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  1. I used nmap to scan my internal ( IP and also localhost ( The majority of ports that are open are open either on localhost or the internal IP while a few were open on both. 1. I've never been able to understand the relationship between localhost and the internal IP. Can someone please explain it? 2. In the context of ports, what does it mean for a port to be open on localhost? I suppose that a port open on means that it's used by a program that's running on that machine. Why would a program e.g. SSH (see below) have ports open on both localhost and the internal IP? Thanks - I really find this topic quite confusing! Results of nmap scan on Ubuntu machine: 25/tcp open smtp 631/tcp open ipp (internet printing protocol - used for CUPS) 1194/tcp open openvpn 7396/tcp open Folding@Home (https://folding.stanford.edu/) web interface 9050/tcp open tor-socks 36330/tcp open Folding@Home (https://folding.stanford.edu/) client 41466/tcp open unknown 50000/tcp open SSH (non-standard port) 68/udp open|filtered dhcpc 631/udp open|filtered ipp 5353/udp open|filtered zeroconf 17535/udp open|filtered unknown 47322/udp open|filtered unknown 7396/tcp open Folding@Home (https://folding.stanford.edu/) web interface 36330/tcp open Folding@Home (https://folding.stanford.edu/) client 50000/tcp open SSH (non-standard port) 68/udp open|filtered dhcpc 631/udp open|filtered ipp 5353/udp open|filtered zeroconf 15904/udp open|filtered unknown 35519/udp open|filtered unknown 49513/udp open|filtered unknown
  2. What is the best method to access wireless networks that are several hundred meters away? My impression is that it's no good accessing the router from far away if that router does not have the technical ability to reply to you (since it's just a normal home router)? Is that correct? I ask because the "Tom's Hardware Forum" posters suggest that not only should you be able to connect to the router but that it should have the technical capability to respond to you (when you are hundreds of meters away). I have read about Yagi antennas but do they work when you are trying to connect to a conventional 802.11 home router? If, for example, there was an unencrypted network 500 meters away would it be possible to play with the network e.g. via SSLStrip assuming that one could connect to the network? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your advice. I have an ASUS (from the first link). I have used airodumo-ng many times. When you say "closer" do you mean that airodump-ng shows there is more "PWR"? Or do you mean something else?
  4. What is the best way to accurately pinpoint the location of wireless networks in a crowded urban area? For example, in a road full of small houses which are in close proximity to one another. Some houses may be semi-detached (two houses share a wall) or terraced (multiple houses share both walls). In such a scenario, which tool(s) would best identify the specific wireless networks that derive from specific houses? I've used GISKismet and a GPS device to map networks but I never was able to accurately pinpoint each network to each house in an urban area. Do you have any suggestions? Is it even possible?
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