb stick or whatever). It uses the pinentry command for receiving your passphrase, which can be made to (also) do 2FA with, say, a YubiKey. All open source, all free.
  5. Security Awareness Talk For Staff

    Someone mentioned this to me today, which rather drives home the message. Although it is, to some extent, still fear mongering...
  6. What are your thoughts about windows 10.

    At my parents' their laptop had *MASSIVE* issues to get the bastard to install at all. Once it finally did get on there things were okay. Their desktop was a different story. The install of Win10 went fine, then the thing went ape-shit. My guess is that a Java update was happening simultaneously and resulted in a reboot at the wrong time or something. End result was that their main harddisk wasn't bootable. All data was still there though. I was planning on doing just a full reinstall next time I was over, but someone in the neighbourhood offered to fix things and succeeded after 2 days of beating the box into submission (and afterwards I fixed his shit). This fucktart managed to convince my parents they had massive virus infections - turned out to be the Trash folder for their email program. They receive phishing mails, see right through the ruse and instantly delete it, but sure enough mr Fucktart's anti virus thingy found the folder and convinced him this box was a virus-infested shitpile which he, using all his skill and wisdom (WHAHAHAHA) managed to clean up and, worse, convince my parents was a problem they were woefully unaware of. So in spite of me telling them that no, everything was fine, no virus at play, you're doing the right thing when you're using your PC, now each time something is amiss I get the "maybe it's a virus? Fucktart said we had a virus. Perhaps he was right?" My mom's really big on video and spends a LOT of time editing holiday vids and tourist-y daytrips. Her video editing program of choice released a new version which was supposed to target Win10 but thus far has been rather unwilling to install and in fact locks up the box. I'm not going to count that as a nod against Win10 completely, but it kinda makes me wonder... Some people at work here are using Win10 on their laptops and seem happy with it. I personally loathe every bit of it and I'm supremely thankful I don't have to bother with using it.
  7. Hacking: Where to begin

    Someone on twitter referenced this very nice beginners' guide to creating shellcode: http://paraschetal.in/writing-your-own-shellcode/
  8. Need Help!!

    The thing is that I could suggest something, but if it's not something you're keen on doing you'll just grow bored and will likely never see your thing reach its full potential. So find something that captures your imagination. I started coding by making a program to keep track of my beer label collection (parents wanted me to get a hobby. It... didn't work out as they planned). Flat file, search, entry and update, that's it. I wrote it in MS Basic. FUCKING BASIC! I then built upon that as I decided upon features that would make it easier for me to do what I wanted to do or learned about ways to make the thing perform better. Eventually I rewrote the sucker in Turbo Pascal and straight C later still. Sure, all of it was rubbish by my current standards. DOESN'T MATTER! It's your own program. It doesn't have to be perfect to the eyes of the world. And humans learn from doing shit wrong and either realizing or being told it's wrong. Some sad humans get really upset because they don't like the way they're being told what they did is wrong, but as long as the comment you receive contains something that is indeed wrong or something to improve upon (from the commenter's viewpoint at least) you'll gain an insight in how others are using your program, at which point you can either say "good call, let me add that" or "if you give me a patch that enables this I'll apply it" or "that's not how I envision my program, make your own if you feel you really need this". One of the biggest lessons I learned was when I wrote a networking server program in C and got put in charge of keeping the sucker running 24/7. You learn the value of proper logging, inspectability and the pitfalls of memory leaks REAL fast. After you make a little proggy to scratch your own itch, learned a bit and grow tired of improving it, look for programs you use on a regular basis and see if they could use some feature that currently isn't in there. Ask how the people currently involved in the development of that program feel about the feature. Be clear that if they feel it's a worthwhile addition, you'll try to build it. Most sensible developers will give you a global overview of where they expect you need to be in the code tree to make your feature. You don't have to do it like that, but it helps if you want them to accept your patch once you've made it and with a bit of luck they'll have pointed you to the way in which you achieve success with the least amount of effort while still creating something proper. Don't go jumping into huge, complex programs like OpenSSH or Firefox or Wine because you'll need a while to come to grips with that codebase and their potentially unique coding style and techniques - leave that for later, when you feel more confident in your own abilities.
  9. Need Help!!

    What language would that need to be in? Also, what programming topics are you working on or maybe already somewhat familiar with? Think stuff like databases, database interaction, webservice, web communications client, website, fat client application, telephone app... The world is your oyster.
  10. You are the guy with all the answers.  This is weird or sad I know.  I helped with a pc move project and day one support.  What we were doing is moving pc's for users moving to a new area in the building.  This is the issue we had some tech's that I don't know how they got on this project.  How do you talk to them.  I say this is where techs have trouble try to do this or why dont you do this.  Rather than do it this way or don't do this.  We have forms we have to fill out when we do the moves so the user does not come back after us for missing items.  None of my help filled them out plus they would do things like plug the vga cable from one monitor to another. I wish I knew which tech this was so I could toss him out.  I had already worked 7 days in a row on various projects this is my eighth day working.  People wonder why I am insane.  How do people deal with this we had 20 people to move 300 users put pc's in a bracket under the desk.  The monitors were put on adjustable built in stands.  There phones and some people had printers.  It took three days We got the job done. 

  11. Hacking: Where to begin

    There's a metric shit-ton worth of videos out there. Made at cons, made by people at home... It's too much to list. Maybe you should rephrase your question to be slightly more specific?
  12. You should be using the version referenced here.
  13. This is from memory, but I believe the -i parameter to reaver should've been followed by the interface name to use, which should be something like mon0
  14. About 60% down the script (well, the old one at least. Just search for it) there's a chunk responsible for invoking wash with the appropriate parameters. Just search for "wash" and I'm sure it'll pop up.
  15. Introduce yourself

    What's 'domaining'?