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  1. Best Password Manager?

    Yeah, my bad I got some of that wrong but this basically says my concerns. In fact, since the original post I've moved from Dashlane to LastPass as, in all honesty, it just works...really well.
  2. The Bash Bunny is coming

    Oh man, thankfully it's pay day tomorrow. I know what I'll be buying myself!
  3. PI Zero USB gadget, What to do?

    Yep, you can! Got one setup on the desk next to me in fact. Just plug the your USB Type-A to micro USB cable into the second port on the pi (not the one that says power) then when you plug it into the PC it will power it and send data. :)
  4. Ducky script question

    I'm going to guess that you mean using ducky script remotely and so I'll tailor my answer to that: Not that I'm aware of but you could use Kali Nethunter on a mobile device and ssh into it remotely then execute a ducky payload by using it's Duckhunter module. It doesn't work anywhere near as well as an actual Rubber Ducky but it's a good alternative if you can't afford one. Only limitation is you would need a Nexus/Oneplus device (also it executes a LOT slower). Hope this helped. :)
  5. How to start coding

    Yeah, mine was pretty similar.
  6. Hakshop UK Shipping?

    Quick update: My Pineapple arrived today, four days after ordering it and only cost me £3.79 import/duty for the UK. So I'd say that was pretty impressive! I'm really impressed with it - definitely recommended!
  7. Well that's lucky...I've just ordered my first WiFi Pineapple! :)
  8. Hakshop UK Shipping?

    Ah okay. Thanks guys. It's pay day for me tomorrow so I know what I'm going to be buying myself.
  9. warberry pi

    Huh, never seen this project before. Definitely something to take a look at! Anyone on here tried it?
  10. Hakshop UK Shipping?

    Anyone had any experience of UK Shipping from the Hakshop? I'm thinking of getting my hands on a Pineapple Nano but not entirely sure how much duty/VAT I'll have to pay when it comes through customs. Also how long does UK shipping usually take? Cheers.
  11. How to start coding

    No problem. Good luck with learning! :)
  12. How to start coding

    Did CompSci at GCSE and learned Python during it, you don't really go too in-depth so you probably won't have too much trouble. Fantastic resource that's free is CodeAcademy - https://www.codecademy.com/learn/python. That's how I got started. Python is very versatile, lots of people criticize it for being slow as it's an interpreted not compiled language. However this isn't really applicable unless you have a VERY complex program. At that point, you would probably not be posting on here. :) Just a piece of advise, once you've completed the course and have a basic understanding of Python (and programming principles) start a little project. Whether it's a Python compiler for Duckyscript, or whatever, you learn so much more this way as you gain practical knowledge from reading sites like Stack Overflow and you then have something to show for it which really makes it worth while.
  13. Firewall replacement

    +1 for pfsense. Fantastic software, very versatile and their enterprise stuff is pretty decent too!
  14. Best Password Manager?

    Sounds like the perfect replacement! Going to have to take a look and test it out. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
  15. Best Password Manager?

    For around a year I've been using Dashlane's Premium tier however my subscription has recently run out and before I spend another $40 I want to be sure there are no better alternatives. I was looking at Lastpass as a replacement but with the upcoming acquisition by Citrix, I'm not to keen on what they might be planning for the service. I am keen on open source software and tend to use them whenever possible but in all honesty, I want to hear your experiences with the different software options available. For me I consider syncing between devices quite important however I understand this usually comes with a cost and it's normally only available on proprietary software so I am happy to sacrifice this for open and free alternatives. Cheers!