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  1. Data center pen testing?

    So my original question was similar to what IDNeon said. But also I was wondering if I went to a company and they said something like "All of our servers are in AWS and every employee here basically has laptops that they just use to get to the servers on AWS." Would I even need to sneak into the company to plant wifi pineapples and such or could I just stay in my lab and attack amazon over the internet? https://aws.amazon.com/security/penetration-testing/ I believe that is what you would fill out.
  2. So I am curious how this works lets say I am a company that has all their servers in AWS or such. How would one go about pen testing that? Would one try and get access in the company or directly attack amazon?
  3. Hacker EDC? defcon EDC? every day carry?

    So how often do you use like the firewire and vga etc cables? is this a better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it situation? And yes he might not be able to use it unless he is in a stationary setting but since he uses a chromebook I thought I might ask.
  4. Lan turtle makes lan tap obsolete?

    But if you are a mitm doesn't that meen you can also see the traffic? How does that differ from what the lan tap can do with seeing the traffic?
  5. Hacker EDC? defcon EDC? every day carry?

    So I know it isnt a laptop and it doesnt fit the same workload but have you thought about the ASUS Chromebit? I got mine a week ago and love it. For me with everyday carry stuff I tend to stick to pockets or at most fanny pack. I only use my messenger bag to carry my laptop and that is really only for point A to point B reasons.
  6. So I am curious what is everyone's EDC here? Also I am wondering what people carry at defcon and such for EDC? I see lots of backpacks in the videos there. EDC stands for everyday carry, everyday carry is what it sounds like what you carry everyday. My EDC is as follows. Smartphone cheap pay as you go htc phone Wallet and keys "hopefully in the next few years I can get rid of these as phone and bio-metrics and such become the ways to pay and unlock things. Kubotan "I carry this more so cause I am a martial artist and not so much that I believe it will help me in a self defense situation" USB flash drive I believe 8 gigs but not sure I rarely if ever use the thing pen and notepad flashlight micro USB charger for phone Cant wait to see yours. Thanks
  7. Lan turtle makes lan tap obsolete?

    So I am wondering if the lan turtle does the same things as the lan tap? like from my noobish eyes they seem to do the same type of stuff? can someone explain the differences and where one would be better than the other one or are they the same? Thanks
  8. Hopefully this is in the right forum if not you guys know what to do. Anywho I've been playing around with the idea of getting a pineapple and was wondering if I bought the mark 5 or Mark 6 when the new model came out would I need to buy a new one or can you just keep upgrading the old software? What is the life expectancy of a pineapple? Is there an end of life date? Thanks