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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, i have a problem using the pineapple nano attached to the raspberry pi 3. Usually I use team viewer to manage the raspberry, but when I use the wp6.sh and I select the Connect option, the connection from my laptop to the raspberry goes down. I plugged the nano with a powered hub to the raspy, so I think it is not a matter of power, however when I unplug the nano the connection to the raspberry is again available. Can someone help me? Could it be a matter of interfaces taken down? Thanks a lot
  2. Can i use my yard stick one on my raspberry 3 model b?
  3. Hello there! Anybody know about Warberry Pi ? I have a link which will take you to the code of it, but I don't have an exact idea about its technology and other stuff, and my question is what is the hardware required to use this? or only these scripts would work? Here's the link! https://github.com/secgroundzero/warberry
  4. Hi all, A relative is a farmer and has a Raspberry Pi set up in a field, that monitors various stuff. He would like to be able to connect to the RPi from the farmhouse, rather than travel down to the field just to get the data from it. The distance is around 1.5 miles from farmhouse to RPi, with a fairly clear line-of-sight (a few sparse trees and potentially the very edge of someone's house). What would be the best way to connect to it? I've considered using a 3G dongle on the RPi and using SSH over the net, or bridging the 2 with a Yagi on each end (pointed at each other). But which would be best, or something else? I have to consider power requirements as well, as at the moment the RPi doesn't take much (it's battery can last a good few days), but I don't want connecting extra equipment to it to make it last much less. *edit* I also found this; https://www.cooking-hacks.com/sx1272-lora-shield-for-raspberry-pi-868-mhz Any good? Also, I'm techie-minded, but haven't connected to an RPi using any of these methods before, so any links to tutorials or instructions on how one would go about this would be great. Thank you for your time.
  5. Good day all, Is there any software for the raspberry pi that can generate rainbow tables? I have googled and have not been able to find an anything that specifically will run on the raspi. Thanks
  6. hi im working on a rig to use on my security demonstrations without having to drag my laptop to every customer... my thaugths are: Internett -> pineapple wlan1 pineapple wlan0 -> phone pineapple eth0 T V Raspberry pi eth0 So i want to ssh from my phone to the raspberry running linux... This is possible because eth0 and wlan0 by deafult is bridged.. So hurray!... Problem is from there... If i set up a honeypot i cant get internet from wlan1... It only provides internet to wlan0... I could connect the rasoberry trough my wirelescard and in on the wlan0 but its awfully inconvineent, and does only solve the problems of using updates, metaploit, nmap and so on.... What i need is a way to get the wlan1 to share its connectin to eth0 and at the same time be able to ssh to the rasberry pi... Anyone have a sugestion, ore have done this in the past?...
  7. I was watching the router episode and was wondering about doing the same thing with a raspberry pi. I figured i could install a usb nic and a usb wifi dongle. possibly also hooking up a powered usb hub and adding a hard drive I also didn't understand what the issue was that Darren had with making his router an access point. I am over all just wondering what the thoughts and concerns for doing this. would the 512 ram and 700 mhz processor be good enough for the performance they were trying to create in the episode?
  8. Hi everyone, PwnPi 3.0 The Pen Test Drop Box distro for the Raspberry Pi has been released! Now packing 200+ pentest tools and added easy setup of reverse connections. PwnPi Website : http://pwnpi.net/ SourceForge page : http://sourceforge.net/projects/pwnpi/ Screenshot 1 : http://s16.postimage...088ud/image.png Screenshot 2 : http://s10.postimage...xui2h/image.png Screenshot 3 : http://s16.postimage...p7bgl/image.png Direct Download : http://sourceforge.n...img.7z/download md5:5d0f146557def874b34ba0a5568d6c32:pwnpi-3.0.img.7z username:password:root:toor Let me know if you have any questions. Reflex!
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