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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just got my RubberDucky to do some Windows Setup automation (yeah, boring stuff, no hacking sadly) and the first thing I want to do is to run cmd while being in the Windows Out Of Box Experience (OOBE). You can open the cmd with the combination Shift + F10, however when I try to run SHIFT F10 from the Ducky, it doesn't open cmd. Is this Key Combo not supported or am I missing something here? Thanks in advance for the help, Patrick
  2. Can someone tell me how can we guess password using python
  3. Hello everyone! I was hoping someone could possibly help with an issue I am running into. I am using the Packet Squirrel to do a collect info for a printer on my network. However, something else that I would like to incorporate is an SSLKEYLOGFILE environment variable. Is it possible to create this variable via a Packet Squirrel collect? Could I possibly write a script to create the environment variable from the Packet Squirrel collect? Thanks much in advance for any advice!
  4. Hey there! I am getting started within the coding/cybersecurity/ceh/pentesting world. I have a friend who's very savvy at all things tech, and I know they prize their Hak5 gear because they take it with them literally everywhere, so I figured getting to know this community might be a good place to start and get some direction with the best place to begin learning things whether that's YT, opensource projects, just working toward certs, etc. Thanks in advance for any and all help! a2d
  5. Hello everyone, I have just discovered this amazing community. I am wondering if you guys could help provide me with beneficial programming tips or suggestions. I love to code and I am wondering if there are important skills I should obtain or learn about. It would be amazing to see if you guys have any programming tutorials/books/etc... that can be helpful to learn from. I am fairly decent at coding. My older project I worked on was an app on the IOS App Store (took me about 8 months to create), but I now want to learn about creating good-quality code and being able to understand other's code clearly. I currently aspire to become a software engineer one day.
  6. { SetEnviromentVariable ("WGet", "$MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path", "Machine" ) } I've never coded in powershell but i do know a lot about batch. I would like some help with a toolkit i'm developing and i need a powershell script that will be in the install directory that will add the environment variable to the "Machine". I'm trying to automate the installation of Wget for Cmd as it's an essential for my toolkit. Any Help would be greatly appreciated Thanks, $tRiZzY
  7. I am not sure if this is the right bored to be talking about this I am willing to code Trojans,Viruses,Bots and any other type of malware in exchange for bitcoins. It could do just about anything you want example: Backdoor a system, Destroy the entire computer, Delete files, Record video and audio, etc pm me if your interested
  8. Is there any sort of website or something that can help get me more familiar with terms in the coding/hacking world? Thank you.
  9. Hello there! Anybody know about Warberry Pi ? I have a link which will take you to the code of it, but I don't have an exact idea about its technology and other stuff, and my question is what is the hardware required to use this? or only these scripts would work? Here's the link! https://github.com/secgroundzero/warberry
  10. Hello Everyone!!! I'm a student who loves hardware. I work with it a lot and I'm very good at making my custom devices. I have just ordered the PCBs for my latest design. It is the first prototype of a computer meant only for math. This board isn't very powerful and is a little more than a square inch, but I'm hoping in the future it will be very capable. On the square inch there are four low level processors. I have three of them coming and they should work well. I need someone to help me as I want to use these devices to crack mathematical passwords and encrypted data and I have little skill in software. Would anyone like to help? This could either be a huge failure or a resounding success. Either way I hope to publish all my findings and whoever helps loses nothing but maybe a little of their time. Please reply to the thread or PM me if interested.
  11. I guess you could say that I'm a tech enthusiast, but admittedly a lazy programmer/coder. If I wanted to buckle down and learn linux, networking, and even other coding languages; where would I go? I want to be a skilled user and play with all the great toys out there (rubber ducky, pineapple, etc.). I know there is a 'google machine,' and I've looked at a lot of sites, but I would like some [pro] advice on which is the best. I'd even be willing to pay for it if I knew I was getting 'quality instruction.' For example, you can see a bunch of courses available at: http://itpro.tv/course-library/#/ But, before I pay out monthly $$$, and it is pricey, I wanna be sure I'm going the right direction. I want to do this right. Where can I go to learn from scratch and go all the way to intermediate to skilled knowledge? I am sincere in this venture. -Krum NSS30 NSS30
  12. I know there tons of tools out there, but I like to write my own tools. I'm currently working on a tool to recover product key and login data. So, I need your help. If you could contribute your registry entries or file system locations I'll be able to expand my tool. Of course, the product keys or logins should be censored. Just add info, if it'S encrypted. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LorremIpsum] "User"="John Doe's neighbour" "Serial"="12345-67890-ABCDE"Current status:Windows system information WinImage WinISO Virtual Painter 5 TuneUp Utilies 2003-2014 Multidecoder Stuff It 9 Artisteer 4 Paint Shop Pro x2 Kyodai Mahjongg Empire Earth 2
  13. So I'm in an Intro to java class and I'm struggling to write a program. Basically I need to write a program that when given 09/26/2012 or ANY DATE (1-12/1-31/2000-2015) gives an output of September 26th, 2012. This is what I've done so far for the months. I'm trying to use the switch method. But I don't know how to ask for user input and make it into a variable so that it would became a month. package javaapplication1; public class JavaApplication1 { public static void main(String[] args) { //Scanner sc = new scanner(System.in); System.out.println("Day of the month?"); { int month == ; String monthString; switch (month) { case 1: monthString = "January"; break; case 2: monthString = "February"; break; case 3: monthString = "March"; break; case 4: monthString = "April"; break; case 5: monthString = "May"; break; case 6: monthString = "June"; break; case 7: monthString = "July"; break; case 8: monthString = "August"; break; case 9: monthString = "September"; break; case 10: monthString = "October"; break; case 11: monthString = "November"; break; case 12: monthString = "December"; break; default: monthString = "Invalid month"; break; } System.out.println(monthString); } }
  14. Hey all! So I finally got my first Pebble (very proud owner), and I'm actually in the process of developing an app idea I have for it: Spot the ISS from your pebble! I've already conquered the "Hello World" construction (Barely), but I want to collaborate with you all on something: What I really need to accomplish in this app is GPS positioning to display Longitude & Latitude VS your current location (based by the connection of your phone). However, I'm VERY rusty on my C. I found this GitHub of (apparently) a protocol the Pebble likes, is anyone familiar with C able to tell if this is virtually my Golden Ticket? Without giving the spoilers away. I do wanna learn something! lol Thanks guys!
  15. how's my obfuscation? my($a, $b, $c);($a,$b,$c) = floor();local $d= "\x53\x54\x44\x4f\x55\x54";my @z=('0','5','6','4',rand(10),'0','','3','8','4'); for($i=$z[int(4+(.714287*7))];$i<25;$i++){$c= $a+$b ;$a=$b;$b=$c;syswrite $d,"$c\x0A";} sub floor{return ("\x30"+ ( "\x31")*(((1-1)+1)/(1*1)) -(int(48*0.020833333))), $b=(int((20+1)*("0.0434782" ) )),$c = "\x".(4 +("\x2D". 1)).(0),,,,,,,,,,,,,}; this perl script simply prints the fibonachi sequence. alright perl writers how did i do? post you own obfuscated Fibonachi sequence. interested in what techniques i have not thought of. an tips? purely accedmic.
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