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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have an ADB receiver and aerial provided by FlightAware and was wondering if: 1. Can I use the same aerial for an STR dongle 2. Will it affect the quality of the the ADB or ATC reception 3. What is the best way to split the signal Thanks,
  2. How would I go about getting an ARM version of ADB working on the bash bunny? I tried using Google's Python implementation of ADB, but it required libusb1 and other dependencies. The goal is to make a payload that: Enabled USB debugging (HID) Accepts connection to device (HID) ADB Install's package (bash) ADB launches package (bash) I had the HID payload working for enabling USB debugging, but then realized ADB was for x64 processors. I found a couple ARM versions, but couldn't get any of them working properly. Can anyone help me out with this. Ideally, I would like to utilize my apkwash script (https://github.com/jbreed/apkwash) to generate a lightweight payload to use for pushing onto a device. With ADB you can also attempt gaining root as well through ADB methods that otherwise wouldn't be accessible.
  3. So. I bought a USB Ducky with the hope that it would allow me to enable USB Debugging and set file transfer to MTP mode on my wife's broken Samsung Galaxy S6 with a broken screen, in order to get two years of family photos that she wasn't backing up off the now totally inaccessible phone. I have almost no coding experience (as in, I made a Geocities site in the 90s and learned some basic HTML, and that's it). So when I discovered that the code written by folks a few years back to do this hack to phones on Android 4 wouldn't work at all on Android 6, I gave up hope. For a minute. Then I decided I'd try it myself. I discovered, through trial and error, that this version of android doesn't accept rapid-fire input from a keyboard. A default delay of 300 was needed to prevent the phone from missing commands. If I had to guess, I'd say the Google people got wise and built this in to try to prevent this kind of attack. Still, the code below does work. It does three things: It enables developer mode, enables USB Debugging, and changes the USB behavior from Charging to MTP. If your USB behavior is already MTP, it'll change it to PTP, so edit that if you need to. Anyway, thought I'd share. It did work. Best of luck, especially to others are having similar problems and hoping for an aquatic foul based answer. DEFAULT_DELAY 300 REM Enable Developer options and usb debugging on Android REM Author: SamR REM Tested on Galaxy S6 REM Android Version 6.0.1 REM To start at the home screen ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE ALT ESCAPE DELAY 500 REM To enter settings DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER ENTER DELAY 500 STRING s STRING e STRING t STRING t STRING i STRING n STRING g STRING s DELAY 500 DOWN ENTER DELAY 500 REM To Access About Device RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER REM To Enable Developer Options DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER DELAY 500 REM To Enable USB Debugging ESCAPE UP ENTER DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER DELAY 500 TAB ENTER REM Set To MTP DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN ENTER DOWN ENTER REM Return To Home ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE ESCAPE
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